Countdown To Judgment: The Trial of Final Fantasy XIV - Day 7

Taz recounts his adventures as a fledgling Pugilist.

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levian1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

"It's not a typo. In A Realm Reborn, the name you give yourself must be unique, and at present, the game already has over 2 million players.[snip]"Nynaeve al'Meara?" Try again. WTH!""

Funny he would say this, I managed to snag the name Egwene Al'vere in one of the beta phases, chosen because Nynaeve was already taken!

He has the part about crafting right, that's for sure. It is SO addictive and fun, it is the only thing that held me to the game until I realized crafting was essentially useless in the game, to the point the main producer/developer Yoshi-P has stated he doesn't want crafting to be important in end game.

The game is fun as hell in the start, and even more so once you hit the level cap and can participate in all the awesome endgame content. Until after doing the same endgame content non stop every day for a month you realize how tedious it is.

(All of this was valid when I played, I think the rates have been changed since, and the weekly limit dropped, but a new, higher tier of tome has been introduced with the same rules) To get one of the better chest pieces in the game you need to trade in "tomes", I believe it was 825 of them. You got ~30-50 per dungeon run, and were capped out at getting 300 a week. So it would take 2 and a half weeks or so to obtain, and you couldn't get more than one piece a month.

Compared to a lot of other MMOs where most of the high end gear was a rare drop from a boss, supplemented with a similar idea of weekly token type items you could trade for gear. This way if you put in enough time or had enough luck you could get multiple pieces of the gear in a month, or heck even a week. If you were unlucky, you had the token items to buy gear so you had something to show for all your time spent doing those dungeons, but at least you always had the chance.

There IS a similar system for drop rates in place in one high level dungeon/raid but you usually can't participate until you have at least a few pieces (and a few months time invested in doing end game dungeons just to get 2-3 pieces of gear).

I worked it out some months ago and I think it would be upwards of 6 months just to outfit one class with gear from those tomes. This might now be as annoying or as big of an issue as I'm making of it, but this is a game that is advertised as you not needing to make multiple characters. You can play all classes on one character. But the weekly limit is on your character, not your class.

What this effectively means is only one of your classes can play the full end game. If it takes 6 months to outfit one character, imagine the time it takes to outfit all 9 jobs (advanced version of classes).

In a game where it's main selling point (other than being a FF game) is that you can play everything on character, it severely hinders you to do so. You're MUCH better off making a different character for each class, thereby having a separate weekly cap of 300 for each. If you have enough time, you could outfit EVERY class in 6 months, as opposed to the 54 month or so (assuming 6 months for each 9 classes) it would take on one character.

This issue is made all the worse by the fact that Yoshi-P doesn't want crafting to be able to make some of the highest tier gear. If you can only focus on one character to gear up normally over 6 months, it would at least make sense to be able to craft alternate gear for your other classes, but that ability is lost on us as well.

tazmeah1608d ago

The Amyrlin ?! Like a boss! I wasn't sure if anyone on here would catch that.

If what you said about crafting high-end gear is true, that's really a shame. But it still means I can craft items for my buddies who won't be reaching level 50 anytime soon. Well...maybe Brent will. He's putting major work into this game, after all.

I've never played another MMORPG besides Final Fantasy, though, so I really can't compare it to anything else. Never played WOW; can't even think of another one off the top of my head. The bit you said about dungeons is intriguing. I know nothing about dungeons but it makes me think of an anime I recently started called Magi.

If you have any other words of advice, do tell. I really want to be a boss too.