Top 5 Game Canons That Need Revising

'In the wake of the news that the Star Wars Expanded Universe has been declared non-canon and due to the fact that many game series are becoming larger and larger, VGU takes a look at the top 5 game canons that could also do with a spring clean.'

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Wargrave1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

Metal Gear Solid will always be over-complicated, it is part of the appeal by this point. It has gone too deep to pull out now (hehe).

-Foxtrot1569d ago

I didn't like Skyward Sword as a main title series as it kind of took a huge step back with everything which made past Zelda games so great. However I loved how it gave us that foundation story of why the same cycle between Zelda, Link and Gannon seems to repeat it's self which each new incarnation of them. Although I do wish for a story which is basically the "beginning" of the entire franchise it's story wasn't wasted on such a linear game. It explained to me in the end why there's always a Link (The Hero), always a Princess Zelda (Goddess) and always a corrupted evil, like Gannon trying to destroy the world. The curse will be forever going.

As for Nuts and Bolts...

The best thing they can do and in my opinion the only way to get out of the mess they've created, is to make a sequel called Banjo Threeie and at the very start of the game have Kazooie wake up from a bad dream and telling Banjo how she had this Nightmare about them both being in a video game called "Nuts and Bolts" which had horrible vehicle building and other stuff to make fun of the game. It's basically Kazooies kind of humour and would fit into the theme of the game.

After she says that, it will be brushed off as just a bad dream and we'll start Banjo Threeie.