PlayStation Plus discount no longer part of Driveclub offering

The Blu-ray retail release of Driveclub will not include a 50 per cent PS Plus discount as originally announced, SCE UK has confirmed to VideoGamer.

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FITgamer1451d ago

Well that sucks. I wonder if the digital version will be discunted? The article just says "Blu-ray retail release". If so i'll get it digital.

GarrusVakarian1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

I had no idea this retail discount voucher even existed, lol. I always thought that if you downloaded the PS plus version, you got a discount on the full digital version. I thought the physical release was at a fixed price from the start.....Oh well.

Is that still planned? If it is, i might have to make this my first digital purchase of the gen.

xHeavYx1451d ago

Well, the "source" was not revealed, I'll wait till an official announcement, but yeah, how do you get a retail discount?

cloud 2791450d ago

Developer of the game mentioned that the game might be offered on a discount if upgrading from the PS+ version of the game (digital only).

Irishguy951451d ago

Haha, more and more failings of the Sonys promises from the reveal and E3 last year. Ah well, still not nearly as bad as 2005 and not nearly as bad as MS in general.

Sevir1451d ago

Hardly the case, The promotion was going due to The PS4 launching, and the fact that Driveclub was originally a launch title. But trolls will be trolls!

1450d ago
callahan091450d ago

@sourgrouch: Yeah, because obviously the most important things to a console's specifications are the latest bluetooth and wifi profiles (which you mentioned TWICE EACH) </sarcasm>. Not the RAM and GPU, which are both the best of all consoles. Hahaha. Wow.

Kidmyst1450d ago

@sourgrouch yeah I felt similar last gen when I bought the Xbox360 MW2 bundle, no blue ray drive, no digital optical out, no built in wifi. Boy that doomed Microsoft didn't it. oh wait it didn't and the PS4 not having the latest Bluetooth or Wifi will do just fine, move along troll.

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porkChop1451d ago

It wasn't a discount for the game, it was a 50% discount for PS+.

Sevir1451d ago

Right, and it was a launch promotion. Since the PS4 has launched and Driveclub has been delayed such a promotion isn't needed.

diehardmetallicafan1451d ago

hahaha 'discunted' have a funny bubble!

LexHazard791450d ago

I knew there was somebody else lol at "discunted" ...

lelo1450d ago

Who ONLY has a PS4, PSN+ is becoming less and less appealing by the day.

I hope Sony offers better PS4 games with PSN+ in the near future, because the games offered until now aren't that great, or rather disappointing.

diehardmetallicafan1450d ago

I've been playing 'stick it to the man' and it is actually pretty cool. reminds me alot of ren and stimpy.

kingPoS1450d ago

What!!! PS+ is losing it's value, Oh man! You're right, I should cancel plus and delete Resogun Outlast & Mercenary kings. Man... you're such a lifesaver. /s

It's a good thing the video apps still work with out it... right?

Gateway MT6706 2008

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IRetrouk1451d ago

Have to have the disc, I like discs.

Josh1011451d ago

Also, hard drive space is precious lol

WildArmed1451d ago

But the game will be installed anyway.

It'll just be easier to jump back into the game after a few months since you don't have to redownload it, just pop the disc in and install it.

kingPoS1450d ago

... and apparently more spacious that it's rival. With 408gb of space, it's not half bad.

Gateway MT6706 2008

IRetrouk1450d ago

Its not the space or ease of use, I just like physically owning something I paid for as opposed to it being on a hard drive, not that I dont see the appeal of digital or anything, plus a good game collection will allways look better than a few filled hard drives lol

KwietStorm1451d ago

Never even knee that was on the table. Was always gonna get the digital one anyway.

porkChop1451d ago

Guys, this had nothing to do with a discount on the game. It was a voucher/discount for PS+ that came with the game.

TheRealHeisenberg1451d ago

No biggie, I'm sure there will be other PS+ subscription discounts to be had elsewhere.

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