OlliOlli Dev: "Sony are Legends, They are loving Indies, PS4 is Fast and Snappy"

GP: "It’s so exciting! As you can see, OlliOlli is a pushing the consoles to the limits! But seriously, OlliOlli has never looked better. The console is so fast and snappy. We’re incredibly happy with it."

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rarity1571d ago

That's nice to hear ^_^

Thatguy-3101571d ago

You know the more games that are available the more people will buy and try out and experiment. I can say that as of now I'm currently trying out games that I never would have bothered. They're are there and when I'm not doing anything I just go to the store and check out any available titles. This week I bought Daylight and Child of light.

Army_of_Darkness1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

Okay, we all know the PS4 is more than capable of pushing [email protected] 60fps on every possible indie game out there and if the indie dev can't do that then it's just them trying to make an easy, quick buck...
I'm not much of an indie games fan so I'm still waiting for more quality AAA full games to release. These indie game are cheaper to buy and play on my tablet anyways.

dev- "It’s so exciting! As you can see, OlliOlli is a pushing the consoles to the limits!"
Come on... Seriously?! I doubt any indie game(let alone this one) can push the ps4 to it's limit.... LOL! what a joke.

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imt5581571d ago

Quote :

OlliOlli is a pushing the consoles to the limits!

I hope so. :)

Charybdis1571d ago

Good too hear, shame they haven't put up the entire interview yet.

XtraTrstrL1571d ago

LOL, he really asked him about 1080p x 60fps? This is a perfect example of what I'm talking about. STOP ASKING IF THESE LIL ATARI LOOKING INDIE GAMES ARE 1080p x 60fps! It's just stupid now, it'd be 1080p x 60fps on the original PSX. It's even more hilarious that he said "You will have to wait for this one!" LMAO, get outta here with that crap. It makes the PS4 seem weak when there's these pixel art games that have very little hardware stressing operations going on and you have them all super excited about the game running smoothly on the console. Yeah, I'm happy it runs smooth, but look at it, why wouldn't it?

nosferatuzodd1571d ago

Thank u atleast someone gets it not saying anything wrong with the game but when everyone say a indie game is 1080 and happy that make no sense they should be 1080 they are small its not hard to make em 1080

XtraTrstrL1571d ago

Yeah, cool name 'n avatar too. Berserk is one of my favorite animes. Still hoping it somehow resurfaces as a new episodic cartoon. They said if those recent 3 movies summarizing the prologue did well, that it's possible a new show would come out that would go beyond the intro this time and into the manga story. Dunno if it did well enough, but man, I'd love it if a cartoon came out, they'd have enough content to go on forever with how long the manga has been going.

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