Project CARS to be 'One of the First' Titles on Project Morpheus

VRFocus - Indie developer Slight Mad Studios has confirmed that it’s upcoming racing title, named Project CARS, will be ‘one of the first’ titles to feature support for the Project Morpheus virtual reality (VR) headset on PlayStation 4.

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WeAreLegion1542d ago

That's great! I'd love to see both it and Driveclub patch in support when Morpheus launches.

aliengmr1542d ago

Isn't Drive Club going to stick at 30 fps?

30 fps is good enough for TV but I think that will be problematic for VR.

The rift requires a constant 60fps for each screen, so a total of 120fps. That is like the minimum and it has to be maintained.

If I am mistaken feel free to correct me.

HRoach6161542d ago

YES!!! Anything Morpheus excites me incredibly.

SniperControl1542d ago

Excellent, while i wont be getting it on PS4(i am part of the PC CARS beta & my Rift Dk2 kit comes in August), anything VR related is exciting.

Septic1542d ago

This will be wicked. I hope they sort out the animations of the driver because this will be epic with Morpheus.

shmeedy246851542d ago

God I can't wait for this, going to be amazing!

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