PlayStation E3 Prediction: Sony Santa Monica New Game Announcement

PlayStationing writes: "Sony Santa Monica at one point reportedly had three separate development teams making new games. One of these teams, Stig Assmussen’s, was developing a “Sci-Fi RPG” that was cancelled, mainly because it was no longer a financially viable project. However, the other two teams have supposedly been working on new games as well."

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gaffyh1608d ago

Still gutted that stig's game was cancelled. :(

hellzsupernova1608d ago

can someone clarify for me exactly which game that was? was it the SiFi game?

gaffyh1608d ago

Yeah, it was supposed to be a game like Destiny, but PS4 exclusive.

modesign1608d ago

i heard sony poured 100 million dollars into that project.

hellzsupernova1607d ago

Thanks plus bubble. I was never sure weather it was the SiFi game. Sucks that it did not come together especially with the Battlestar writer on board.

KinjoTakemura1608d ago

Uncharted 4 isn't the only thing going to be revealed at E3.

WeAreLegion1608d ago

It will be God of War IV, since Stig's game was cancelled. It will, most likely, be a CGI teaser. I can't imagine Corey's team would have much game play together yet.

johny51608d ago

More like the game itself will look like CGi!

WeAreLegion1607d ago

Haha. Good point. Santa Monica has some wizards working over there.

LightDiego1608d ago

I want that Battlestar Galactica space game.

colonel1791608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

I disagree. Where would the story go? Also, Sony Santa Monica have been working on God of War forever. They deserve to make a new game and prove themselves and the fans that they are worth more than just one game.

At the very least, they could make a spiritual successor. It'd be different, we'd get the GOW feeling, but it'd be a different game.

EDIT: Wrote this comment before reading the article, and it said the same thing. So, I guess people would like something else from them.

Alex_Boro1608d ago

Look at the ending of GOW 3 **SPOILER** there are many signs of kratos being alive still so maybe it can turn into egyption mythology or something.

Eyeco1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

God Of War needs a break the IP has become over exposed the last 5 years, I wanna see something new from SSM.

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The story is too old to be commented.