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Nintendo Revealing New Hardware at E3

GR: Word on the interwebs suggests that the Big N is gearing up for some sort of hardware reveal at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo. (3DS, Nintendo, Wii U)

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ftwrthtx  +   210d ago
Wii Me to follow the Wii U?
acharlez  +   210d ago
-Foxtrot  +   210d ago
Me to U?

Guess we'll know who will be promoting it


If by some unlikely chance that it is a new console (again highly unlikely) then I hope it's not called the "Wii".

Could be a new model...hell they might give it a name change so it "seems" new.
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Testfire  +   210d ago
Whenever they come out with their next system I hope they reboot the name back to NES, then do numerical sequels, NES 2, NES 3, etc.
-Foxtrot  +   210d ago
I wouldn't mind that since it's basically like what Sony has done with the PS (PS1, PS2, PS3 etc)

NES - Nintendo Entertainment System

I don't see why they didn't keep that name, I mean it's basically what it is, it's their console, an Nintendo Entertainment System.

Although I think it's too late now, they've gone a way where the majority of their consoles have featured a different names.

Wii U

Only exceptions being the SNES and Wii U now. Suppose it didn't matter much with the SNES though since back them the market was very different then what it is now.

Long as the next console isn't called "the Wii..." I'll be fine.
alexkoepp  +   209d ago
It would be hilarious if they brought out a new system more powerful than the PS4/X1
GT67  +   209d ago
@ foxtrot

Try Nintendo "Fusion"
a handheld/console device combination console.

take a wild guess able to play 3ds/wii/wii U games.
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KonsoruMasuta  +   210d ago
No, it's the Wii We.
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uth11  +   210d ago

It's the Wii 2U aka the Wii double-U :)
knifefight  +   210d ago
The Us.
thorstein  +   210d ago
Probably a peripheral. Most likely another variant on the 2DS or 3DS.

If they were going console, I'd want at least another year of development BEFORE any announcement.
thehobbyist  +   209d ago
I've said it before but I'm gonna say it again. It's gonna be 2DSXL
mikel1015  +   210d ago
Nope it's going to be called the Nintendo Us
lilbroRx  +   210d ago
Why does everyone insist its a new console?

The patent they just filed was specifically for a handheld device.

The Wii U is going nowhere. It could possibly be a handeheld Wii U, but its more than likely either a new Gamepad or a new handheld.
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SasukeX16  +   210d ago
Wii the people? Anyone......
Elimin8  +   209d ago
Lol.. Wii Too perhaps?
dbjj12088  +   210d ago
They need something big to compete with the next-gen consoles and all the software they'll have to show.
acharlez  +   210d ago
Indeed. Something tells me it will be a GamePad or 3DS redesign, tho.
dboyc310  +   210d ago
agree with you. I think it's a gamepad redesign.
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insertcoin  +   210d ago
Without a press conference, I don't know if there will be one. But if it's true, I imagine the Wii We?
baraka007  +   210d ago
I bet it's the famicom U or F U for short
stragomccloud  +   210d ago
Probably a new peripheral or a 3DS with two circle pads + 2 extra buttons.
OtakuDJK1NG  +   210d ago
nope. Battery life will be 1-3 hours
thehobbyist  +   209d ago
An additional analog input would not reduce it's battery life.
Neonridr  +   209d ago
my 3DS lasts forever, my Vita is the one with the shit battery.
OtakuDJK1NG  +   209d ago


I dont say stuff just to say it

do some research
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MilkMan  +   210d ago
New WiiU hopefully with brain melting speed so EA can stfu and every third party dev can NOT put their games on the Nintendo console for whatever reason tickles their fancy...I don't know, its not black enough.

That being said, Id also like to see a 3DS redesign with second stick AND lots more horse power.

Thats all.
Heisenburger  +   209d ago
I don't see how they could add "horsepower" to a new 3ds without alienating the millions of 3ds owners. And I hope you don't need me to explain why.

Though the thought of a new model with a second stick has me intrigued. I've been saving up for a 3DS recently, I may just wait for E3 just to be on the safe side.
MilkMan  +   206d ago
Just saw this on ebay, if I didnt own a 3DS already I would have bought it myself.
MoveTheGlow  +   210d ago
I'm going to make a really weird guess here and say that Nintendo's about to release a new-generation handheld instead of a newly-designed 3DS. One that doesn't have crazy graphics hardware, but enough that the resolution on the main screen can run around the resolution of your average 2014 smartphone. Backwards-compatible with DS and 3DS games, uprezzed through some sort of software-based filters.

With the resolution kicked up, suddenly you get the opportunity to make it an effective WiiU gamepad (possibly with interchangeable parts per the rumored patent), hence solving the problem of how expensive a gamepad is on its own, and the problem of playing higher-resolution games on a low-res handheld system. I'd say that's a good first step forward from the consolidated R&D departments - while it's a bit early for a new handheld from them, I think they know they need to do something drastic, and this would be a safer drastic action. This would be the first step in unifying N's console business with its handheld business, something they should have done a generation ago.

