Ninty comes out swinging after the Wii U's false start - now seal the deal

Dealspwn writes: "It took you long enough, Ninty.

I love my Wii U as a lifelong gamer, someone who craves that meticulous hand-crafted quality that only Nintendo lavishes on their exclusives, and the system has a lot to shout about. Its best games put both next-gen systems to shame in terms of variety, polish and fun factor. Not to mention frame rate. The GamePad controller is fantastic, MiiVerse is fascinating and did I mention those awesome games? I did? Just checking.

And yet I've been forced to write and say some rather damning things over the last few months, both about the Wii U and the way Nintendo has handled it thus far."

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mikel10151543d ago

They just need awesome T.V. commercials and things like that, I've already seen HUGE advertisement posters and cardboard stand-ups at every gamestop I've gone to. Keep Going!

curtis921543d ago

As bad as sony & ms fanboys are, I've never seen a group of fanboys try so desperately hard to justify their system as Nintendo fans.

KonsoruMasuta1543d ago

I don't need to justify any of my system choices. If you do, you have issues with insecurity. I don't give a damn what people think. I'm a gamer! I see a game I like, I play it. I don't care what platform it's on.

Right now, the WiiU has some titles that interest me.

Venox20081542d ago

well said, some "gamers" should open their eyes more :)

Blues Cowboy1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

For £200 with MK8 and a free game (8-10/10 material), it's harder to justify *not* buying a Wii U right now.

higgins781543d ago

Its true. I own a Wii U, P.C and PS4, its the Wii U (easily) which at present has the best selection of games, slowly followed by the P.C then PS4. Only the most near-sighted Sony 'fan boy' would tell you that the PS4 is anything other (currently) than a poor man's PS3 - I should know, I owned one. Even games on the horizon it looks to be Nintendo which have the edge.

£200 for a premium Wii U, Mario Kart 8 AND a choice of FREE game such as Wind Waker HD, Monster Hunter Ultimate and Wonderful 101 (for example) is surely the best bargain hardware/software buy of this gen.

HarryMasonHerpderp1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )


I think all of the next gen consoles are lacking at the moment (I own a PS4) but that's to be expected so early at launch, there are a few games here and there that are worth playing but nothing ground breaking yet. The WiiU SHOULD have a better library of games now though since the console has been out since 2012. It will have an advantage when smash bros and Mario Kart are released but only for so long. We will have to see what happens at E3 for a better picture of what's to come from all 3 companies.

metatronx1543d ago

@higgen Wii u has been out for more than a year, while PS4 has been out for about 5 months. Yet you are comparing the library of games between them lol. You should have compared how many quaility games that Wii u have during its first 5 months and see how it pan out...Oh, and call Sony fanboy nearsighted doesnt make your argument any better. It actually makes you look worse than those fanboys.

Vegamyster1543d ago


That didn't stop people on this site from shitting on the Wii-U when it had a slow start as well, it did have a selection titles in the same amount of time but it wasn't til later that it dried up due to W101, Pikmin 3, Rayman being delayed.

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mcstorm1543d ago

@curtis92 I take it you don't come on here much then? For me the console I buy is the one that has the games I want not what's got the moat power, who has the best looking, or the best seller. Reasons why I now have a 3ds, Wiiu and Xbox one. The psv and ps4 are great consoles but don't have any games I'm interested in at the moment. Owned a psv for lbp, ucga and mnr but nothing else took my fancy so I sold it and I'm not interested in any of the current games on the ps4 but once driver club comes out ill be picking one up.

For me the Wiiu is the must have console at the moment as it has more games I want than the other two. I also think its underrated too. If Nintendo can re launch the Wiiu with Mario kart like they did with the 3ds it could be exciting times for all 3 consoles which as a gamer I want to see and having 3 in the market created competition which makes it better for the customers.

GordonKnight1542d ago

Yes, all the consoles bring great games to the table. I must say the Wii U is getting most of my attention at the moment. Once Mario kart 8 drops my PS4 & X1 will start gathering dust.

thezeldadoth1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

just so happens that if you buy a wii u right now you have tons of games to play.

if i buy a ps4 right now, i might as well leave it in the box till...whenever this years e3 announcements are released if they are even worth having.

click disagree if that makes you feel better. it doesn't change the situation. but if it lowers your blood pressure a bit and makes you feel like you have anonymous online authority, sure.

