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hello12879d ago

That screenshot is a sign of what the game looks like, than its not a WW1 game. Unless they've got back in time or something? Cool idea probably my own though.

Jessika_S879d ago (Edited 879d ago )

If you look at the soldiers arms and the soldier on the back you can see that they are wearing an exoskeleton suit. I think it's going to have some kind of scifi element to it, which they have done before but will see.

mark3214uk879d ago

this and battlefield are the only realitly shooters left please dont start adding aliens and monsters to it :/

guitarded77879d ago

Going on the sci-fi theme... it would be cool to have a small squad of special ops that go to different periods in time and fight overwhelming forces with primitive weapons. Of course ammo would be an issue. Anyway, just daydreaming.

CJDUNCAN879d ago

too late for the aliens and monsters @Mark3214uk, ghosts had them.

dcbronco879d ago

Exoskeletons equates sci-fi. You guys need to look at modern military research. They will appear in the near future.

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Xsilver879d ago

Edge of Tomorrow Came to mind when i saw that Pic

FIREsafety879d ago

Same here. That's what I immediately thought of.

Lior879d ago

3 year development for this game.

mark3214uk879d ago

im hoping were going to see rainbow six at e3,esp now theres not going to be a cod or battlefield this year

Blueponder879d ago

2 hour single-player campaign... heard it here first

Unreal01879d ago

Well that's silly. Why are you here?

I for one am intrigued as to what Sledgehammer Games can offer.

ZodTheRipper879d ago

I'm one of the biggest CoD critics but saying that is simply irrational. Give them a chance before judging it.

SonyMontana879d ago

We get it, it's cool to hate COD. Personally I'm looking forward to seeing an actual reveal before rushing to judgement.

thezeldadoth879d ago

it'll have mechs and wallrunning

Oldman100879d ago

Call of Duty: Exofall featuring automatic 360 no scope capabilities.

BattleTorn879d ago (Edited 879d ago )

Clearly you have no knowledge of the tech they had in WWI :P

It looks like if put his visor down he'd be straight out of WarFrame

mcarsehat879d ago

they look like mercenaries hmmmmmmmmm i hope they are, that would be groovy

imt558879d ago

I expect PS4 gameplay on reveal for a few days. Anyone knows that PS4 is the lead platform for COD.

oof46879d ago

"no it xbox one dumass"
@reddx11: Didn't he write The Three Musketeers?

Swiggins879d ago

^ You know your classic French literature.

Though it's actually Alexandre Dumas.

oof46879d ago

Yes, I know. I was just using redd's spelling. Also, he was black.

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-Foxtrot879d ago (Edited 879d ago )

Jesus Christ, it gets some shiny new graphics and suddenly everyone is back in love with the series again....only until it disappoints you when you've been suckered back into buying it

Will people ever learn.

oof46879d ago

It's just a screen shot, but it reminds me of Bf4's first screens. The look of it.

Muffins1223879d ago

Honestly I am scrolling down the comments and all i see is criticizing it and a few people defending it and giving it a chance,are those the people that your talking about?Cause so far YOUR comment has been the only one to have words like praise in it.

cyclindk879d ago

At this point... Id sorta welcome that in this series. Go for broke! Of course you start out on a mission to assassinate Hitler in a vain attempt to end the war early and save countless lives (command and conquer red alert) but this goes terribly wrong, futuristic weapons end up in Nazi hands and we end up with robo-nazis the "Uber Panzer- Mench" jet pack incendiary battalions, et cetera

ab5olut10n879d ago

Pretty sure the new Wolfenstein has robo-nazis covered

xtremeimport879d ago

I dont get how people can get excited about a game knowing a new one will be announced 6months after the last one releases.

borgome878d ago (Edited 878d ago )

Oh yeah, this game is definitely going to russel my jimmies!

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ritsuka666879d ago (Edited 879d ago )

New Call of Duty game confirmed! Is this really what video game news has succumbed to just stating the obvious facts? Now if Call of Duty was cancelled for next year now that would be some real news!

MonChiChi879d ago

Just because it's not shocking news doesn't mean it's not news.

If this was on of the million opinion pieces people post I would agree with ya.

blackblades879d ago

Well old news then everyone should know cod comes out every year. Yes ritsuka666 if it was cancelled I'll be jaw dropping shocked.

DrJones878d ago

I wish there was a bubble down option for "idiotic comment".

BattleReach879d ago

Looks good! (in my opinion)

BX81879d ago (Edited 879d ago )

I 2nd that opinion!

the_hitman3000879d ago

Agreed I think that looks really good! People should keep in mind this is the first three year development for a cod game. I'm actually hyped to see more but still not to sold just yet. I do wish sledgehammer luck on their first real cod game though!

AngelicIceDiamond879d ago

@Battle You don't have to say imo. You can say it looks good.

Seems like these days having your own Opinions is looked down upon.

I'd say that screenshot look great as well.

Lawboy2879d ago

I second many games to come out this year

borgome878d ago

No doubt I play the bejeezies out of this game!

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candy_mafia879d ago (Edited 879d ago )

Oh dang!! ...the Black soldier looks just like the awesome British actor Idris Elba (Pacific Rim, Thor, The Wire etc), cool likeness.

That gotta be a new engine, look at the detail, awesome visuals!!

Wow, just wow! :))

BLow879d ago (Edited 879d ago )

It's finally nice to see a positive comment for Duty for once. Its so annoying seeing the same "Call of Duty sucks" or "This is the worst COD ever" on every freakin article. It gets sooooo old. This looks amazing and I don't care what anyone says. Oh by the way, if you don't think this is impressive then you shouldn't call yourself a gamer. Now if the gameplay can live up to those visuals then I can't wait.

TekoIie879d ago

If Idris Elba is in this I would genuinely consider picking this up for the campaign alone.

Gamer-40879d ago

I think new CoD MW4 in the future.
Very cool visuals.

ScamperCamper879d ago

Agree that the visuals look amazing. I'm more a believer in a future warfare: http://www.callofdutyforeve... From what that screenshot show, it's fantasy mixed with futuristic. I don't see how Activision would justify a "modern" titled game if the setting was futuristic. My 2 cents on it. Personally I'm juiced for this new one. I haven't written off COD just yet. Bring it on.