Sony: Project Morpheus “not coming this year”

Sony's Adam Boyes confirms that Project Morpheus isn't coming this ear.

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kingdom181420d ago

Wasn't really excepting it to. But I do except to hear a lot more about this year.

amnalehu1420d ago

I'm pretty sure they already said it wasn't coming this year. I think we will see it next spring or summer.

kingdom181420d ago

I recall this as well, it rings a bell, but I'm not sure. I can see it getting a release date at GDC or E3 next year. I have no guess of when we might see it though, its still in its early stages of life.

kingdom181420d ago

^ The reason why we should have a edit button. I make mistakes like that a lot.

Gunstar751420d ago

If it is coming, I don't see how it will be good quality. Have U seen the price of their cinema viewer headsets? Without all the gubbins required to make it a VR headset?

AgentSmithPS41419d ago

Based on the PS4's price I wouldn't be worried. Their company apparently has problems so they won't be creating something only a few richers can buy.

As it is now the Morpheus looks good enough for me, but I assume part of the reason they're waiting is so prices drop on any fancier screens that are out there since they'll want to make it affordable for the masses. They'll make tons of money when/if they do this right and they know that (a lot more than just games).

WeAreLegion1420d ago

I think we all sort of expected that. There are just so many games announced for it already. I'm excited for VR, in general.