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E3 2014: What Games Will Be Shown?

NowGamer: "We've rounded-up confirmed E3 game appearances, E3 2014 rumours and games that are likely to appear at E3 2014." (E3, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

UbiquitousClam  +   272d ago
For the PS4 it will all be playstaion move games, and for the xbox one it will all be Kinect games. And the Internet will explode.
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Spikes1471  +   272d ago
Obviously. For Nintendo, virtual boy games.
Conzul  +   272d ago
R4 pl0x
Unreal01  +   272d ago
Portal 3 please.
cfc78  +   272d ago
Resi 7 + Dino Crisis.
chrissx  +   272d ago
Looking forward to this years e3 that's for sure. Everything points out to a games galore
Dark11  +   272d ago
I'm hoping for Dishonored 2 or Fallout 4
also new Mass effect and MK 10
and more info on cyberpunk 2077 will be great

as for games that likely to appear , i'm hoping to see a demo
for The witcher 3 , Dragon age , Batman AK and shadow of mordor.
osprey19  +   272d ago
Well whatever is shown, both Sony and Microsoft both knw they have to pull off a stellar show to grab the limelight. Ps4 are selling well but they have to answer concerns of the lack of AAA games.
xbox one will have to just be a show of games games games with a plethora of new ip and sequels to other games that we all know and love.
my prediction for things being shown:
a new halo game
dishonored 2
uncharted 4
assassins creed unity details
call of duty advanced warfare
far cry 4
mass effect 4
shadow of mordor
dragon age inquisition
those are just my predictions for sequels,
new ips are impossible to predict
MeteorPanda  +   272d ago
"but they have to answer concerns of the lack of AAA games. "

c'mon man...everyone knows both xbox and ps4 are not lacking in games...the games are on their way. it takes TIME to create a game and even more so when it's on a whole new console. Naughty Dogg even said they used the Last of us as a practice run as to what the ps4 can do. Please stop saying this, you make yourself look like a entitled douchebag.

The indie games are filling in the time nicely also.
osprey19  +   272d ago
Indeed, i agree with you, the best games are still to come. But of all the games that Sony have, a large percentage are indies, while they are good. They are not the reason people got a ps4. People want AAA games. Now im not going to criticize any games because of the risk of fanboy backlash. But many people i knw along with critics and bloggers who like ps4, but they all have one recurring problem is the lack of major titles. I mean what are u more looking forward to, watch dogs and dragon age, or the next indie title? I knw which one id prefer.
and on another point, i have one small criticism of the ps4 and u call me an entitled douchbag?
why do people overreact when i raise genuine concerns? Its not like its a perfect gaming machine. Great, yes. But perfect? No.
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MeteorPanda  +   272d ago
what console ever has had as many games available on launch timeframe as the ps4 or xbone? both are exceeding other releases... the indies do not effect the development and release of the aaa games. We are entering a era where indies are just as good, exploring new ways to approach genres and are more adventurous. aaa enter a sort of comfort zone they can't leave due to sales risks.

does everyone just forget ps3 and xbox 360 release games? They all paled in comparison to the games coming out near the end, why would you want to rush the companies to lay everything out on the table now?

l said you make yourself look like one, the whole 'omg no games' thing is so stupid to anyone with a sense of understanding about the industries that create them. It is not a genuine concern, it is the cry of the consumerist. the consoles just hit the 6 month mark.
osprey19  +   271d ago
There not my concerns, they are concerns ive heard from friends saying there ps4 is just an expensive dvd player atm due to no games that interest them.
and yes i agree with what u say with the beginning of the consoles lifespan not being as important as the end, eight years later itll b alot better.
the ps2 had dozens of games available at the launch of the console, it was part of the appeal to buy one at the time. Cant hurt to start well.

but the gaming industry is very different now from back then, its now the worlds favourite form of entertainment. Who knws where the industry can go now. Personally i think this new generation will really kick off now that 6 months have passed. Short time in the grand scheme of things.
im just looking forward to all the great games yet to hit shelves.
Dannyh  +   271d ago
I would love a new crash bandicoot and heavenly sword for ps4 and crimson skies and banjo for Xbox one
Ravenheartzero  +   272d ago
Just give me any RPG goodness
KNWS  +   272d ago
Microsoft and Nintendo merge to fight Sony. E3 won,
GT67  +   272d ago
Sony gives MS upper-cut / Sony give Nintendo right jab to eye saying: stay down.

that will be the fight we'll see this E3

end of the day gamers win.
MeteorPanda  +   272d ago
A new challenger approaches!

SEGA enters the battlefield! SEGA used ECHO REMASTER!

SONY was Confused!

SONY is Confused! SONY used INDIE GAMES

E3 lost interest!


E3 lost interest!


E3 lost interest!

SONY snapped out of confusion! SONY used AAA GAMES!


E3 looks interested!


E3 failed to ESCAPE!


E3 Fainted!

SONY Gained EXP!
SONY is evolving!
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josephayal  +   272d ago
Final Fantasy 13-4 pls
ShadowKingx  +   272d ago
MS and Nintendo need to step up and do something we wont expect.

Sony just has to do what they been doing and they will win E3 if MS and Nintendo does not step up.
KNWS  +   272d ago
Sony has to do more now at E3. Launching the consoles, the hardware, and Microsoft's PR disaster for months overshadowed the last E3.

Its all about the games now. Sony has to meet expectations there or the momentum will end for them.

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