FMOD Studio Helps Drive Club Reach Sonic Heights on PlayStation 4

Firelight Technologies announced today that it’s next generation game audio tool suite, FMOD Studio is used by the highly anticipated PlayStation 4 (PS4) exclusive title, Drive Club.

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XiNarutoUzumaki1570d ago

This game keeps getting better and better, and I'm even more excited about it than before. The fact that some PS fans are annoyed by the delay, and haters hate so much on this is beyond my comprehension...

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KwietStorm1570d ago

It's beyond your comprehension that people are annoyed that we're getting the game a year after we were supposed to? Really now. It *is* possible to be annoyed and still look forward to something at the same time. But anything releasing in October isn't even on my radar right now.

LackTrue4K1570d ago


lol.....Turd 10's Forza needs to remove its cardboard cut out tree's and cheering fans on the side of the road. Forza has not been getting any info/news since it came out.

lol...what a joke, just like you.

BLow1570d ago

Who cares about awesome new technology for games. It's only 30fps so forget this game as it won't be fun at all even though I haven't played this game but already passing judgement on it just because it got delayed a year and didn't reach 60fps which was never promised in the first place but now its only 30 and some are writing off the game completely and are even complaining that their not giving the whole the game away for free to earn a plat trophy. Boy did I forget a period in there somewhere...haha


Speak_da_Truth1570d ago

Nice I can't wait to play it haters I'll always hate

Destrania1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

So stoked for this game. After seeing the latest trailer and hearing more details about it I'm more excited than ever. Going to no doubt set new heights for the racing genre. Bring on Oct. 8th!

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