Thursday Throwdown: Do Indie Games Matter to PS4 Owners?

"Last night, Sony announced a baker's dozen worth of new indie games coming to its PlayStation 4 later this year. The expected gems like Spelunky and Nidhogg made the cut, but some new, unknown titles like Chariot were also announced. This is always great news for gamers willing to try new games and are currently disappointed with the thin spread of major releases right now. After all, indie games offer a great break between the madness and can often be played in short bursts. However, how effective and important are independent titles to PlayStation 4 owners? Do they even matter?" Velox, Stealthy Box

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Neonridr1567d ago

sure, they give us something to do in between the larger titles while the library of software is still small.

PeaSFor1567d ago

do gamers care about games?

More games>Less games.

osprey191567d ago

What about quality over quantity?

Boody-Bandit1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

"What about quality over quantity?"

Who says it has to be one or the other? The best of both worlds can exist on one format.

PeaSFor1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

oh yeah, because you cant have both.....right? RIGHT?


whybag1567d ago

It's not even more vs less, I like having lots of variety without having to blow $60 all the time for new games.


lol, please.

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GarrusVakarian1567d ago

Exactly this. Most of the time i pay them no mind, but every now and again one comes along that i really enjoy, and as you say, they fill the gaps between larger titles.

Anybody played 'Stick It To The Man' yet? It's awesome. Completed it in one sitting. Which is something i do rarely.

Neonridr1567d ago

I will be downloading it when I get home today Lukas. I am looking forward to the game after watching the trailers. TBH I wasn't super thrilled that is was the PS+ game, but like I said, after watching the trailer I am quite interested in the game. Very wacky and out there, but looks fun.

GarrusVakarian1567d ago


I downloaded it with a "meh, might as well download it if it's free" attitude and i ended up pleasantly surprised. It's a pretty funny game with cool gameplay, i liked the art style too.

ziggurcat1567d ago

it's out now? PS4? PS3?

kamisama1567d ago

I really can't wait to play it tonight when I get home

SniperControl1567d ago

Been playing it most if the day, cracking little game.

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MNGamer-N1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

Indie games can be hit or miss, but when there good, they are REALLY good. I love smaller indie titles. Don't Starve was amazing, also Resogun. For WiiU, Nano Assault Neo and Little Inferno are amazing titles.

I say yes, they do matter. Quite a bit.

whybag1567d ago

The big games can be hit or miss too, indies have a lower investment cost when they don't live up.

curtis921567d ago

No, I'd much rather have nothing to play while I wait for Watchdogs.

KwietStorm1567d ago

Sadly sarcasm requires rocket science to work on the internet.

Omegasyde1567d ago

Same here. I'd rather have nothing to play while I wait for my favorite game of all time Call of Duty.

Every year, I pre-order the game digitally just in case the publisher runs out of stock.


mcknight82791091567d ago

I like how creative some of the indie games are. Just imagine how many hidden gems there are gonna be. I'd much rather play a bad indie game that i only payed 9.99 for rather than a terrible AAA title that i dropped 60 on

Stick891567d ago

This. Right here. Indie games are awesome as impulse buys when you are low on things to play. Just need something to fill a month gap between two huge releases? Do you go and drop $60 on another AAA that you don't know is any good or not, or do you drop $10 on the indie that might not last you much more than a month, but it's really all you need!

incendy351567d ago

I love Resogun. However, I tend to buy Indies on Steam if they are available there. Mostly because they typically come out first on PC.

Neonridr1567d ago

some of the PS4 indie titles fall under the "PC port" category unfortunately. But not everyone plays on their PC so it's still giving more people the opportunity to play the games.

GDDR6_20141567d ago

It's great for console only gamers but these games I rather play on pc, thanks to humble bundles and backward compatibility

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