PS4 DualShock 4 Light Brightness Measured on Each 1.7 Setting; Glare on Screen Compared in Pictures

Sony Computer Entertainment finally provided a way to dim the much controversial light of the DualShock 4, but just how bright is each setting? Here are the exact measurements and a picture comparison between the glare on the screen caused by each setting.

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zeee1487d ago

I'd love to see a TURN OFF option. Also, I hope we could also get an option to select the color of the lightbar. That will satisfy a lot of people. Sony's done everything right this gen but the one thing that they can certainly improve on has to be the controller battery. That thing is just messed up especially compared to DS3.

I hope Sony will make a new model with a better, long lasting battery so that we don't have to recharge it that often. And no, I don't want a third party solution.

OhReginald1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

They also need to fix up the analog sticks. Switch the type of material used or something. In a few weeks im going to have to call up sony for a replacement controller. My analog sticks have long lost any texture for my thumb to grip on to them. A few more layers are gonna shed off and its gonna show the plastic part of the analog stick.

SuperBlur1487d ago

"My analog sticks have long lost any texture for my thumb to grip on to them. A few more layers are gonna shed off and its gonna show the plastic part of the analog stick."

Me too , noticed it back in february , didn't make a big fuzz about it but now it's getting worse , they sell some rubber to go over the sticks at my ebgames and the guy told me he sold a lot of these in the past few weeks.

Cobberwebb1487d ago

I found that my thumbs started to slip, so I purchased some rubber caps that turn them completely concave on top. No complaints since.

Predaking771487d ago

For $1.49 you can buy some ds4 stick covers that offers protection and more grip.

Visiblemarc1487d ago

Turning it off would undermine their efforts to have it be relevant.

Before devs really show off what it can do (I too have my reservations, but who knows?) offering the option of turning it off would see like 90% of people shutting it off.

Then devs would say "why bother working on cool ideas? 90% of people turn it off."

So, I imagine, the option to shut it off won't come until a conclusion is made on whether devs can make decent use of it.

GryestOfBluSkies1487d ago

i am appreciating the dim setting. my tv has glass that is very reflective. the new setting makes the light much less noticeable.

uth111487d ago

I set mine to the dimmest setting this morning. It honestly didn't dim all that much.

As far as I can tell, the bar has two purposes- Interact with the camera and two show which player is using which controller. It would be nice to be able to turn it off for single player games that don't use the camera!

OhReginald1487d ago

I agree, I will NEVER buy the ps4 camera. So the "OFF" option would be very benefical for me.

QuePasa871487d ago

I've never noticed a glare. I sit probably 10-12 feet away from a 42 inch LCD and even with all lights off at night, I've never noticed a glare from my DS4.

RiPPn1487d ago

I've had it on dim the last 24 hours and even though they say battery isn't impacted, my battery life seems to have improved. 4 hour gaming session only dropped it down 1 bar, where it would normally be down halfway.

ziggurcat1487d ago

That's called the placebo effect.

It's an LED. It draws next to no power from the battery. In fact it arguably draws about as much power as the red indicator lights on the DS3 controller.

anwe1487d ago

Completely incorrect. Turn on your smartphones led and see how long your battery lasts compared to having it off. The led might not draw much, but it wastes more battery than people give it credit for.

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