The Amazing Spider-man 2 The Video Game Review [KKEnt]

Kuma Wrote: It goes hand in hand when it comes to a comic book movie that a video game usually follows, but I like how my cousin asked, “Why do they always bring out the game before the movie?” That took me back to a nice memory back in 2002 when Spider-man 2 came out and my friend Dwight refused to play the game until we saw the movie. In this case it is pretty much the same scenario since this will be taking place during the events of the movie. I welcome you all true believers to this review of The Amazing Spider-man 2 the Video game.

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bigboss19901485d ago

Spiderman 2 came out in 2004 lol

SavageKuma1485d ago

Eh my bad will edit it later. Great game though. We need that swing mechanics back.