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ddgaming8201603d ago

So this next Call of Duty is basically corporation war, interesting.

elhebbo161602d ago

only game I recall that revolve its story around PMC was MGS4, besides that I dont know if deus ex: hr would be considered one...

hqgamez1602d ago

It's exactly MGS4 Guns of the Patriots.
THE PMCs. The money!
COD: Patriots.
seem like the developers had time to play on ps3 and enjoy the great story and get some ideas off mgs4.

minimur121602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

heh, G4S is the same name as the company that collect the takings of our shop and take it to the bank, all secure like wearing protective gear and a facesheild;
like this

TIL: G4S in the company Im talking about, stands or Group 4 Sercuricor
People in britain have probably seen them time to time, a big copmany in that feild

thorstein1602d ago

I would consider it one. But did anyone find the CEO of Blackwater's statements disturbing?

The man is lying through his teeth. We all saw dead Blackwater mercenaries at the start of the Iraq War. Of course, news outlets were told to label them "contractors" but no one is buying that line anymore.

TradingWarStories1602d ago

@minimur12 Daily Mail shouldn't be a valid newspaper, it's basically the shovel ware of newspapers.

This CoD looks interesting though, the VICE doc looks cool too!

AKissFromDaddy1603d ago

This COD is touching real life. Never heard of G4S. Private military should be illegal. How does this make sense to pay Private Military Contractors more than soldiers.

Phillip Millis makes perfect sense. Everything shouldn't be for profit. That's common sense.

6DEAD6END61602d ago

I'm in the Army and I've never heard of them either kinda scary. But he is right about people who are good at their jobs leave the military and join Black Water all the time. Hell I thought about looking into it but I'm getting old and I have a family to take care of.

XtraTrstrL1602d ago

They'll do anything to try to get a buzz going. Looks stupid, and it'll most likely be the same un-innovative gameplay as usual.

theEx1Le1602d ago

Looks stupid? I have to ask, do you like Metal Gear Solid?

XtraTrstrL1602d ago

I haven't fully played through a Metal Gear since the first MG Solid on PSX.

crusf1602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

Again assuming before seeing. Like most people in this community. Tell me then what if your wrong? Will you have the guts to come back and admit it? Because so far no one here has.

theEx1Le1602d ago

Ok, fair enough. Reason I asked is it focuses heavily on the privatization of armies and it works quite well as the base for a story, so you never know.

blakstarz1602d ago

Just looked at the G4S website just to be curious after watching this video.....this sounds like this is going to be a pretty deep COD game!

Vystrel1602d ago

I thought the same for Black Ops. Having all these classified black operations during the Cold War seemed really deep since it was taking place during a real world event around important real world people. Then it turned out to be "THE NUMBERS MASON!"

blakstarz1602d ago

That's true too.....I just hope this time around it's not the case with this one.

Soldierone1602d ago

Okay, they took a concept of MGS, but that doesn't mean you can start comparing it right away. Anyone that reads books will know the idea existed in a lot of stories, not all of them are good.

I'm not one to bash COD, but comparing it to MGS just because they have PMC? come on. If they really want to impress me, dive even further into political lies and bring it all to the table. COD has the power to bring some of this to attention, so it would be interesting to see the media freak out about it.

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