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Abash1608d ago

It's a guilty pleasure of mine playing racing games with insane visuals, which is why I can't wait for both Driveclub and Project Cars. Driveclub will give my my arcade racing fix while Project Cars will be my driving simulation fix

piroh1608d ago

DriveClub will satisfy both the arcade and the sim players, developers clarify this just recently. although DriveClub is my most anticipated racing game for PS4, i can´t wait to play Project Cars with Project Morpheus

MajorLazer1608d ago

Why would it be a guilty pleasure? Be proud of your love for racing games ;)

UltimateMaster1608d ago

Sorry Wii U version.
PS4 version for me. (Hell, I might buy both to make a comparison.)

UltraNova1608d ago

God this looks sick on the ps4 dare I say more realistic than Driveclub...

harrisk9541608d ago

"Project CARS will be one of the first games on PS4 to support virtual reality via the Project Morpheus headset."

Man... Sony is on fire this generation with the primary developer support! It seems as if every developer is putting the PS4 first and foremost, if not specifically in development, at least in terms of marketing!

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123pol1608d ago

Both this and Driveclub in the fall 2014. its going to be a Car filled autum

GarrusVakarian1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

Going to an awesome time for petrol heads. Two racers to satisfy 2 different moods coming at the same time of year. Can't wait!

And those screenshots look incredible!

TXIDarkAvenger1608d ago

Any petrol head with a good PC should check out Assetto Corsa. Definitely the best racing simulator to date. I'm loving these upcoming car games.

orakle441608d ago

sorry, iRacing is still the best racing simulator.

Ronin_GTChin1608d ago

They look gorgeous. Of course its not going to be as good as the PC but if they are anything to go by this game is going to look fantastic on the PS4. Lets hope they reach 1080p @ 60fps without having to change much. Its a promising start though

Ronin_GTChin1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

Whats with all the disagrees... Its just the truth. Ive got a PS4 and love it to bits but if anyone truly believes this will look as good as it does on a gaming rig then they need their heads checked.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

You are getting disagrees because you are wrong. Your high end super expensive rig isn't going to dramatically make the game better looking over the the PS4 version. Sure you may be able to get it to a higher framerate over 60fps but you can't even notice a change over 60.

PeaSFor1608d ago

build a rig including the psu-cpu-gpu-ram-mobo-case-mous e-keyboard/controller and the OS for a strict 399$ budget, THEN lets see the comparison.

Allsystemgamer1608d ago

It's because you're "that guy" that brought up the PC. I love my ps4 but I know very well the PC version will look better.


You are wrong. The PC version will most likely feature higher texture resolutions and much better AA among various other things. If you can't accept that then you're a blind fanboy

frostypants1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

@Ronin_GTChin: It depends on the gaming rig. PeaSFor is right...a $399 PC would get smoked. You'd be running a slightly lesser GPU and half the memory.

heisenberguk1608d ago

Might have something to do with your 'need' to say it!!

its_JEFF1608d ago


Imagining if you had a friend who was RICH. Everything you have/seen/visited, he also has... but much better than you. Now imagine if when ever you recall those fond memories... he's there just waiting to remind you that his was better. Of course it's true, he's rich. You say you're going to Japan this summer and you're really excited, your friend chimes in with "Ehhh... been there a few times, it was okay. Where you really need to visit is..."

Everybody knows your rich, everybody knows you've done cooler stuff... you don't have to remind us. That's what the disagrees are for. We already know the PC version will look better, there is nodoubt... so why bring it up.

juggulator1608d ago

@allsystemgamer And how much higher resolution do you suppose those textures will be because 2048 x 2048 with detail maps is what I'm pretty sure will be used in the PS4 version as well as the PC version. If they announce that it supports 4k on PC then it'll be a different story.

kung-fu-grip1608d ago

@ Ronin
You said the infamous 2 letters. For some reason it pisses some gamers off.

AndrewLB1607d ago

Peasfor- Don't forget to add many years of PSN service to the $399 price of your PS4 if you truly want to compare the overall costs of each platform. And when you factor in game prices as well, the PS4 is more expensive over the long haul.

