How Can The Xbox One Catch Up To The PS4?

Gamespot speaks with a handful of analysts about the state of the Xbox One and what Microsoft needs to do to catch up to Sony.

"The NPD Group released its industry sales figures for March 2014 earlier this month and the results showed another victory for Sony's PlayStation 4. It was yet again the top-selling console in the United States, outperforming the Xbox One, which shifted 311,000 units during the period."

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cfc781512d ago

Give the people what they want don't give them what they don't want,i think SONY did just that and it shows in terms of sales/fans of the PS4,Microsoft needs to be honest and start turning things around sooner rather than later or we'll be seeing these articles all through gen 8,all in all im ok with XB1 so far but it needs to improve quickly to stand a chance of catching up with PS4,i wait and see what Phil has in mind.

tgunzz1511d ago

Looking at start to current, there have been tons of effort to realign with the gaming culture abroad. No matter your seat (gamer, or fanboy) this should be noted (ps4 success is making them work harder), as was sony's issue last gen. This is the way it's supposed to be. N4g (along with other sites)know that once both these consoles begin to take over the fight (as the tally of powerhouse exclusives take over), and after all star game (E3) , they will receive less hits for their induced flame war material. Also, they are over saturating it with these constant articles that it's becoming pathetic....

No_Limit1511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

LOL, another article submitted by Darkride that is negative towards XB1 in nature...surprise, surprise.

Don't care, as long it is doing good...which it is and will continue to do so over the course of its life. So what if it comes in second as it is a non-issue as long it is being supported with games and services. To use the phone analogy, iPhone and Galaxy S phones are both selling well but only one can be the leader of the pack in overall sales but does that mean the other brand is a failure if it didn't finish first?

As long as games like Halo 5, GeOW 4,Break, Fable Legends, and new IPs such as Quantum Break and Sunset Overdrive are coming, and Phil Spencer is in charge, I don't think XB1 owners have anything to worry about.

MegaDan1511d ago

Shut up, you delusional fanboy.

No_Limit1511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

Yea, coming from a guy that said this:

"u Xbots are so delusional, PS4's HARDWARE IS MORE POWERFUL THAN THE XBONE. No software update will help your system better than the PS4, period."

LOL and smh

Anon19741511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

You guys are hilarious. I could submit a hundred, positive Microsoft articles (I probably have over the years, if not more) and yet whenever there's the odd one with a slightly negative slant it's "Derp! Darkride's agenderr!" like I'm writing the damn things.

Didn't have an issue when I submitted 10 positive Titanfall reviews back to back, did ya?

Who's really displaying an agenda? This is Gamespot, one of the largest gaming sites going, discussing the current state of things with industry analysts. If that's too upsetting for you, perhaps you need to find another site. May I suggest

creatchee1511d ago

It probably won't catch up to PS4 in global sales, but the US and UK are still up for grabs. They need to deliver high quality exclusive games and stay transparent when it comes to policies and the general direction for the brand. Phil Spencer as the head of the division is key to doing all of the aforementioned, and was the best decision out of a lot of their better more recent decisions after that disastrous reveal.

BlakHavoc1511d ago

The real question is, how many articles are going to be published about the same old crap?...

But to answer the question, MS needs to do the obvious and give the X1 a price cut, 400 at least. The current X1 is compatible with the kinect to an extent where it wouldn't be the same console without it. They need to release a kinect less edition that doesn't need the kinect to function properly. Even then I think that only solves 1 problem, they have to find a way to get the attention away from Sony. By the time the price cut happens Sony could have a substantial lead in sales. MS needs to keep the games coming for the X1, and not just Halo and Gears, but New IP as well. Even then idk if it's enough lol. Were all under the assumption that if MS does this it'll suddenly catch up to Sony, that's like saying in a drag race if a car hit 60mph 20 seconds before the opposition, that when the opposing car hits 60mph it'll suddenly catch the other car. NO! The other car needs to hit 80, and MS is the trailing car.

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