NBC's Revolution Should Have Been a Video Game

Hardcore Gamer: The combat variation alone would make the gameplay superb. The first season had an epic sword fight during nearly every episode, with assault-rifle shootouts taking place inside Old West-style towns and industrial warehouses during the second season. One episode involves a Metal Gear-esque stealth infiltration of a mythical nuclear detonation facility. You would fire RPGs at military bases, you would shoot arrows at soldiers on horseback. Why not beat down a guard with your fists before stealing his musket? Oh, and let's not forget: there are sci-fi sound cannons that possess the power to send foes flying backwards. Revolution: The Video Game would be like combining Dead Rising, Uncharted, and Metal Gear Solid 3. Every mission could be completely different from its predecessor, and it would still make complete sense.

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ValKilmer1540d ago

You know in many ways I agree with this. When I was watching Revolution, it kept reminding me of The Last of Us. It seems like a concept that would work better in an interactive medium than on the toliet that is NBC.

Axonometri1539d ago

Anyone else catch how fast two characters were at each others throats ready to kill or rape each other, then one scene later acted as of then prior scene never took place? I was literal ly laughing. Then Miles blead out for what must have been 18 hours and got up and climbed out a burning house.

Lucreto1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

I must have missed that first part but it happens so often in films and games I see it as second nature. You might hate the guy you stand beside but coming together to survive might be the only option

Miles is a tough bastard getting his hand broken with a hammer and not getting it treated and it getting infected you can't stop him. Yes but 18 hours is a stretch.

Axonometri1539d ago

His belly was sliced open and he lost 6 gallons of blood! He isn't tough, he is undead! Lol