I just spent $279 to do a major upgrade to my pc by replacing the i7-860 processor and Asus P7P55d-deluxe motherboard with a new i5-4670K @ 4.4ghz with an Asrock z87 Extreme4 motherboard. I then sold the old chip and motherboard for $150. So for $129 I upgraded to the latest Haswell processor.
My 3 year old GTX 680 is twice as powerful as the PS4's gpu and can be found for about $200 new. 8gb ram costs about $50. And if you shop around, you can get a case and good power supply for about $100. I already got a bunch of hard drives. if i had to buy one i could get a decent one for less than $50

Long story short, anyone who thinks PC's have to cost a fortune in order to play the most modern games at high resolution, details, and framerate is just ignorant of reality.

Or even better, try this link.

Two systems built for the cost of an Xbone plus a year of Xbox-live. Yeah, i know it's $100 more than a PS4 system, but just think.... at least you'd have games to play!!

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aceitman1608d ago

@ronin in the article it says screen shots taken from ps4 , and they look sooooo sweet,

Ronin_GTChin1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

I completely agree, they look gorgeous and i cannot wait for it to come out, everytime i see a screenshot taken from the pc or in this case the ps4 it makes playing GT6 a little harder.

Also what i meant by changing things for 60fps is that some games show the game looking its best (bullshots) then release the game looking completely different. I'm just hoping that the game looks this good at 1080 60fps

sourav931608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

I agree with you. I have both a ps4 as well as a gaming rig with a gtx 770 (much more horsepower than the ps4). It's a given that the visuals and framerate will be better on a gaming PC compared to the ps4, and anyone who disagrees is either very naive or a really sad fanboy.

I will be getting the game on the ps4, however, since I have more online friends on PSN compared to Steam or Origin. And from the screens, I can see that the ps4 version is beautiful. The ps4 version might have a standard AA setting (SMAA perhaps?), compared to PC's various different extreme AA settings (8x MSAA, TXAA, etc). And things like AO and shadows might be toned down slightly on the console. Hopefully that will be enough for the game to run at 1080p and 60fps; since in that case the graphical jump from the console to pc won't be drastic.

UltraNova1608d ago

"anyone who disagrees is either very naive or a really sad fanboy"

...and what this comment shows is you being a self centered PC fanboy.

For the record, anyone who has a ps4 is more than satisfied with the eye candy available while more is coming.

sourav931608d ago

@UltraNova Wow...I've been called a lot of things in my 5 years here at n4g; PSfanboy, Xbox Hater, Dumb console peasant...just to name a few. But a PC fanboy? Never thought I'd see the day. You didn't bother to read the rest of my comment, did you? If you did, you would know that I can in no way be called a PC fanboy.

I've been gaming on PC for barely a year and a half now (on a proper rig; laptops running runescape and MC don't count), but have been on consoles since I was 4 years old, starting with the SNES, and PlayStation consoles from then on. Got a launch ps1, still have my special edition white ps2,PSP 2000, have a launch ps3, PSVITA and a launch ps4. So no, sir. I am no PC fanboy. But that doesn't instantly make me a blind fanboy who believes that consoles, when it comes to visuals, is better than a high end gaming rig.

Keep in mind I'm not saying that PC gaming is better than console gaming. Only when it comes to visuals and performance, usually, gaming on a high end gaming PC provides a better experience than consoles. If you don't believe that, then yes, you are a "really sad fanboy".

UltraNova1608d ago

First I read the whole post as I ALWAYS do.

Starting with a rant of the usual PC is end all be all (in a PS4 thread) and who ever disagrees is a " very naive or a really sad fanboy" and then changing tunes to having more ps4 friends wont save you. For the record thats stealth trolling.

Kid I started my gaming days with the Atari 2600 so please give it a rest.

Here's what, I've got a 2000 euro gaming PC (AMD OC-290x). I prefer my ps3 and my ps4. Why ? cause I love playing games with my girl and friends in my living room on a huge ass 60 inch OLED monster and not alone 10 inches from the screen, thats why Titanfall got 10 hrs of gameplay and its gathering dust atm.

