Prepare to Feel Old: 10 Games That Turn 10 This Year


"Many of our favorite video game classics are turning 10 this year. These games might have came out when you were just a kid, teen, or young adult."

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waltyftm1510d ago

My body is ready,,, for the scrap heap, i was already old when these first came out.

DCfan1510d ago

Im not feeling anything but hatred for FFX-2.

FlameWater1510d ago

When I'm 30 I'll feel

crimsonfox1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

I remember playing San Andreas and Snake Eater for the first time like it was just yesterday. First year of high school.No cares in the world, it was just me and my PS2 :'( COME BACK TO ME DAMN IT!!!

Then playing Halo 2 local multiplayer at a internet cafe across the street from my school, after and between school hours. fucking awesome times.

Also I remember being totally let down Tony Hawk Underground 2. The first one was so cool too.

Iamnemesis48801510d ago

Right there with you those were the times.

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