Dying Light's game designer: The game's challenges 'will change you as a person'

It's been almost a year now that Dying Light was introduced to the gaming world, and while we still do not have an exact release date for the open-world title, we have some interesting new details to share about Dying Light's ambition and challenges. If a game can make you think twice about the decisions your making or how you are interpreting events happening in front of you, then you are probably be caught in the midst of a great story.

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Meltic1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

Wierd no info about something new. Its been silent for a quite while now. More info = more buyers. Bad move techland. This game wont sale good if it aint released soon. To many good titles coming later.

alexkoepp1417d ago

Change you as a person would be a bad thing for a game. It would lend truth to the idea that video games are indeed the cause of some mass shootings

Skate-AK1417d ago

Not at all. A game with a good story can teach a gamer empathy. Brothers: A Tale of Two Souls did a very good job at that.

DCfan1417d ago

Lets hope you guys release the game finished with no game breaking bugs and glitches. Then lets talk about changing a person.

Zefros1417d ago

the game had me sold from the beginning, only because of one reason: 4 player story co op! This game will rock with friends. looks alot better than dead island and gameplay looks so smooth from what i have seen.

mike32UK1417d ago

After the atrocity that was Dead Island, I am very skeptical about this game. I don't usually rely on reviews or if anyone else likes a game before making a purchase. However, I will certainly be taking these things into consideration before going anywhere near this title

Mr-Dude1417d ago

Give us a release date!

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The story is too old to be commented.