AsimLeonheart1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

It may have games BUT the kind of games it has is the issue. What if a person does not likes Mario, Zelda, Pikmin or Wonderful 101? What if he wants to play some next-gen AAA multiplats? Nobody is willing to spend $350 to play a handful of Nintendo exclusives, which are considered kiddy by the way, except a small minority including you. This is clearly evident from the poor Wii U sales. People want the most bang for their buck and an all-encompassing console. They are willing to buy the PS4 *without* games, as you say it, but they are not willing to buy the Wii U with all the games you claim it has to offer. Says a lot about the appeal and popularity of those Wii U games.

Vegamyster1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

@AsimLeonheart Seriously that argument is silly, of course it depends on personal preference but if you truly want the best bang for your buck regarding multiplats then the PC is the best option since it's relativity cheap and is backwards compatible with all past games. Calling the Wii-U games kiddy based on what? W101 & MH3U will kick your ass and DKCTF was criticized by some people for being too difficult, i play games for the gameplay and having blood and gore doesn't make a game any better then one that just wants you to have fun.

Plus the Wii-U MK8 bundle is $300 and comes with a free game when you register it, not $350. The system has had poor advertising and some game droughts which is the main reason for its poor performance, not because it doesn't have enough games because it does assuming you want more then shooters.

AsimLeonheart1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )


My argument is quite valid because you avoided talking about sales which are the biggest indicator of appeal. Furthermore, we are talking within the console scenario and about console customers so don't bring PC in to the discussion.
Personal preference and mass appeal are two different things. Personal preference is limited to individual. Mass appeal extend to whole groups and populations. Just answer the question honestly. Does Nintendo home console exclusives have the same mass appeal as Xbox or Playstation franchises TODAY? Are there any blockbuster multimillion AAA titles in recent years? Please dont quote 5 year old figures from the Wii's lifetime. We are talking about today.
Finally, being hard does not makes a game mature. The content and intended audience makes the game what it is. Colorful games with cutesy characters and anthropomorphic animals dressed in clothing are not exactly adult material. You cannot deny that.

Vegamyster1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )


Sales don't determine quality and like i posted previously the system hasn't had proper marketing at all unlike the PS4, they're finally committed on promoting the system with MK8 being the flagship so we'll see how that works out. PC's play games and have many benefits from a GAMERS perspective so i will bring it up if i want too.

"Does Nintendo home console exclusives have the same mass appeal as Xbox or Playstation franchises TODAY? Are there any blockbuster multimillion AAA titles in recent years?"

Only sales over 1 million.

NSMBU - 3.87 million
Nintendo Land - 2.94 million
3D World 1.97 million
NSMLU - 1.45 million

Killzone Shadow Fall - 1.63 million
Infamous SS - 1.09 million
Knack 1.03 million

Forza 5 - 1.22 million
Dead Rising 3 - 1 million

There is a difference between a game designed for kids and one designed for everybody, unless you're telling me all games on consoles before the PS2/Xbox/Gamecube are "kiddy" like Megaman, Crash and many others.

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heliotropic1543d ago

This is one of the most delusional and out of touch blogs I've ever seen posted on this site.

uth111543d ago

I thought Super Mario 3D World was supposed to be the system seller? If that failed to make a dent, then why would Mario Karts succeed? The 3D World game looks much more fun.

paulcek1542d ago

Mario Kart has historically sold more than Super Mario 3D World.

MKWii - 35 million sales
Mario Galaxy 1 - almost 12 million sales (combined with Mario Galaxy 2, that would be 18 million copies)

So, Mario Kart is two to three times as big as Mario Galaxy. That's why it's more likely to "make a dent".

Also, there should be no "system seller" game. No one should buy a 300+ dollar console for one game. It's a combination of many great games that push consoles.

Hopefully with Mario Kart and the upcoming Smash Bros as well as the other games that are already out and soon to come out, the Wii U will have enough "worth-it" games.

king_george1543d ago

I think nintendo might be officially back in the race. They seem to be fixing their mistakes and coming out with really solid software this year. Hopefully they follow up with some metroid or zelda for next year. Starfox would be cool too.

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