Project CARS In-Game PS4 Vs. PC Comparison Shows Hardly Any Difference

Slightly Mad Studios' racer gets the visual comparison treatment - and it looks like everyone will win come this November.

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Lior1450d ago

lol i have project cars on PC which is pre alpha currently, I play at max settings at 1440p and i see a difference lol

Muerte24941450d ago

But for everyone else playing on their 1080p TV. Nope no difference.

Muerte24941450d ago

Yeah I'll take a 1080p display with low input lag over UHD TV that's either $3.5k or has extremely high input lag.

Dark_Vendetta1450d ago

Don't mean to be sniffy, but there are really cheap 1440p "gaming" monitors available if you consider importing them from South Korea. Got my 27" with almost none input lag for 215€ (although this model is sold at about 230-250€). UHD displays on the other hand, I have no idea. But I would say go with 1440p first as UHD is still too demanding even for good graphic cards. You would have to go with real enthusiast cards to get 30 fps @ ultra @ 4k.

On topic: I don't see a difference, and I don't think there will be a huge one. Can't wait for the game. November is still a long time to wait. (I need my racing fix but I guess I'll have to at least wait until october for DriveClub)

Army_of_Darkness1450d ago


Not sure if your being sarcastic..... But if your not, I really feel sorry for you dude cause 1080p is everywhere! so that ugly, grossed out, screw face look must be a natural look on you by now ;-)

M-M1450d ago


Eww PC nerdists.

user56695101450d ago

wasnt people saying that last gen when pc gamers was saying how great 1080p was. are console gamers this dumb ignoring whats out their because your precious console cant hang.

you only make your self look stupid, than hop on the bandwagon when they announce it as a console feature only to struggle to achieve it.

DevilOgreFish1450d ago

XHD texture packs and MODs, that is where you'll see the difference. 60 fps too if the consoles don't secure that.

bmx_bandit1450d ago

Its 2014 and they still use Bullshots/replay-scenes for comparisons?
Come on….

scott1821450d ago

Dang, that looks great! Can't wait to play it.

elhebbo161450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

except higher MSAA and anisotropic filtering, and if your rig can handle it a higher framerate. saying theres no difference between the console version and PC is naive and ignorant. there is always going to be a way to make the game look better on PC.

@M-M its 2014 are you really still calling PC gamers nerds because the guy has higher standards than you? really? grow up dude.

minimur121450d ago

heh, the new adverts that are showing up at the bottom of the link, there was on comparing the graphics of Mass Effect. Some of the comments are funny but relatable:

LOL and people say they dont care about graphics.... N4G sure its bipolar.

Graphics is something but comparing is so 2007.

Also, I wonder if this trend will repeat itself
These comparisons were more relevant when gamemakers were actually trying to highlight the strengths of different systems.

now they aim for parity. which doesn't really suggest anything in terms of superiority.

Muerte24941450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

@ Dark_Vendetta

I hope to god you're joking. The fastest monitor out there is the ASUS monitor which has an IPS panel if i'm not mistaken. The lowest input lag recorded for it is 7ms. I have a BenQ MLG edition that is 9ms. I was also referring to TVs. Notice how I said UHD(4k televisions). Its just funny to watch PC gamers talk like console owners don't have PC gaming rigs either.

Why come visit a PS4 article anyway if PC gaming is so superior? Are you guys mad that Slightly Mad Studios got Project Cars looking this good @ a fraction of what your gaming rig cost? Everyone knows unlocked hardware trumps locked-in hardware.

starchild1450d ago

Even then you would see a difference if you are downsampling from 2556 x 1440 or using any kind of decent anti-aliasing. The way aliasing affects overall image quality is seen mostly in motion not in static screenshots.

The other big difference will be the framerate. 60fps has much greater temporal resolution than 30fps and games are almost always in motion so this means that the visuals will be much clearer at 60fps than 30fps. A solid 60fps also reduces latency and provides for better controller response.

blackmagic1450d ago

"Why come visit a PS4 article anyway if PC gaming is so superior?"

Ummm... this article specifically compares the PC and PS4.

The PS4/XBOne are releasing at the beginning of the UHD revolution but they are having trouble hitting 1080p @60fps. The PS3/360 released at the begining of the HD revolution but they didn't have any problems outputting greater than SD resolutions and framerates.

UHD Timetable

Gamer19821450d ago

Erm look at the reflections on the side of the car here - PS4 - PC
Much more than just resolution..

Chrischi19881450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )


You say everyone knows that, we know that for sure, but then there are these articles, which by all means, is not only a PS article, it is a PS4 and PC article, written by some PS4 fanboy journalist, who really tries to make the PS4 better than a PC, even though everyone with common knowledge knows, that this is not possible, only if the Devs decided to "not" use the hardware capabilities of a good gaming PC.

