Bungie talks 'Destiny': The Tower will serve as a 'social hub' for Guardians

Destiny is looking like it will be featuring enormous scope as one of the biggest games we've seen in a while, but there is still quite a bit of mystery surrounding it. Destiny has repeatedly been described as a social game for players and we learned new details about where players will be able to meet others when they play Destiny.

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joab7771569d ago

Yeah, its one of the biggest if we all, like bungie, keep pretending that it isnt an mmo.

Embrace it. Ppl have been waiting for a great mmofpsrpg for a long time. This could be very successful. Bungie is about to find out just how relentless the mmo business is.

I for one cant wait.

rdgneoz31568d ago

The reason they want to pretend it is not an MMO is because MMOs tend to be thought of as a grind. It's one of the reasons it'll only take a few hours to level cap. They're trying to make it less of a grind and more about finding cool loot / playing with friends.

Look at WoW, one of the biggest MMOs. It's level cap is 85 now, and 90 next expansion? Try just starting out trying to level up to play with friends and see how long that takes you...

joab7771568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

I agree. Mmo's have a lot of negative baggage attached. But also bring many loyal, hardcore players that will spend a ton of time and money on it.

Its funny how they mention the tower as a gathering place. Before its launched, ppl will call for bases etc. Lol! I just think that there must be a way to bridge the gap. It is obviously an mmo and unless they r gonna be rolling out free content every week, it will entail a grind of some sort...even if it is running strike missions over and over for loot.

The good news is that PvP will give them the replayability they need for awhile. I am interested to know how they plan to continuously make money though. Will all new content be sold as dlc? I know that they will sell a lot of copies that will give them time...but they have mentioned that they have a 10 yr plan for this game.

BlakHavoc1569d ago

Sounds awesome! Cannot wait.