Is “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare” The Next Call of Duty Title?

Our first look at Sledgehammer Games’ Call of Duty 2014 is out in the wild, but still we know nothing of the upcoming shooter’s official title.

While we can’t find anything concrete, Call of Duty YouTube personality LiamFTWinter has pointed out a few likely candidates through some interesting finds.

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nucky641395d ago

more like : "call of duty: the cash grab continues"

DragonbornZ1395d ago

That joke was bad, my ninja.

SonyMontana1395d ago

News flash: They keep making it because people like it. I'm so over the COD hate. Don't like it, then don't play it.

re2_apocalypse1395d ago

Quote "Ah... But I have the right to voice my opinion, and my thoughts on the franchise"

Surprised this hasn't been said yet...

Freedom of Speech? - Doesn't fu**ing exist. Look's at Donald Sterling (Owner of the Clippers) Not even in a private conversation does Freedom of Speech exist

Meltic1395d ago

Its like Call of duty mix with titanfall and BF togheter. Epic game. I hope the multiplayer is really good

BattleAxe1395d ago

The series has completely bottomed out. They've run out of good ideas.

Vegamyster1395d ago

Who knows, Sledgehammer hasn't shown us what they can do on their own yet and they've had an extra year to make the game so it could turn out good.

GamerDad19871395d ago

So sick of the "future warfare" crap. Ghosts really ended it for me. Spawns, maps, and weapons are just total garbage. They were never that bad. I honestly would like a WW2 Cod or anything other than this future shit.

stellarock4201395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

actually its called call of duty patriots

supersonicjerry1395d ago

The video is asking if its called patriots in the first place because no one outside of who is working on it knows i am pretty sure and 2nd i believe that was the code name for the game. More and more leaks have hinted to AW as well.

stellarock4201395d ago

yea after more digging id go with advanced warfare as well.

amazinglover1395d ago

I like how they have gone to the three year development cycle. hopefully it gives them a chance to create more unique games rather then the cookie cutter games they have been pumping out.
I don't mind the yearly cycle gives me something to look forward to just hate the lack of creativity. I'm hoping what they announce is a push toward being more creative.

XxExacutionerxX1395d ago

Just call the game:
Call of Duty 2015
Just give it a year, like Madden
At this point who cares, Its military, you shoot people, and you get to use advance weapons. (Nothing has changed sense Call of Duty 4)

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The story is too old to be commented.