Why Dying Light Isn't Just Rebranded Dead Island

Why Dying Light won't be a rebranded Dead Island

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Trekster_Gamer1540d ago

I loved Dead Island and DIR...
Can't wait for with the new twists and eye candy as well!

LAWSON721539d ago

It kills me how people liked DI so much and sold so well, the games were bug ridden and were just mediocre all around. IMO it proves any game can be enjoyed if it has coop.

RegalRocks1539d ago

Even if it was bug and glitch filled it was still a tremendous amount of fun chopping away at the zombies. Some of these bugs and glitches just increased the amount of fun it was in my opinion

josephayal1540d ago

Sounds like some other game that I deleted from my radar

Meltic1540d ago

Then why aint they showing us more?. Cuz they unsure about the game just like Watch dogs was

plmkoh1540d ago

There's like literally 20 minutes worth of direct footage on youtube plus numerous bits and pieces of trailer/camera captures and we are about a month away from E3.

Why should they show us more.

Meltic1540d ago

Its only talk talk videos with commentary. Why not showing us meaby a full mission in beta version ?.

user14394141540d ago

PewDiePie did a few of videos playing the actual game. The first one is a 9 min long gameplay video the second is just under 7 minutes.

plmkoh1540d ago

I don't know if you're even trying to look.

Here, 9 minutes of random footage that was only posted a week ago.

There's is no other mainstream unreleased game that has shown this much footage, and they haven't even announced a released date.

iistuii1540d ago

Nice post cheers. I think it looks great, def on my radar.

NinjaRichParty1540d ago

I've had my eye on this title for awhile. Fully reserved it awhile back, but I'll be honest, this silence is making me a bit nervous.

There for awhile we were getting news and game play from the devs pretty regularly. I have high hopes for this game, I just hope they can live up to them. As someone who loved the Dead Island franchise, I'll be to this game to scratch that itch.

HRoach6161540d ago

This is one of my most anticipated games of this year. I pre ordered it not too long ago. Everything I have read and or seen is awesome so far. There's so much potential and I loved dead island despite its flaws.
The silence on this game is a little worrying, but I have hope.

Minipandaninja1540d ago

you should play the games the studios has done in the past, you'll find it less awesome (I am not refering only to dead island since you stated that you liked it but try call of juarez cartel).

This game looks amazing I know but I have been disappointed a lot of times with techland. If the reviews are good I'll buy it.

HRoach6161539d ago

Yeah I have played call of Juarez. Didn't get into it. But with dying lights mix of dead island, and mirrors edge I'll keep my hopes up for now

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The story is too old to be commented.