10 bizarre — and real — video-game patents

GamesBeat: We dove into the Google Patents archives and came back with 10 of the strangest ideas for game-related inventions we could find. Here they are, in no particular order.

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ColManischewitz1604d ago

Fascinating stuff. I love the diagrams.

Sadie21001604d ago

I would've LOVED driving around inflatable cars as a kid!

Sadie21001604d ago

Well, now as an adult, too, I suppose.

darkronin2291604d ago

The disc changer idea would scare me, given my luck with broken consoles. I still have a copy of Syndicate stuck in my old PS3; imagine having 4 or 5 games stuck like that because it breaks down.

midnightambler1604d ago

The split-screen invention is great. It's basically taping a book down the middle of your T.V.

Tolkoto1604d ago

Oh my god, I want that car thing.