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Battlefield 4 sells 7+ million, only 2% are still playing

Battlefield 4's active player base is dwindling. (Battlefield 4, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

NewMonday  +   335d ago
so I'm one of those 2%?

this is kind of a misdirection, because the number is for active users at the time. also what time was the stat taken was it mid-week? during working hours in the western hemisphere?
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denawayne  +   335d ago
Yeah, and the 2% are the hardcore veterans who kick my butt on this occasional player. Nothing better than ending the match with a 2-18 K/D ratio and 800 pts. Kids, don't grow up and get married and have kids if you want to be good at multiplayer games.

Ok, I'm done venting my frustrations.
ThatOneGuyThere  +   335d ago
I've got 2 kids who I spend a TON of time with, and am happily married. I rarely finish below 5th place. Usually 1-3.

1. Play as a team.
2. Play with someone you know.
3. Play the objectives. Don't just snipe or try to go around killing everyone alone. You're going to fail. You get way more points playing the objectives.
4. If your squad leader isnt giving orders, find/make a different squad. If he is, follow the orders.

P.S. It helps to have been playing Battlefield religiously since BF1942. ;-)
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Razputin  +   335d ago
Dude, I'm 26 years old, just finished college, have had a demanding part time job - actual manual labor, a girlfriend and 2 nieces that I'd have to pick up from school and watch till my sister got home from work.

Have maybe a total of 100-150 hours in BF4 and still have a 1.8 KDR. So I have to say with all due respect, and I mean with all due with respect, you just suck.

To get on point, I'm happy this is the issue. I am a huge Battlefield fan, but BF4 just feels like Medal of Honor Warfighter but expanded a bit more.

You see the issue that still persist with BF4, yes its only a few months out, but that isn't an excuse. We should have had a full working game since day one.

What DICE should have done is told EA no, give us another year and we will release it. I still enjoyed BF3.

The sad thing is BF3 had its issues and you would assume they'd be fixed in BF4, but they weren't.

BF4 didn't even have platoons at launch what sick joke is that.
Omegasyde  +   335d ago
IF you are 2-18 you are doing something seriosly wrong.

If you want to improve your stats do any of the following:

Stay in tanks
Stay in Helicoptors
Learn to Flank
Stop sniping from super far or hot spots
Put a silencer on your weapon
Shoot move communicate.
Learn to camp conservatively
Use your team as decoys
Stop playing like your playing CoD
Avoid people with better positions than you

I usually get a 2:1 KDR and still score alot of points by following that advice. I pray on people that come after me looking for revenge too and I always, always, always carry C4.

Bf4 is a thinking man's game. If you outgun me, I'll just get a tank. If you're in a tank and i'm not, I'll flank and avoid you. It's really that simple.
Sci0n  +   335d ago
2-18 K/D Ratio, Elpresador is that you!? lol!
Nafon  +   335d ago
lol at everyone replying just to tell you that you suck. Some people haven't been playing for long. I was terrible at BF when i first played it. everyone is, unless you started at the beginning. jumping into a game after it has been out for a while is never easy
KING85  +   335d ago
LOL! Man all too true. Slowly but surely you just start losing those skills.
denawayne  +   334d ago
I'm glad I got the replies I did. I'm really not as bad as I said. It was more of a joke. I still suck though. My K/D ratio sits around .75 but it's mostly because since I play so randomly, I don't have anybody to play with and I tend to play alone. I do go for the objectives and try to help my team as much as possible. I usually end up in the middle when the match is over.

Anyone wants to play with a 40 year old, hit me up. Calibus is my tag on Live.
NewMonday  +   334d ago
advice for newcomers..

- start off with supporting actions
- let the veterans go to the front lines
- like what @Omegasyde said, stay in vehicles.
- learn the geography and combat tendencies.
- move from cover to cover, switch positions frequently.
- if outnumbered, run
- stick to your squad

also look at these..
AgentSmithPS4  +   334d ago
There is a major team balancing problem in bf4 and to make it worse it seems to carry over to the next round (maybe it's just me, sometimes I assume it puts me on a garbage team to 'help save them' since my stats are good, but 1 vs 32 doesn't work out well). There's probably many reasons for this, ranging from the k/d sensitive quitting a challenging match, to players switching to the better team, to the worst players not knowing when to quit and find a more fair game, etc.

I don't mind a challenge but especially when I'm alone without friends or anyone using the mic I'll just find some way to have fun if I know my team has zero chance, it's not worth getting riled up because of dice/ea's failures.
pwnsause_returns  +   335d ago
guess the lag and rubber-banding issues got to them. Good job dissapointing your fanbase EA
LordMe  +   335d ago
This is on DICE as well. EA doesn't take the blame alone.
BattleReach  +   335d ago
I think it's still EA's fault, if they gave DICE a year more, the multiplayer worked fine.
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LordMe  +   335d ago
And DICE who has failed to fix it.
pwnsause_returns  +   335d ago
If DICE were defiant, they would of Just said Nope to EA for launching the game the way it was.... So yea Blames on DICE as well.
killzone619  +   335d ago
i agree

Dice made the mistake of deciding to take down the titan known as CoD. In order to do so, they had to limit their development time to compete (since CoD releases every 2 years)
Omegasyde  +   335d ago
Dice is owned by EA. People need to blame both.
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n4rc  +   335d ago
I enjoyed it.. Simply stopped playing when titanfall came out..

