The Action vs. the RPG in Dark Souls II

GeekParty writes: "“Dark Souls is a JRPG disguised as a better game,” is something a friend once said to me. “It’s all bout grinding stats before the impossible boss fights.”

In a way, that’s a halfway decent point: These are games about building up from something small into something fearsome, and that’s what RPGs are all about. I wholeheartedly disagree with my friend however, and never so much as I disagree about Dark Souls II."

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joab7771481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

Most gamers will attack Dark Souls like an rpg first. Its why they take such issue with enemies disappearing after 10-12 encounters. We r programmed to farm and grow. When our farming capabilities r capped, we will take advantage. This advantage makes the game much easier than DS1. Though many will not admit that they did the same in DS by using farming glitches.

But, it is also true that after beating it, its time to prove ur chops...and DS 1&2 do agreat job of providing the tools needed to really test yourself.

It is a blend of rpg, difficulty, immersion that make From's games so great.

o2a11481d ago

The level design for both the games is just amazing

sdozzo1481d ago

Not easier but more accessible. You can always make enemies tougher as well.

Dynasty20211481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

PVP is broken in Dark Souls 2 because of Soul Memory. It's destroyed the game.

In Dark Souls, people stuck around Soul Level 150 for INTERESTING PVP, as you had to build your character for a specific weapon or armour or whatever.

Now, Soul Memory puts a SL150 player against a SL 200+ player because they fall in the Soul Memory bracket for each other.

Guess who wins.

Everyone just picks the best weapon, Havel armour, and rolls around all day. It's ***t.

It's a retarded system, and has completely killed the game. Not just PVP.

Because unless your SM is similar to someone else's, you can't even summon them for bosses in NG+ or rank up in, say, the Sunbro covenant, because everyone else is either way higher or lower in Soul Memory than you, and therefore way lower or higher in Soul Level.

You're being put up against people 100+ SLs more than you in whatever PVP you can ACTUALLY get into, who can swing a massive club 6 times and stun lock you and kill you in 2 hits anyway, and you can't summon anyone in PVE because you're out of "range".

On top of that, the game feels easier than Dark Souls. Some cheap deaths aside, almost EVERY boss can be beaten by sticking to their left hand side, and only 2 or 3 bosses are ACTUALLY difficult, with most deaths coming when the game ignores its' own rules.


I see myself ditching this game after finishing NG+ just for the added enemies and difficulty.

Such a shame it's wasted on PVP.

brish1481d ago

Dark Souls 1 had many problems with matchmaking.

Matchmaking was based on level but level wasn't as important as the gear, and the upgrades the gear had. It was possible for new chars with starting equipment to be invaded by characters in havel's with elemental weapons that could one shot them.

Co-op had problems as well. A player could easily summon other players with fully upgraded equipment for any boss taking away all challenge from the fight. I usually play low level characters because it's more difficult. I have a level 10 in Dark Souls that can only get co-op in starting areas that can one shot the bosses. One parry and Havel is dead!

Most people who I've seen complaining about soul memory typically complain about high level matchmaking forgetting just how broken lower level matchmaking was in Dark Souls 1.

In Dark Souls 2 new chars are rarely invaded. The invasions that happen are much fairer fights.

In Dark Souls 2 co-op is much more appropriate. I can't summon players to one-shot bosses for new characters. Additionally low level chars can be summoned much later in the game. My sl1 has been summoned to fight the iron king because my sl1 is capable of beating that boss. A low level ds2 char in ng+ can't summon new chars into their world anymore but they can summon high level players!

I don't think soul memory is perfect. I know it has problems but so far I'm finding it better than Dark Souls 1 matchmaking.

thezeldadoth1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

i'm enjoying dark souls 2, but it lacks the "soul" of both the previous games. The atmosphere in Demon's Souls was amazing and Dark Souls 1 almost matched it but not quite. Dark Souls 2 on the other hand isn't very inspired at all, and the lack of complexity in the map design also hurts it. But like i said, it still manages to be enjoyable.

sdozzo1481d ago

Map design is awesome. So many paths, so many options. Take it back. Poser.

spoonard1481d ago

I disagreee with the statement "Dark Souls is a JRPG disguised as a better game"

I think the Souls games are excellent western styled action RPG's made by Japanese developers so there is some obvious influences by said developers.