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xHeavYx1207d ago

May 4th? COD/Star Wars crossover confirmed!

pompombrum1207d ago

Would be one way to generate renewed interest in a stagnant IP

ginsunuva1207d ago

It'll be revealed at 3:21 pm

hello121207d ago

Strange it isn't been announced at E3? Looks like too many good games will be shown at E3 and they don't want other games getting all the headlines?

Rickgrimes951207d ago

Call of duty games are always announced in may

hello121207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

True, but my point still stands. Maybe they like announcing before E3 for the game not to be overshadowed by other games. Not think its a weird timing just one month before the biggest game show of the year?

Testfire1207d ago

Announced before E3, and live action gameplay revealed at E3. That's the way it's been.

imXify1207d ago

They reveal single player gameplay at E3.
The first trailer is in may.

OrangePowerz1207d ago

CoD is always announced in May and first gameplay shown at E3.

76erz241207d ago

Hopefully they can put the series back on track. Cod seems to be in a 1/2 is good cycle.

Meltic1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

I hope they can do the Graphics equal to bf Graphics. Dont understand why Always the cod games is bad in Graphics. The jungle mission in ghost was good but overall the other maps wasnt good

n4rc1207d ago

60fps was the reason last gen..

Ghosts used the same old engine and was a cross gen game..

They NEED a new engine.. Current one has been so heavily modified it needs a ground up approach

BX811207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

@ meltic (below)
Ok but it's in game and that screen looks hands down better than anything cod has produced in the past!

Zefros1207d ago

but bf4 does 60 fps and is alot bigger so cod should manage 60 fps with better graphics... And i really hope they have better maps and the sound from the weapons are better. other than that they need to have new game modes,a more simplified kilstreak ( like the one in MW1) but that you still get nuke if you hit 25.

one of my favorite modes in cod is search and rescue, really fun mode if you play with a team that really like working together.

hmm more than this they need to have a decent campaign and a loonger one. I really like cod but they need to risk and gamble to make it fresh and fun, because every other cod has been the same and even the graphics are bad. look at mw-mw3/ ghosts. Only 3 games a enjoyd from cod is MW1,world at war and black ops 2, they where a bit more fresh than the other games + zombiesm ade the games alot more fun. hope they include zombies in all the games!

BX811207d ago

Look at the in game screen in the article

Meltic1207d ago

Can be a cinematic screen ? Who knows.

Stevino3211207d ago

they said ingame. which means while playing, no cutscene.

Gamer-401207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

WWI theme....?
It is a simply joke friends. I think new CoD MW4 in the future.

FITgamer1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

It's definitely not WWI, that helmet in the screen shot looks like a ProTec, plus it has a modern chin strap.

Gamer-401207d ago

I not say the new CoD WWI theme.

This "authentic" site say: Trash site.