Why XIII Was My ‘Final’ Final Fantasy

Why a long-time Final Fantasy fan has vowed not to return to the series.

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squallsoft1391d ago

I guess the author of this is going to miss out

DemonChicken1391d ago

Argree, FF15 looks awesome and I am really enjoying FF14 Realm Reborn!

Although in my case FF13-1 was my final final fantasy 13 =p

colonel1791390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

I want FF 15 to be a much more improved gameplay style from Kingdom Hearts 2, but then I want Kingdom Hearts 3 to be a much improved gameplay from FF 15. Just imagine, it would be so much fun!

I actually got very interested on the story from FF 13, but they completely ruined it with FF13-2 and destroyed it with FF13-3. Worst trilogy ever! All the potential that it had, and it was obvious the writers didn't have any idea how to continue the story, which makes it obvious that it wasn't planned as a trilogy in the first place.

Tiqila1390d ago

glad to hear I did not miss out on anything by skipping 13-2 and 13-3. Even if they were awesome I would have never bought them after 13-1.

jsslifelike1390d ago

I don't know too much about Lightning Returns, but I'd have to disagree completely about XIII-2. I returned to it and Platinum'd it a few months ago to find out that it is really an excellent JRPG! Not only did it improve on the flaws of XIII in almost every way, but it streamlined the combat system and, if it was even possible, made it more fun. Take it with a grain of salt, but I'm a sucker for a good time travel story.

vishmarx1390d ago

his loss.1 not so great entry and hes gonna miss out on every next entry.
though im pretty sure the authors gonna be playin xv when its comes out ,rnow hes only looking for hits from haters and defeners

joab7771390d ago

He is missing out on 14 right now. And I will definitely giv them a chance on 15. I mean c'mon, they must get the hint by now.

guitarded771390d ago

I hated FFXIII, but I'm enjoying XIV right now, and I'm excited for XV. One bad bit doesn't mean the rest are spoiled.

Usually when a company has a bad go, they make up for it the next time. They know they have a lot to lose.

ThanatosDMC1390d ago

Couldnt stomach FF13. Storyline is hilarious full of inconsistent BS. FF14RR hooked me though minus the stupid randoms as party healers.

levian1390d ago

There's never any reason to swear off a franchise, unless for some reason you're boycotting them.

I mean, if they make a game that turns out to be absolutely great, literally THE best game of the year or in recent years, what is he going to say? "Sorry, nope. They made a bad game before, not going to bother getting this great one."

UltimateMaster1390d ago

Final Fantasy XIII wasn't an bad game by any mean.
It wasn't a good final fantasy game.

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iamtehpwn1390d ago

Final Fantasy hasn't really lost it's touch like some people think, It really just any Final Fantasy directed by Motomu Toriyama. X-2, XIII trilogy, etc. You go play FF14:ARR or FF Type-0 and tell me FF's a hopeless case. Or just look at how amazing XV is turning out. Toriyama's bizare ideas has and remains the problem for the FF franchise.

joab7771390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

Or lack of

kalkano1391d ago

13-2 was my "Final" Fantasy, because after that, they've gone all-out action, and I don't expect them to come back to turn-based. It was bad enough that 13 and 13-2 only let you control one character at a time...

colonel1791390d ago

My guess is that they decided on more action with FF 13-3 because of FF XV, maybe so that people start getting used to it. However, the game was supposed to be one part of three games, so being an ARPG wouldn't have matter that much.

Now that it's a full numbered title, is understandable that people is skeptic, but I trust that the game is going to PLAY great!. I just hope that the story is as good.

styferion1390d ago

I'm actually happy that with each iteration of FF they did some significant change with the gameplay, unlike some annual games that provide almost no change at all to their gameplay..
not all of those changes are great I admit, but still, gotta love how they dared to experiment with a popular franchise

SirBradders1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

That is true but i think most fans i see on the comments including me just want the traditional turn based controls back.

Don't get me wrong i look at 15 and that kingdom heartsy vibe has me buzzing to smash iron giants in the face but i feel when they go to artsy with the combat it has detrimental effects on the story and exploration-al thus not content staying true to previous iterations, this could be due to wasted resources which is evident with the 13 saga.

That's just my opinion.

kalkano1390d ago

Change the gameplay. Yes. DON'T CHANGE THE GENRE! Final Fantasy 1-10 all changed the gameplay, but remained in the turn-based genre.

Elda1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

I enjoyed them all from the SNES up until now except the MMO's,some memorable then others though some may not agree but FF-X & FF-XIII are my favorites,FF-XIII-2 is my least fav of all FF games,I'm playing LR:FF-XIII & it's not bad at all also playing the FF-X & X-2 HD,can't wait for FF-XV it looks amazing especially the battle system.I love the FF franchise & as long as they're not MMO's I will always buy to show my support whenever a new one drops.

Ravenheartzero1390d ago

13 was a huge disappointment for me, it left such a bad taste I didn't even bother trying out 13-2, even hearing it was more open I'm sorry but that paradigm battle system was just awful imo. Not gonna say it was my final final fantasy though, really liking the look of 15 even if it is more action focused, kingdom hearts says hello

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