Three Games The Single Players Should Look Out For In May

OnlySP: The coming of May means the onset of school and college finals, as well as bad puns about a certain N’Sync song. To ease the stress of finals and life in general, the month of May also means the release of some highly-anticipated single-player video games (as determined by OnlySP staff). So, without further ado, here are the three top single-player games set to release this month of May:

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incendy351418d ago

Good choices, I think I will get all three: Transistor, Watch Dogs and Wolfenstein.

DemonChicken1418d ago

Like to add Drakengard 3, Soul Sacrifice Delta, Bound by Flame, & MLB 14: The Show (PS4)

These are also on my watchlist, my wallet doesn't though =p

KillerPwned1418d ago

Cant wait gonna get both Watch Dogs and Wolfenstein.

porkChop1418d ago

Yeah I can't wait for Watch Dogs but Wolfenstein took be by surprise. I wasn't interested when they first announced it but the recent gameplay has completely changed my mind. I'm more hyped for that then Watch Dogs at this point.

ziggurcat1418d ago

the new order has me very intrigued.

diehardmetallicafan1418d ago

I'm goin for wolfenstein. can't wait to chop some nazi up into dog meat