Even safer would be a 3DS with a high-res screen and some sort of tech to up-res 3DS games, but why would they not take advantage of the screen with new (but not too new) hardware?
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RPGrinder  +   210d ago
I doubt it.
Klad  +   210d ago
Remodeled, updated Wii U & gamepad, launching with new game, possibly new Zelda.
Version of new model with gamepad & cheaper one without gamepad.
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danny818  +   210d ago
I'm confused. I thought they were gonna appear on the show floor instead of a e3 show
NYC_Gamer  +   210d ago
It's going to be a new version of Wii U
lilbroRx  +   210d ago
Whatever it is, its portable.
Dudebro90  +   210d ago

This guy predicted this and everyone called him stupid. Looks like the joke could on the jerks name calling this time.
WeAreLegion  +   210d ago
It very well could be. That would be awesome. Good catch!
bit-crusherrrr  +   210d ago
The return of the vitality sensor!

A redsigned wii u would be the least crazy but surely that'd just piss off everybody who has a wii u and all the people about to buy the mario kart 8 bundle.

I think a new handheld would be mad considering how well the 3ds is doing.
TXIDarkAvenger  +   209d ago
Yes, Nintendo should definitely revisit the vitality sensor. I remember them announcing it for Wii and I imagined horror games to be experienced like never before.

Oh shit, that reminds me, Fatal Frame V is in development for Wii U so vitality sensor please :D
EXVirtual  +   210d ago
This makes literally no sense.
If they were going to reveal new hardware, be it portable or console, they'd have an E3 press conference. At this point, it'd be stupid to release a new handheld. The 3DS is killing it right now. Even though the Wii U is struggling, it's way to early to announce new hardware.
Pancit_Canton  +   210d ago
Wii P
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Linchpin  +   210d ago
No F*****g way!!!! I just bought a Wii U 2 weeks ago!!! I'm ready for games!! my body is ready! WTF??
millzy102  +   210d ago
It's not going to be a Wii u replacment you think they would push Mario kart this hard then abandon it, I think not if it is hardware and I doubt it, it will be a gameboy marketed towards the core or Wii u owners. They had ds and gameboy advanced co exist.
bass4g  +   209d ago
They said ds and gameboy would coexist the reality was completely different. If they decided to release a new handheld it would be a 3ds replacement no matter what they called it. I reckon though that it'll be a hardware redesign of some sort.
filchron  +   210d ago
the virtual MAN
DoggyBiscuit  +   210d ago
Nintendo most likely will announce the successor to the 3DS
filchron  +   210d ago
that would be sweet. the 3DS launched in 2010 didnt it? the successor will probably be announced or hinted at this or next years E3 since that would make it 5 years. and since they dont have a conference this year i doubt itll be for this year. still tho im thinking Masterimage 3D superwide cell matrix display with 720P per eye or some type of lightfield/holoscopy based 3D display that does away with banding/3D image loss all together or maybe holographic stereograms with eye tracking that changes the scene inside of the screen when the player moves their head or eyes. It would suck if nintendo went back to 2D now that glasses free 3D is so well developed by 3rd party companies.
TXIDarkAvenger  +   210d ago
I don't see the point it having a successor to the 3DS since its dominating the handheld market right now then it ever was. I could see another model of the 3DS but I don't expect anything beyond that.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   210d ago
I would laugh if it's a vr helmet.
I would be eating crow in that instance...
Kingoftherodeo  +   210d ago
seriously nintendo drop the wii and get you a nice online program. use all that wii money to remake your self you can still keep your nintendo mii's an nunchuck just make the hardware and software up to par.
killerluffy123  +   210d ago
Lol obviously they are going to reveal 3DS lite along with SSB , look at super mario bros 2 and pokemon xy both of they are big games that sell millions of copy ,so nintendo always create a new handheld when there is a big 3ds games that have the potential to sell millions !!!
Josh101  +   210d ago
I thought Nintendo bowed out of the E3 showing last year? I was sure I read something along the lines of them not attending this years E3 either.
bass4g  +   209d ago
They'll still have a presentation around that time and there will demos and live presentations on the show floor (although we won't get to see all of them). That's what happened last year and they announced stuff in the presentation as well, so I imagine it will be the same this year.
Surt  +   210d ago
See Sega Nintendo? Do that. keep the hand held tho.
Ck1x  +   209d ago
It's most likely their QoL hardware they've been hinting towards. They said it would be revealed this year and at e3 will probably be the best time to do that.
uth11  +   209d ago
With all the buzz VR is getting lately, Nintendo is jumping back in with the Wii V! (Vii?)
filchron  +   209d ago
the WiiVii-R. VR so underpowered you would swear the games were still in 2D lol
Chrisgamerguy  +   209d ago
Not going to happen. They have already invested so much into the wii u brand
bass4g  +   209d ago
Doesn't have to be a new console, just a new model.
Ck1x  +   209d ago
I personally would like to know more about the Nintendo Digital Event. We aren't so sure on what the whole format of this thing will be. Maybe Iwata and Miyamoto will have prerecorded "Nintendo Direct" style footage of game reveals from Japanese studios that is being shown to a selected audience at the Nokia theater with Reggie & Bill Trinen hosting with info and demos from Western studios while being taped for a release say the next day. It just doesn't make much sense for Nintendo to be renting out the Nokia theater just to put on a SmashBros event! That's a big place to go so extreme without utilizing it first for something news related.
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Neonridr  +   209d ago
I wouldn't mind a Gamepad+ of sorts perhaps with a higher resolution screen (720p minimum) and a lighter, more streamlined design perhaps. Not to say the gamepad isn't light enough already, but I am sure they could trim some fat on the controller.

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