Four legends from gaming’s past

At the height of its power, Atari seemed to be able to do no wrong. It was the King of Video Games, but its time on the throne was borrowed against cheap, third-party games (and of sometimes even poorer quality) that flooded the market alongside a heavy handed hubris with retailers and developers that Nintendo would reputedly imitate to some extent later.

It wasn’t so much a mystery in seeing E.T. buried in a New Mexico landfill as it was a monument to a company’s decline. After all, the New York Times and Alamogordo Daily Mail had both reported on the event back in ’83. Since then, however, it had transformed into a kind of mythic enterprise, a cultural pop legend that grew larger and larger with every telling.

But gaming’s history is riddled plenty with legends and myths of its own, some weirder than others, and here are four more that have become legendary in their own way — and are still waiting to be answered.

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