Sony Wants to Dazzle You With New Driveclub Gameplay Videos, So Much that They’re Hiring for it

The newly promoted Driveclub Game Director Paul Rustchynsky, promised great Driveclub gameplay footage, and apparently he was dead serious. So serious that Sony is actually hiring a professional specifically for that purpose.

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cfc781603d ago

Thats the way to do it as punch and judy say.

F4sterTh4nFTL1603d ago

They should utilize the Gran Turismo 5 marketing/trailer department, they did an excellent job convincing 10 million+ car enthusiasts.

komp1603d ago

I need to know more about the G25 wheel support, I need to know if I am going to have to build a cockpit again out of wood, to sit in.

Do I fancy shelling out for something else? NOT really.

Ronin_GTChin1603d ago

Wheel support will be a big factor. I know I don't want to be made to shell out for a new wheel when my DFGT works fine at the moment. We will have to wait and see, its down to the developers.

memots1603d ago

they already announced that all the wheel supported on the ps3 will work with this game.

Its been one of my worry too as an owner of a g25 and logitech momo myself.

The Dev talks about it here :

DriveClub game director Col Rodgers has confirmed that all currently available commercial racing wheels that are compatible with the Playstation 3 will also be fully compatible with the PS4

or here


tricotronic1603d ago


hmm... maybe not that good all the time.

system221603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

oh come on... any game will have a tweaky situation here and there. gt5 certainly did.... second son certainly does (not that its a racing game). in general... forza5 has alway reviewed pretty high and has been very consistent. it won me over from gran tursimo a few versions ago (even tho i still like gran truismo)

for example:
Greenawalt explained that Turn 10 ditched its partnership with Pirelli for Forza 5 to team up with Calspan, a science and technology research company that tested huge numbers of tyres in order to provide in-depth analytics for Forza 5’s handling.

"Calspan tested for weeks, and at the end of that they gave us millions of data points, and I have to admit, it was more than I was expecting," Greenawalt continued.

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