You say, everyone knows that, but acutally all the PS4 fanboys dont and really try to tell themselves, that a PS4 is better from a visual perspective, but it is not, but the PS4 community really tries hard to make it seem that way.

Dont get me wrong here, all console and PCs have their pros and cons, but that PS4 fans actually try to take the visuals away from PC, is hilarious and impossible at the same time.

Muerte24941450d ago

@ Gamer1982

Really, you're going to compare a scene where the reflections are based off a vast, cloudy sky to a sunny area near trees. If you seen the new Driveclub trailer you'd know PS4 has no problem handling reflections. Like I said, achieving this on a $400 system. PC elitist claim that consoles are so inferior but these pics suggest otherwise. Now is the part where you start saying "well I can run it @ 2k" or " I'm getting well over 60 fps".

blackmagic1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

You want to talk about what is fair?! How about this:

The first comparison features a PS4 shot from yesterday vs a PC shot from February 4, 2012 (2 year, 3 month old build)


The two BAC Mono comparisons contrast 1920x1080 resolution PS4 shots released yesterday to 1600x1000 resolution PC shots posted June 22, 2012 (2 year old build)


I couldn't find the RUF shots but I am sure they are sufficiently ancient. The second RUF shot in particular is a 1920x1080 PS4 shot vs a 701x309 PC shot!!

I'm willing to bet the PC version has come a long way in the last two years!

UltimateMaster1449d ago

The vast majority of TVs display in 1080p.
Very few have 4k or 1440p.
But if you do have that TV, then take advantage of it.

UltimateMaster1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

4k TVs currently have very low sub 30fps frame rate.
And to anyone saying "this looks terrible"
No, you're right, this sh*t looks as bad as an old NES game, there's such a HUGE difference.../s Not

It's still the same game. The same amount of detail. The same thing, but with some perks of higher resolution at a frame rate cost (From the TV, not the machine).

blackmagic1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )


When the ps3/360 was released, the vast majority of TVs were SD but half way into the generation 1080p sets were common and now 1080p is expected and the PS4/XBOne can barely hit 60fps let alone higher resolutions. You are looking back in time not forward.

ALL 4k TVs ever manufactured are capable of displaying 30fps, not "sub 30fps" as you allude to. Any TV that displays the UHD logo is required to accept and display 3840x2160 @ 60fps as a minimum. The Toshiba 9300 series is an example of a UHD set that displays 60fps and you can get a 65" set off of Amazon for $2900, which is actually not much more than a similarly featured 1080p set of the same size and significantly less than I paid for my 58" plasma only a couple of years ago.

As far as comparisons go, here is a much fairer comparison using a more up to date PC screenshot. Note that even though the PC shot is only 1600x900 it has less jaggies due to superior AA. Also note that the wheel wells, lights etc actually look round instead of polygons (especially look at the lights). Notice the better shading and shadows on the tires, on the underbody and under the car and how it lets you see subtle shapes and contours on the car (look where it says sparco by the right front tire for example). Notice the carbon fiber on the mirrors and air intake. Notice how the writing is sharp and crisp.

Same types of details here

Now start layering on the resolution and no contest.

MazzingerZ1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

I really never care how PC( PC should, in the paper, be always superior) or X1 version performs, the only thing I always care is that my main gaming platform is used right an delivers a experience according to my expectations, I never invest in something to get something else, do I get a Wii U then I don't expect less of what I know it can deliver, on the other side I'm not happy with less.

gameDevWannaBe1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

People tend to worry to much about visuals...

If drive club devs can only hit 30fps you better bet your ass there is a difference between the pc vs and ps4 version. Frame rate is a big thing and this new gen consoles keep failing at this 60fps thing.. Tell me I am lying lol

ps4 is a super tablet pc. IS a beast when you cut the frame rate in half.

AgentSmithPS41449d ago

This is what happens when there aren't enough good new games to play, instead of fighting digital enemies the humans turn on themselves.

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AnteCash1450d ago

Lol no you dont Liar..i mean Lior....

JP13691450d ago

Learn how to construct a proper sentence before you brag.

Father__Merrin1450d ago

ha ha project cars will look ace on ps4 also, driveclub will also look ace ha ha

WeAreLegion1450d ago

I have a 1080p monitor and a 1440p monitor. The resolution is important, but what really matters is overall quality of the monitor/TV. The 1080p looks better because it's a top of the line Samsung. The 1440p is a cheap HP.

ATi_Elite1450d ago

I currently play Project Cars PC build 680 on a 4k Sony TV

Blows all those pictures right off the track.

These PS4 vs. PC version comparisons are STUPID! WHY?

