Does PS4 ShareFactory Best The Xbox One's Video Editing Suite?

"The PS4's 1.7 update has added video editing software ShareFactory. How does ShareFactory compare to what the Xbox One offers?"

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JoGam1416d ago

I think Share Factory is a AWESOME app. Easy to use. I'm not sure about the Xbox app, never used it so I can't compare.

GarrusVakarian1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

I used ShareFactory for the first time yesterday to put together a small BF4 montage and it was great. I didn't even have to use a tutorial or guide, i thought it was very easy to use. Loved how you can scroll through your footage with the touchpad when selecting points to cut or split and the pre-loaded themes make it looks like it's an official Sony promo video XD

I can't give an opinion on upload Studio for X1, but i haven't heard any negatives things said about it. Why do we have to compare them anyway?

RoboticusRex1415d ago

@Lukas, you have been around here and are intelligent enough to know why Xbox and PlayStation are held in comparison so much. One reason is they are direct competiters, but the real reason these articles do it? Hits baby, all about the hits.

nicksetzer11415d ago

Personally, i find sharefactory to be good, but upload studio is much better. I think both work well though.

UltimateMaster1415d ago

The Sony share Factory has much more options and content to customize your videos than the Xbox's upload studio has.

The quality of the video capture is pretty much on par.

Magicite1415d ago

DS4 touchpad is really awesome feature, it helps a lot.

ShinMaster1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

@ nicksetzer1

How so? Xbox gamers always repeating claims like "much better" and "miles ahead" and never explain why. I don't even think they know why.

The process is much slower on Xbox One
Gotta "Snap" this and that, wait for the voice commands to respond, etc.
The sharing feature is smoother on PS4 because it's more integrated in the system, with a dedicated Share button on the DS4 controller, which works 100% of the time and is quicker.

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XtraTrstrL1415d ago

I was surprised and impressed when I heard Sony Vegas team made the app. I do hope they expand on it with updates in the future to add more fx and transitions and such.

I also would like to see the default PS4 video player adopt the usage of the touchpad to skip forward/backward in the video timeline like in SHAREfactory. The touchpad only pause/resumes I think in fullscreen in the app though, otherwise I'd normally watch my vids in there.

NewMonday1415d ago

if they put the full Vegas Pro and the other media editing software Sony has many people would buy the PS4 just for that.

Septic1415d ago

Yeah if Vegas Pro comes out on PS4, the X1 will NEVER be able to catch up when it comes to editing suites.

It really is something Sony should look into.

Dannyh1415d ago

Xbox upload is great but I like the. Share button on the ps4 controller a lot better than having to yell into the Kinect

HugoDrax1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

For one you mean TALK to the KINECT. Second I love the Share button as well, but I have yet to upload anything to social media directly. Still, the photo mode in Infamous is amazing, and I probably have taken 100 screenshots from the final 2 hrs of the game alone hahaha.

Anyhow, I have used the xbox one's editor and it's good. Telling the Kinect to "Record That" works flawlessly. Probably the one command KINECT gets correct 99% of the time. As far as my PS4, I haven't used the new video editor as of yet, but I will as soon as my copy of Killzone arrives in the mail on Mon/Tue. I just ordered it last night for $30 new.

Dannyh1415d ago

Yes your correct not yell but talk, I'm not trying to troll or start any wars I love pushing the button better,but upload has features

Moe-Gunz1415d ago

With the update you can also say "Playstation -> Record Video Clip" and "Playstation -> Save Video Clip" if you have a headset or PS camera.

medman1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

According to most gaming sites that have reviewed Share Factory, they say it is an improvement on Microsoft's upload studio offering more functionality, but does that really matter that much? When twitch finally launched for xbone and it was the better version compared to what the ps4 had at launch, I didn't think that really mattered either. Both Sony and Microsoft will evolve their services often enough to where if they are lagging in one area or another at the moment, a few months from now they may have the upper hand in one particular area or the other. In the end, they both offer lots of features gamers want, and they both are missing some key features gamers need, so they both still have some work to do. But we've seen how much consoles evolve during a generation, and the ps4 and xbone will also evolve.

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WeAreLegion1415d ago

I honestly don't know. I haven't used the Xbox version. But I am absolutely loving ShareFactory.

joab7771415d ago

They will both continually update. Its just important to get the basics out there. Anyone that does it professionally or semi professionally will use the usb and their pc.

It would be smart though to add mouse and keyboard support as they continue to update it. Maybe offer a professional version for a cheap price, for psn+ members or to sell the console to serious editors.

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