Planning on getting back into it tho
Neonridr  +   335d ago
I still play it, however I am guilty of milking Infamous for all it has. Once that 100% is mine (working on the evil side on expert), I will go back to playing BF4. I do have the Season Pass so I will want to try out all the DLC as they become available. But I don't play it nearly as much as I did when I first got my PS4.
dboyc310  +   335d ago
First and last time I buy a battlefield game at launch. People like to give crap on COD but at least matches are playable there. The new maps for battlefield 4 look really fun but I need to prohibit myself from purchasing them until things become more stable.
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Ripsta7th  +   335d ago
As of recent like 2 days ago I started rubberbanding on most matches. I hate it. Hadn't experienced this before maybe once or twice
AgentSmithPS4  +   334d ago
Try adjusting your options/gameplay/'lag compensation'(or whatever it's called) it's probably set to 50, try it lower if your connection is good, I use 40 or more if I play in Europe from Florida.

Yesterday my bf4 on ps4 crashed twice in a row, but it hasn't happened again, yet.

The RB isn't infuriatingly noticeable to me anymore, I only have lag now sometimes. I hate getting behind cover then magically dying by a shot through a ceiling or other impervious object a 'second' or so later.
angelsx  +   335d ago
At 10 games 2 still got rubber banding on ps4.
ATi_Elite  +   335d ago
Thanks EA for ONCE again screwing over a beloved Franchise and running ti into the ground.

EA forcing DICE to Rush BF4 unto the market across 5 platforms only gave gamers a Game full of potential that CRASHED and BURNED and RUBBER BAND into OBLIVION!
ThatOneGuyThere  +   335d ago
the game is FINALLY in a really good place right now. I urge everyone to drop the hate and come join in the fun. Its the best shooter by a very wide margin on the new consoles right now.
Omegasyde  +   335d ago
Sometime it's hard to forgive. I still play but not as often as I use to.

Still in my opinion, it's the best shooter on Xbox1 and PS4 to this day.
ATi_Elite  +   334d ago
I hate but I still play but not as much.

Battlefield 2 was so good that Battlefield will be played forever.
DJ  +   335d ago
That nasty launch really hurt the franchise. :/
Bdxxacjkfs  +   335d ago
I will not buy the next 1. So...
Npugz7  +   335d ago
Sucks to be you! It's the best shooter out there!!!
sprinterboy  +   335d ago
Got a full refund on my copy after 4 attempts at playing sp, multilayer kept crashing, got ac:bf good investment over bf, will get the next bf but they have 1 more chance at it or dice no longer get my money
ThatOneGuyThere  +   335d ago
i just booted it up last night in hopes of finishing the campaign so i can unlock the last gun for MP...wait...wheres my save? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHRH HSRHHRHRHRHRHRHR MP is still the best out right now
ThatOneGuyThere  +   335d ago
I'm more disappointed with killzone shadow fall. I just picked it up and there are 200 or so playing deathmatch, and 30 playing warzone. 30. three zero. thirty.
windblowsagain  +   335d ago
Trouble today is, Everything is DLC.

This message is to DICE. Do not include a Single player game in BF5. It's pointless and nobody wants it.

People just want more MP maps. With a variety of modes and settings.

BF2 was freaking awesome without sp.
n4rc  +   334d ago
It sure was..

Tore me away from counterstrike after years of playing nothing but cs.
AgentSmithPS4  +   334d ago
I barely remember anything from SP other than having to replay some painfully BORING missions to unlock some guns for MP, if you're not going to do it right don't do it at all.

Right now I want premium for free because I payed for it with my suffering, as should anyone else that wants it if they played during the dark months.

What I want most is an optional PTFO mode that somehow forces people to play the mode the way it's intended to be played or they get kicked, you shouldn't have to join a clan and fight another clan to have the great experience of fighting hard as a team to win at CQ, Rush, OB, etc.
Npugz7  +   335d ago
The game works great so quit complaining and go play COD than!!!
urwifeminder  +   335d ago
Got at launch only ranked 36 lol worst bf ever.
TotalSynthesisX  +   334d ago
Ppppffff, I'm only rank 19 I think. Granted I've only put maybe 30 hours into it since I got it at launch.
iamneo  +   334d ago
game works great? what fucking planet are you living on. hell most if not all of the problems are still plaguing this would be masterpiece masquerading as a pile of shit at the moment. i still see head shots, bullet hits that dont register, still being shot behind mountains rocks, shit that noone should be able to be shot through. hell you name it. even dice said the other day after installing new servers, 178 days and this game is still broken. thanks for the fucking news flash , dice.lmfao
bamillington  +   334d ago
Even with rubberbanding its the best shooter out there, though lag is vastly improved
Mikeyy  +   334d ago
I don't think its fair to poll these numbers on a Tuesday morning when people are at work and school.

It's borderline trolling. Also look at the server browser. So many full games in every play list, The player base is healthy.
ZILLA  +   331d ago
Dont listen to these stats,play what makes you smile.in my casse blowing s#!t up makes me smile.even with all its problems the gameplay makes up for it.for best gameplay.go into server browser and only select games with 5 bars of signal.BF4...F T W!!
nitrogav  +   329d ago
I would love to know why PC have got over 7600 more servers than PS4 ? . Looking at the stats PS4 is a very close second in player counts to PC so why not more servers for PS4 Dice ? .

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