The problem with your post was that you took a well known (and absurdly pointlessly reminded)fact (PC>consoles)and used it to insult people as if stating the OBVIOUS wasnt enough. I m sick of this here. As I said, the rest of the comment was irrelevant.

If you were offended by my reply well frankly you should have. So next time you should watch what your saying to avoid any... misunderstandings. That's my advice to you as 6 year veteran in N4G.

sourav931607d ago

@UltraNova I appreciate the fact that you're a long time veteran gamer. And I also appreciate the fact that your children enjoy playing games on your ps3 and ps4 with you. With most kid gaming on iPads, iPhones and tablets, it sure is a welcome change. However, for your statement: "Kid I started my gaming days with the Atari 2600 so please give it a rest. "

Give what a rest? I wasn't comparing my console gaming duration to yours or anyone else's. Nor was I trying to brag; only reason I said those words was to justify me denying to be a PC fanboy. And so you've gamed on the Atari 2600, by being born before me, does that automatically make you a more dedicated/hardcore console gamer than I am?

Now regarding my original comment, if you read it again, you would see that I was replying to someone else's comment. He was wondering why he was getting disagrees for stating something factual (albeit I agree he shouldn't have mentioned PC in a PS4 article in the first place), and was getting bombarded with negative comments. I thought I should voice my opinion and let him know that I agree with his comment regarding PC vs. consoles in the visuals department. The statement " It's a given that the visuals and framerate will be better on a gaming PC compared to the ps4" was a companion statement to the initial agreement to his comment, hence why I mentioned PC in first place. It was NOT to remind people how PC>console or whatever. I usually never mention X platform in another a Y platform article, unless it's a reply to a comment which already has mention both platforms.

Perhaps my "really sad fanboy" thing was uncalled for, but it was not intended to insult anyone with a sound mind and can listen to reason. A person who would disagree to the notion that PCs have a one up on consoles in the visuals department, he/she has either not seen games running on a high end gaming PC, and so is naive. Or he/she knows exactly how games look like on each platform and is choosing to remain ignorant. I don't know about you, but in my book, that is a "fanboy".

UltraNova1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

"And so you've gamed on the Atari 2600, by being born before me, does that automatically make you a more dedicated/hardcore console gamer than I am?"

No in no way. What makes me is more experienced.

I dont have kids btw. I got my atari as a present from my Godfather at my 5th birthday and I've owned and played everything since then. Yes even 2 360's that died miserably on me :(

Hey no hard feelings my friend happy gaming!

sourav931607d ago

Haha sorry about the kids part. I was on my phone when I read your comment, so I read it as "I love playing games with my girls...", instead of "...girl...". So I thought you were referring to your children. Yeah definitely no hard feelings. Playing every console since the 2600? Now that's a feat. Keep gaming buddy :)

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ATi_Elite1608d ago

You said "PC" so no matter how much Sony Juice you slurp you said "PC" so therefore you AUTOMATICALLY get disagrees.

KAEM71607d ago

so funny! you getting disagrees probably from people who think metioning pc doesnt get you disagrees, but you also said 'PC'?! I think you broke N4G ;P

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amnalehu1608d ago

The racing genre is coming back strong! VR support on PS4? It's going to be a fun fall!

Crazyglues1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

Wow... That is looking amazing, I need to see this in a video, actually playing on PS4...

Just looks too good to be true... I need video proof of this..

Just wow, if that's the PS4 version, it's a Day-One buy from me.. Just looks amazing that they got that kind of detail on PS4, to me that look like the high-end PC version.

||.........___||............ ||

BLow1608d ago

I now right. Don't know why you got disagrees. We've been seeing screenshots of this game for years which were all on PC of course. They looked stunning. Now I am looking at these shots for the PS4 and they look stunning. So I guess all these screenshots we have been seeing for years on PC was on a low end rig. Got to love people. We've learned that if you just slap PC in the headlines, it automatically looks better (See Watchdogs). For a $400 machine this looks tasty. Can't wait!!