Suikoden returns in fan-developed Suikoden 2.5

Parallax Play: "Any hardcore RPG gamer will recognise the cult game Suikoden brought to us by Konami since the days of the original Playstation console. Sadly despite the huge following Konami has ceased to localise the game in Europe and therefore we’re missing out on the epic series on handheld and home consoles.

There has been many pleas to get Konami to bring over the remaining un-localized Suikoden games to the UK, especially by head of The Suikoden Revival Movment, Chris Holmes. He has been at Konami Japan, Konami UK and now setting his sights on Sony for help. Apart from throwing our money at these companies what else can we do? Queue Suikoden 2.5!"

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Lucreto1538d ago

It shows Konami don't care about the series anymore if people can do this without being shut down.

Godmars2901538d ago

Shows that Konami either didn't want to bother with a handheld version. A full on console "HD" version, which likely would have turned out like FF13.

Baka-akaB1537d ago

Oh but i'm sure it will be shut down , sadly . You dont see square manifesting any interest in anything chrono trigger/cross , yet they've shut down 3d pc remakes , after waiting they became quite advanced in development .

They are that greedy and silly

Cloudberry1538d ago

He's the producer-writer-director-creat or of Konami's Suikoden 1 & 2.

He's the brain, the heart, and the soul of the series.

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Lucreto1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

There are rumours of a book with the entire story written out he took it with him when he left. It is a reason IV and V are prequels.

Baka-akaB1537d ago

Since it's the rage , he should just get some alumni and kickstart a suikoden clone franchise