Best PlayStation Exclusives: Resistance: Fall of Man

Cinelinx: "When you ask me what the best PlayStation exclusives are I automatically start gathering lists of games. You have several generations of great games, and with the PS2 and PS1 there were a lot to choose from. Anything from Spyro to Vagrant Story, PlayStation has seen it all. So I chose to pick a more recent game. Not simply due to it being newer, but because it also represents a company that has been through it all. A company that has made several of those great PlayStation exclusives, and they were never even owned by Sony. "

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Thatguy-3101455d ago

The franchise was good and had a lot of potential. Hope they revisit it again this generation

nucky641455d ago

i loved R1 and R3....R2 - not so much.

Lawboy21455d ago

I really hope they bring this game back....I never really got to spend much time on it...played a lot with on my homeboi ps3 never played it on my own ps3 so I'm looking to purchase this for the ps4....I love the time I spent playing MP...and I hope this one has a good MP as well