Majority of the time they gimp the PC version to match the specs of the PS4.

also Once the Gold version is release ProjectCars PC will quickly get a High Texture pak and a Graphics mod that will take things to the next level.

So if you wanna compare PS4 vs. PC, tell me the SPECS and SETTINGS of the PC version.

thereapersson1450d ago

Wake me up when 4k actually grabs more than .005 of the market and developers actually make games with 4k optimized textures and other assets. Otherwise you're simply upscaling something that isn't native 4k. Might look sharper but that's all 4k offers, and in most cases you only have a refresh overhead of 30hz.

Chrischi19881450d ago

Funny, that you say resolution doesnt matter, but then all the other PS4 fans bash the Xbox One, for a game having only 900p resolution, but not 1080p like on PS4. Double standart pretty much?

Tsar4ever011450d ago

Damn, right. Im not interested in screen shots, they could be rendered, dressed up. I wanna see gameplay, but I don't need to, I already know Pc will be superior, but I'm just intrested on HOW close or how far its visuals when compared to the PC alfa.

johndoe112111450d ago

Your name suits your comment.

kayoss1450d ago

"liar" there I fixed your name.

Meatyboy1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

You sound like a cunt. I bet you're fun to be with at parties

Chrischi19881450d ago

This article is BS, but I do not wonder to read something like this on here. Everyone with common sense and not hype thinking, knows, that this cannot be, only if the Devs themselves decided to do so.

HammerKong1449d ago

mna,pc virsion is ahead,there is no doubt but ps4 version looks amazing also,but fanboys are saying there is no difference,they must got their eyes checked.

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thezeldadoth1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

here we go again. tell us about how your 400 dollar machine matches a 3000 dollar pc and all that.

then continue on to say how 4k resolution and 1440p are pointless right now

and to end it in fashion, lets hear about how much better driveclub will be anyways

Applejack1450d ago

A $3000 pc will always preform better than a $400 console. Both 2160p and 1440p resolutions will always be better than 1080p. Saying one game is better than the other is pointless since it's all just opinion. Is that what you wanted to hear? Well there you go, so quit with your constant whining.

GameDev11450d ago


Correction, smooth stable framerate of 30fps with gorgeous graphics

Am not sure if the frame rate of Project cars will be jumpy

gameDevWannaBe1449d ago

A $800 pc > a $400 console to! lol

Every console will play this at 30fps.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1450d ago

You asked for it...

apart from resolution (which only matters to pc gamers because you have to sit so close to your monitors and can see all the jaggies) a 400 dollar machine was able run the same game as your 3000 dollar machine.

And yes Driveclub will be better. Why? Because it appeals to a broader fanbase, It's friggin free. The graphics are on par, the vistas are better, and so far Driveclub has an actual theme to it other than "look how pretty i am". How was that?

In all honesty both games will be great....

TXIDarkAvenger1450d ago

Except Driveclub isn't a racing simulator and Project CARS has PROVED that it is a racing simulator. Obviously you never played Project CARS to say its just pretty visuals.

"And yes Driveclub will be better. Why? Because it appeals to a broader fanbase, It's friggin free."

So you think Driveclub will be better than Project CARS because its free? LOL...

zeuanimals1450d ago

Moved the goalposts I see. I'm a big PS guy, just look at my post history, but "resolution only matters to PC gamers"? Really? Didn't PS fanboys and PS fans in general all go crazy about resolution? Don't lie to yourself man, you know you care about resolution.

PC will always win with power, but PC will also always have issues that consoles don't go through, the biggest one being price for parts.

1450d ago
Sharingan_no_Kakashi1450d ago

Sorry guys. I was just giving the guy what he asked for.

Project cars will be fantastic I'm sure.

Yeah I care about resolution. What I meant by that comment was super high resolutions like 1440p only has significance to pc gamers because of how close they are to the screen.


It being a simulator is why it won't appeal to more gamers than Driveclub. No I haven't played project cars but I have seen gameplay of it. And yest cost does affect how people perceive the quality of a product.

elhebbo161450d ago

Its not free, since when paying yearly for a SERVICE is considered free? free is free.

imt5581450d ago


Except drive club runs at a shity 30fps..

Driveclub looks waaaay better than this. PCARS isn't confirmed that will be 60fps on PS4. Devs said they only targeting 60 fps.

chinlu1450d ago

"Driveclub will be better because it appeals to a broader fanbase"

Whoops, quit reading right there lol.

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user56695101450d ago

you should know by now most of the people saying something are the ps fanboys. when ever the see they are loosing an arguement they go in denial mode. we start to see every excuse in the book.

