Nintendo Patents a Portable Console or Mobile Phone with Interchangeable Controls

Nintendo registered a patent for a definitely interesting concept. A portable game system or mobile phone with interchangeable controls that can be switched, for instance between a D-pad and an analog stick.

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LOL_WUT1541d ago

A new handheld seems more reasonable than a mobile phone. Hopefully they don't cut corners and go all out with their next handheld if true. ;)

Abriael1541d ago

Yeah they probably patented it related to mobile phones as well in order to own the patent on every possible application.

-Foxtrot1541d ago

I hope they drop 3D on it, the 3D fad is over now.

I read in an interview that the graphics could of been better on the 3DS for gamers if they didn't add 3D into it. I can't remember where I say it but I definitely did see it.

Now graphics aren't everything, it's not Nintendo's "thing" however if you could choose between 3D and better looking graphics I think you would rather have better graphics.

KonsoruMasuta1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

Obviously the majority of handheld gamers chose 3D over better graphics. The 3DS is doing much better than it's stronger competition.

-Foxtrot1541d ago


Thats when "3D" was in's pretty much fizzled out now.

Not to mention the "DS" brand alone is stronger then Nintendo think.

marloc_x1541d ago

I really enjoy Revelations in 3D, (I know it's not for everyone). 3D is not waning considering home theater and our Cineplex. No sooner than I would suggest VR will be a fad, this type of immersion seems to be in demand. With the heavy investment into this tech by Sony, Facebook, James Cameron? No dought 3 dimensional imaging will be incorporated as well..

filchron1541d ago

yeah a fad. do you have any idea how many 3D related patents and amazing high-resolution glasses free 3dtvs there are out there that are bogged down by standards and other dumb things? your children and your childrens children will all game on "fad" displays then. but you most likely wont have kids.

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DryBoneKoopa851541d ago

Their was a pop up then removal of a New Nintendo console yesterday by Nintendo for their E3 Digital Event. Maybe it's this?

I'm sure Nintendo have something in the works. They always do. Can't wait for E3!!!

LKHGFDSA1541d ago

new console info? where'd you see that?

DryBoneKoopa851541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )


EDIT: Sorry, didn't see that it was debunked. Guess its nothing then.

Rumb13stiltzkin1541d ago

That's been debunked. The person who originally broke the story apologized and said he pulled that screenshot from the 2011 E3.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1541d ago

Look like a 3DS that will be designed for lefty.

imXify1541d ago

I hope in a way it doesn't give devs headaches with button mapping.

Ultr1541d ago

I'm about to get a 3ds. I think I'll wait for nintendo's E3 to see what they are up to

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The story is too old to be commented.