Is the PS+ Version of Driveclub Just a Glorified Demo?

Fans are showing their discontent with Driveclub's PS+ edition, claiming it falls short of expectations. Are they right?

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fluffydelusions1607d ago

Still more content than Ground Zeroes

Lior1607d ago

better than nothing, was going to get project cars anyway over this for pc, but ill take the "demo" as well on my ps4

GarrusVakarian1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

Some people are such entitled, ungrateful brats, honestly. We are getting part a next-gen racer as part of PS plus on the day of it's release, wtf is there to whine about?

Would they rather have indies month after month? Not that there's anything wrong with indies, but we can't have only indies included with PS plus forever, lol.

JackOfAllBlades1607d ago

More games should have demos, I'm glad we are getting a chance to give it a go before dropping the money on the full version. I don't mind :D

FamilyGuy1607d ago

People are crazy, name even 1 demo that has this much of the full game unlocked. They don't exist!
If anything it's closer to the amount of content in some Betas but far more than a "demo".

I plan to buy the game but fully appreciate this version, you can even get a Platinum trophy in this edition.

aquamala1607d ago

people expect more than this because the developer said this months ago

"An Evolution rep stated that the PS Plus edition lacks "a few assets, such as cars and tracks, that will be found in the full version.""

and now you can't platinum this game with the ps+ edition because you don't get the full single player campaign

"the single player campaign aka the Driveclub Tour, will not be able to be completed in the free edition of the game."

Sevir1607d ago

This is funny, they complain, but run out to buy Gran Tourismo Prologue edition which is essentially the same thing as GT just a taster, and then turn around and buy the Full GT a year to 2 years later...

It's the PS+ edition of Driveclub... What ever made you think you'll have everything unlocked if they're giving you the PS+ edition on Day one with the release of the Full game?

It's not your typical PS+ release where the game has been out for 6 months to a year before it pops up on the PS+ for free.

In anycase they are giving you the option to try it before you buy it, Something MGS5:Ground Zeros should have been but wasn't.

Whiny entitle pricks

creatchee1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )


"Some people are such entitled, ungrateful brats, honestly. We are getting part a next-gen racer as part of PS plus on the day of it's release, wtf is there to whine about?"

If it were a different game with different circumstances, I would agree with you. But I cannot in this case. Driveclub was announced as a launch title. It was also announced that "the only difference between the PS Plus edition and the boxed retail is that there's a slightly scaled down version of content."

People preordered PS4's and bought PS+ for it. Then, merely one month before launch, it is indefinitely delayed. They went from launching within a month to not even knowing when the game would come out until last week (6 months afterwards). And now we're finding out that it will be releasing almost one YEAR after the original intended launch.

I'm not saying that people deserve the full game for free or anything, but I would imagine that people who signed up for PS+ and/or bought a console to get the "slightly scaled down version" might be a little disappointed to find out that they're only getting 1 country (out of at least 5) and only 10 cars (out of an unknown number). That doesn't sound quite like the original promise of what the PS+ version would be - especially if they invested almost a year in PS+ and/or PS4 before they got it, which is a year after they expected it.

mo2411607d ago

bullshit they promised it themselves it would be the full game with just a couple of tracks less then the full retail edition. Setting a good first impression and a year later you get way less.

no one asked for it to be free they said it themselves. lol and they call xbox fans apologists.

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colonel1791607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

Definitely. You get access to the entire features. The only difference is that you get just one location (with several tracks) and few cars.

That's more than enough content to be entertained for a while until you decide if you want to upgrade to the full game. You can still get trophies and play online with friends.

If it had the same content as Ground Zeroes, it would be one car and one track. That's it.

aceitman1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

No its not!! a demo comes with 1 or 2 cars 1 or 2 tracks and doesn't allow u to post winnings online or play online.

kayoss1607d ago

I say this is like the Driveclub Prologue. Similar to what we saw with Gran Turismo. Its a lot more than a demo but yet not a full game. We should all be happy that it does not cost $29.99 for this version.

FITgamer1607d ago

It's a decent amount of content for free, that and the fact that you can still get trophies i don't see how you can call it a demo.

RebelWAC1607d ago

And at the right price

Dread1607d ago

well "free" if you have ps plus. So as all the sony fans say about xbox live, its not free becasue its "behind a pay wall". Is there a diffrence here?

aceitman1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

@dread to me its free cause I already have my 50$ worth day one with the games u get.

DigitalRaptor1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

@ Dread

You don't know the difference because you don't pay attention, or think the logic through long enough.

Microsoft takes FREE features available everywhere else, on all other devices, and puts them behind a paywall. Applications, F2P games, an INTERNET BROWSER, everything.

How can you be so dense as to not understand how different both points are? What's worse is, you think you were actually making a good point. It's funny.

Death1607d ago


You are paying to play online with both consoles now. That alone is something legions of Playstation fans said they would never, ever do. Now the goal post has moved and they think there is a difference between where the non essential features sit. Your Netflix access is free with your paid subscription. My Netflix access is included with my paid subscription. Out of curiosity's sake, can your friends access you when in Netflix?

RebelWAC1606d ago

@Dread there is one slight difference, and that is what Ps+ has to offer for "free" behind the pay wall you speak of. No need to get all technical.

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Batzi1607d ago

Ground Zeroes and Metal Gear > Any car simulation.

Rodney251607d ago

I don't see why it even matter, the damn thing is free, unlike GZ

solid_snake36561607d ago

And we aren't having to pay $30 for it either

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Axonometri1607d ago

Demos of the day had less content than this. Modern Demo's, the few that exist, are way smaller and shorter in content and time. I wish the industry would go back to something similar to what we had. It was really nice to be able to get free demos that had enough content and time to really get a demonstration of the game.

Call it what you want, but they are being generous.

rdgneoz31607d ago

PS+ has had timed trials of different games. Basically however much content you can run through in the full game within 2 hours or so. Any progress you make will transfer to the full version when you buy it.

Axonometri1607d ago

Right but share demos in old days were completely free. I'm old.

trenso11607d ago

yea i remember the beginning of last gen i would check every week for new demos for games and had a blast now I'm lucky to find a demo every month or so

Mr-Dude1607d ago

Maybe but in my opinion, it's more to show what the game is made of. To make people buy the full game. And it's free, unlike other "demo's"

colonel1791607d ago

Great point! It's FREE! So why does it matter if it is a demo? Still has more content!

NegativeCreep4271607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

Right its not like Sony is releasing this as a $30 retail product now and then in October is just going to release and charge full price for the full game later.

Anyone belly-aching about Metal Gear GZ shouldn't be complaining at all about this.

Edit @ DCfan below:

Your height of stupidity is making my nose bleed.

BLow1607d ago

You now what do people expect. For them just to give everyone a free copy of the game. How are they going to make money as a company. I really would like to see some of you complainers run and video game company. It wouldn't last 5 minutes. You have the wrong hobby if not not willing to spend some money. I can go on and on but what's the point!! Your opinion is shared. Sometimes its a sad day to call myself a gamer reading some of these comments.

DCfan1607d ago

DriveClub: Ground Zeroes

candy_mafia1607d ago

'Is the PS+ Version of Driveclub Just a Glorified Demo'?

Urgh ;/

If it is, which I doubt... it will be a 'FREE' PS+ Version of Driveclub!

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