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Meltic788d ago

Thanks :) been waited for this 1

wallis788d ago

50gb HDD? That's uhhh... a little big. It's not as rare as it used to be a for a game to exceed 20gb but still... I guess that's the mega-texture technology coming into play though.

thezeldadoth788d ago (Edited 788d ago )

yeah rage was a huge install as well. i hope this game is good, it'd be nice to have a really good shooter on this engine

FlyingFoxy788d ago (Edited 788d ago )

That's why i got a 512 GB SSD, games are starting to get bigger because of the next gen consoles.. most games i feel will still be in the 10-30 GB range, then the bigger titles will be 40-50.

Space isn't really a big issue though since i only have around 2-3 titles that i switch between at a time, i never play loads of games at once. Simple enough to delete & re-download them as well on Steam.

DemonChicken788d ago (Edited 788d ago )

Quote from one of the staff

"They are the system requirements are based on the game being a next-generation experience running at 60fps. These are the system requirements to deliver the PC game as it was intended to be experienced."

So yeah required to run at 1080p and 60fps, this explains why the PS3 and 360 has lower space requirements

Note some of the PC Requirements, like the GPU for PC, it's Radeon HD 6850. PS4 and X1 is closer to Radeon HD 7790 I believe. I imagine those aren't recommended requirements for PC (PC master race would probably blast Beth for parity and downgrade).

Wescyde788d ago

Wow 47GB on Next Gen? Thats the biggest game to date on the PS4 I know of. BF4 with all the DLC out right now is taking up 51GB. HAHA @ 4 discs on the X360 thats just messed up. This is only a 15-20hr campaign with no MP wonder why its so big?

Meltic788d ago

Meaby too stop the piracy or taking longer time for them meaby lol ?

Allsystemgamer788d ago

Pirates lower the gigs in the ISO. They cut out the unnecessary stuff often saving a lot of space

LAWSON72788d ago

Am I the only one a little mad that these next gen consoles have only 500GB?

KillerPwned788d ago

I feel the same I wish they came with 1TB at least luckily we can get those pretty cheap now especially with the summer season coming up their are gonna be deals look on newegg a lot you will find something worthwhile.

Whitey2k788d ago

That's why sony allows ps4 harddrive swap

TRD4L1fe788d ago

ive been good with deleting games i dont play or already traded in, havent passed 30% on my HD yet.

KillerPwned788d ago

So an AMD Athlon 2 X4 635 2.91Ghz wouldn't be enough? I have everything else.

bumnut788d ago

Looks like it wont be enough, a phenom 2 x4 might be.

KillerPwned788d ago

Damn looks like PS4 for me then after Watch Dogs of course.

Kleptic788d ago

^don't worry about the cpu...that is as vague as possible...they make it sound like this is one of the most cpu intensive games ever released, i've never come across a game that 'required' a hyper-threading enabled cpu...

BF4 runs fine on my A10 6800k quad core with a R9 280x...I guarantee this single player shooter won't put more stress on a cpu than Bf4's multiplayer...and my cpu is by no means extreme, its just a decent enough 4 core to get by...

KillerPwned788d ago

Well then just to be sure I may just "Download" this game just to be sure it works on my PC and then buy it. I hate it that PC demos seem to be rare anymore it was a great way of helping one know how well a game will work on your PC.

Thank you all for the input.

MidnytRain788d ago


There are demos for everything on torrent sites.

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