AMD Mantle Graphics API Signs-On 40 New Devs

GamersNexus: "AMD's Mantle had a rocky unveil with Battlefield 4 and has seen fierce attempts at invalidation by nVidia, but the company continues to plow through difficulties. In the face of DirectX 12 -- still some 20 months out -- Mantle has just announced its partnership with "40 unique development studios pre-registered for private beta" of their Mantle SDK. Developers can use a new portal to access information pertinent to Mantle."

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Axonometri1604d ago

Ooh! Good news for AMD owners. Hope at least half of those Dev's get good testing out of this and find themselves using it in projects.

Truehellfire1602d ago

Also good news for nVidia owners. If more games start supporting Mantle, nVidia will have no choice but to optimize DX11 performance in those specific titles like they already have. So win-win for everyone really.

elhebbo161602d ago

great for AMD users, but I'm on gtx 760 so I hope DX12 can compete.

F4sterTh4nFTL1602d ago

It will but you will have to wait 2 years and don't forget DX12 will help AMD cards as much as Nvidia cards.

iagainsti1201602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

What I like the most about mantel is that it makes it so that you can use dx12 features on an os that does not support it like Windows 7. The improved performance is gravy. I have a low end pc running w7 I3 cpu 8gb of ram and an amd r7-260x. Also have a ps3 and ps 4 great complements for the pc. I wish every developer would support mantel.