But for everyone else playing on their 1080p TV. Nope no difference. "

but let a xbone gamer say "But for everyone else playing on their 720p TV. Nope no difference." or" the famous its getting converted to 1080p from 920 so its no big difference", it would be the death of them.

ps fanboys do a lot of back tracking. on every article they seem to lie, contradict themselves, and make up bs excuses.

and now suddenly, if you cant afford or have a highend rig, that mean the technology doesn't exist. and pc actually does the gfx at a better Fidelity so screen shots dont capture how it looks in games.

nosferatuzodd1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Dude I can tell youre a xbox fanboy disguising has a pc fan, stop it dude whos more delusional than Xbox fanboys
Who do more back pedal ps or ms you guys makes me really laugh

Azfargh1450d ago

So, lets change the point:
Anything higher than 1080p WITHOUT DISASTROUS IMAGE DELAY RESPONSE must be a pc monitor of at least 27 inches and requires a table for it and you must sit close.

If we take the already refined FullHD technology with a very low rate of image delay, the game will work on most of the televisions and projectors... which means bigger screen and playing on the couch.

I want my couch, my gamepad, my 55TV/100Projector and a very acceptable visual quality for an afordable price. You pc guys, stay on your desks.

dcj05241450d ago

Forget that! 4K Sony TV, PC and Driving wheel please.

Azfargh1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

People are weird... most of then work on pc and desks... after a tough day, I rather lie down on a couch and relax while playing until sleep or wait for something better to happen...

...and these pc nuts, rather sit more in front of a desk and press their eyes against a 27 inch screen just to feel some extra visual satisfaction. Learn that, boys and girls: games are for free-time fun and relaxation... if you are willing to spend more time unconfortable at your own home just to play games, it is a sign of addiction. And this is coming from an ex-game-addicted... and also an pc/console gamer.

kung-fu-grip1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

-"and these pc nuts, rather sit more in front of a desk and press their eyes against a 27 inch screen just to feel some extra visual satisfaction."

-"And this is coming from an ex-game-addicted... and also an pc/console gamer."

So that how you play on your rig, Mr "pc/console gamer"?

If so Maybe you're doing it wrong. lol

Believe it or not but many PC gamers actually set their rigs to their HDTVs or projectors and play from their sofas, or in my case from my lazy boy chair. You could try that...Just a thought.

Azfargh1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

Yep... because for me, nowdays pc are for RTS and some multiplayer FPS... MOUSE AND KEYBOARD are a must.
I can play on a gamepad sit or lay on my bed/couch. Mouse and keyboard are precise because it relays on a adequate position.

If you didn´t thought on that part of my argument, you must be quite young. Mouse+Keyboard rules... on a desk.

Not only that, what is the advantage of having a gargantuan gfx card-cpu combo enabling maxed out settings and 4k res on a fullHD projector/Tv? Is an overkill. Besides, too expensive to buy and pay for the electric bill, so the future-proof thing does not make a reasonable cost-benefit for a monstrous hardware if you actually pay your own bills and care for your money.

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Gore-Content1450d ago

And again, no words on the x1 version, lol!

JoGam1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Is it coming out for X1?

Edit: Why didn't they add Xbox One in the game description is beyond me.

Corpser1450d ago

If they look the same pc is just getting a ps4 port that's not using the power of more powerful pc's.

1450d ago
minimur121450d ago

Funny, listening to the radio and 'around the world' by daft punk is playing 0.o

EXVirtual1450d ago

Oh, here we go again.
You really can't suggest that a weak PC could run a game like this while maintaining the same quality. And did you ever figure that maybe, just maybe it'd be too expensive to create games on the highest levels that PCs can reach? Probably that you don't even have?

Qrphe1450d ago

"If they look the same pc is just getting a ps4 port that's not using the power of more powerful pc's"

Reread this to yourself 5 times before you go to bed, and in the morning try to decide on how you could've made it sound better.

porkChop1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

The game was built for PC from the start, so no. They've just clearly taken advantage of the immense optimization that's possible on consoles and not possible on PCs. Regardless, the game looks great on both platforms. I'll be playing this with my Driving Force GT when it finally comes out.

GDDR6_20141450d ago

Imagine if they said xb1 and ps4 versions hardly show any difference , everyone wins! Lol

minimur121450d ago

I think the esRAM is the 'cell' of this generation, its like a hidden power that not many devs truely know how to take advantage of yet, and won't until a few years maybe. And when they finally do, all the idiot will say 'ermahgerd optimise for ps4 stupid developers'

maelstromb1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Forget arguing about resolutions and fps, there is one word that sets the two apart by a long shot: Modding. Something that still cannot yet be achieved on the PS4 or Xbone - so there's a HUGE difference between the two, as it stands right now. And that one aspect is reason enough to own a PC version of any almost any game, if you have the rig and capability to run said game(s).