How Xbox Live Gold Must Change For a New Age of Free

A new chief executive, a new head of Microsoft’s Devices business, a new corporate philosophy. But Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gold subscription service, especially on its new Xbox One game console, seems stuck in the past. Some of the included services are still arguably worth the money, but the rapid evolution of free cloud services in recent years surely has some Gold customers asking: “Why am I paying for this again?”

It's time for a change. Whether Microsoft's ready to mess with this cash cow is the big question.

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ThanatosDMC1569d ago

MS wont change it since it's revenue for them and there are people willing to pay.

Belasco1569d ago

They will if subscriptions begin to lapse.

BlackTar1871569d ago

It would take allot of them. Xbox makes so many MP games if everyone was letting the Gold lapse then the bigger issue would be no one is buying the games.

avengers19781569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

If playstation stayed free, then I could see them dropping the paid service, but since you need to pay for multiplier on either Xbox or PS4, I don't think it will change much. They might take some apps like hulu plus and netflix and make those free.
Plus Xbox fans haven't seemed to mind paying since 360 came out there are 48 million subscribers according to MS.

If they do make gold free I could see this as a big advantage and help sales overall, and probably force playstation to go back to free, I think both companies would still have a pay option though.

DaleCooper1568d ago

Agreed. Since their biggest competition (Sony) started charging for their multiplayer, MS won't make Gold free, especially now.

If Sony halves their price or does something drastic, then I think MS will step up like they did with Games with Gold. Sure Games with Gold doesn't have as great or as recent of games as PS+, but MS wouldn't be giving out games unless Sony started the trend. Competition is good!

Freeball1569d ago

As long as people pay for it, they won't drop it.

SliceOfTruth8881569d ago

Titanfall's dedicated server performance is more than enough reason for me to pay the 4 bucks a month live costs. Yes 4 bucks because i havent ever had to pay more than 40 bucks for a year of it

ThanatosDMC1569d ago

$4 a month is $48 a year. I'm confused.

avengers19781567d ago

And I thought a year of gold was 59.99$

dodgemoose1569d ago

There's 12 months in a year, not 10. ^_^

N81568d ago

I have had just as many drops playing titanfall as I have had playing any other game on PSN.I have both systems and I love titanfall I get kicked just as much as any other FPS Ms or not .

n4rc1568d ago

Sounds like an issue on your end

Belasco1568d ago

That literally has never happened to me playing TF, not once. Not to say it hasn't occured for others, this is just my experience. On the topic of Gold, they just need to add more value, end of story. Right now PS+ kicks it's ass in value for your $

BlackTar1871568d ago

it's very hard for me to believe you've never been dropped. Sure it could be our end but i play TitanFall with 5 people and we've all been dropped enough times to remember 5/6 of us have comcast internet which is pretty good here in the bay area. The other guy has AT&T and he gets the same issues.

It's not bad and it may not be as frequent as BF or others but it's happen more then a handful of times.

N81568d ago

People are in denial. That's what I was trying to say. BS you never been kicked off. That's fanboy talk

n4rc1568d ago

I'm not saying it won't happen.. But my experience with titanfall has been flawless in regards to dropping..

But if it happens to all your other games as well? Its far more likely to been an issue on your end.. Either your router/modem or ISP in general.

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SixtyNine1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

I want a solid, feature rich and reliable online experience when I'm gaming online. That takes priority over free games, most of which I don't want to play in the first place. There's always room for improvements though. Some people need more reasons than dedicated servers to pay for live. The value for Gold should be reconstructed. Some features shouldn't be behind the Xbox live pay wall. I shouldn't need Gold to use a service like Skype or IE?

extermin8or1568d ago

Yeah but as it stands PSN and XBL gold do have basically identical features just plus tends to be slightly better value in terms of the games given... I mean, both have cross game party and party chat, some PSN games have used dedicated servers since the ps3 first released, so that's nothing new there (motorstorm, resistance 1,2, gt5, killzone 2,warhawk, starhawk, killzone shadow fall-killzone shadow fall is the only first party exclusive with major online features out atm so it's hard to judge goingforwards.) Also the features like the TVOD apps and cross game party chat etc are available without ps plus.... infact pretty much the only thing as far as im aware you can't do is play games online OR get the free games etc if you don't have plus and if it's an mmo with it's own subscription then you don't need plus for it, nor do you need ps plus for the free to play games-because they are free to play....

Activemessiah1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

I'll never understand the whole "pay to play online" as if the game or the internet is free... i paid for the game and i'm already paying for internet... no more.

Wikkid6661569d ago

It cost money to maintain a service... so why should that be free?

Activemessiah1568d ago

Tell that to PC users who enjoy online "Free"

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