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Three New Street Fighter IV Screens

Capcom has released three new screenshots from the recently-confirmed PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 version of Street Fighter IV. (PC, PS3, Street Fighter IV, Xbox 360)

BigKev45  +   2395d ago
On streetfighterworld.com there is a countdown for Friday, release date info? hmm..
Veryangryxbot  +   2395d ago
Im disappointed.
It says “EX” in one of the charge bars…and that’s exactly what this game looks like: Streetfighter EX
Angelitos  +   2395d ago
Another game limited to the hardware of the 360.
InMyOpinion  +   2395d ago
Right...the supposed 'extra' power of the PS3. What version usually comes out crippled in multiplatform titles? If the 360 was holding the PS3 back, it would be logical that the PS3 version was the better looking/playing. That's usually not the case, is it? I believe they intentionally keep the 360 version slightly gimped cause they can't achieve the same level of graphics on the PS3.

Did it ever cross your mind that the PS3 exclusives that look really good do so because of the developers and not purely the hardware?
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iPirates  +   2395d ago

You're a bit of a hypocrite by saying:

"If the 360 was holding the PS3 back, it would be logical that the PS3 version was the better looking/playing. That's usually not the case, is it?"

as a sarcastic reply to the supposed "extra power of the PS3" in Angelitos' comment, only then to turn around and make the exact same assumption about the xbox 360.

Also, wouldn't it make sense that if one system was more powerful than the other, but the developers were making a multi-platform title, that they would do what's easiest? Which is to make the game the exact same for either platform**. What's the point in putting a huge amount of effort/redesign in order to achieve the full potential on just one system? They've made the game how it is on one system, and it works with the other. They make the money, and it's good enough.

Plus, Angelitos could've been referring to the lack of a mandatory HD in the 360, and not just the processing power, couldn't he have? Stop being so assumptive.

**Edit: Oh, and btw, a good mean for comparison would be GTA4. Nearly identical on either system, no crippling to be had. Oh wait, except for the fact that the 360 doesn't have HD, and runs regular DVD size games, resulting in a limit to the size of the game. This was confirmed by rockstar as well:
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InMyOpinion  +   2395d ago
How come the PS3 version of GTA IV doesn't run at 720p as the 360 version? Is it because it is so powerful?
iPirates  +   2394d ago
@ Jengo
Yeah? And?

You obviously missed the point of my first reply. If you took the time to read what I wrote, you'll notice that I wasn't advocating the PS3 at all. I pointed out that the 360 didn't have a harddrive, and that GTA4 looks NEARLY identical on either system. So you jumped the gun and assumed both Angelitos and I were speaking about the processing power.

Why does GTA4 run at 720p on the 360, and not the PS3? I have no idea. Both systems have demonstrated that they are capable of running games at 720p. Maybe one reason could be that Rockstar sold out, and went a little more exclusive with Microsoft? That's all just speculation. With the current resolution the PS3 runs GTA4 on, it doesn't seem to make a huge difference anyway.

Your argument loses wind because its based off the fact that the PS3 cant run GTA4 at 720p, when it is quite capable at running other games at 720p or higher. (Blue ray, and standard HDMI allow for 1080p, but it doesn't make a difference currently anyway) So maybe this has something to do with the developer?
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akumous  +   2395d ago
The developers fixed Ryu's face, it looks much better than before, interesting but Ken seems like he looks the same.
pilotpistolpete  +   2395d ago
It honestly looks worst than before.

I'm not sure they can resurrect the franchise past SF2 remakes.
crck  +   2395d ago
Hate to say it but this looks like it has flop written all over it.
The characters at this point just look goofy. Don't worry though Capcom you'll still get some of my money with Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix.
meepmoopmeep  +   2395d ago
it doesn't look to great. not at all.
hopefully the gameplay mechanics are top notch.
Skerj  +   2395d ago
I wish they had just kept SFII HD Remix the sole SFII era game of this gen and made SFIV take place AFTER 3rd Strike. I really wanted to know what was going to happen after Gill did the whole "Moses" thing with the parting of the sea and then blessing Alex with some of his power.

Akuma better not have the techniques he learned between 2nd Impact and 3rd Strike either. I'm still wondering how they're going to explain Bison's return considering Shun Goku Satsu destroys the soul and that was Bison's key to his immortality.
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Strife Lives  +   2395d ago
I dnt knw bout this game. .
I was looking foward to it and new MK but with MKombat and DC in one game changed my mind.now with this,Im still not sure bout the artstyle.it seems very 1 dimensional in artstyle.guess my only confirmed beat em ups are Soul Caliber 4 and Tekken 6 for now.(whenever tekken 6 gets released :( )
Close_Second  +   2395d ago
This looks....

I wish someone would inject some new life into the fighting game genre as this looks like something that could have been released last gen.
Doctor Strange  +   2395d ago
Screenshots never do this game justice, from the videos ive seen this game looks beautiful in motion.

That being said I wish more 3rd strike characters were returning like Motoko, Elena, Dudley.

I understand they are trying to appeal to the classic SF characters and fans and appeal to new players but like they did when SF3 first came out they are forgetting about the people who loved 3rd strike and their characters.

I wish they would just throw them all in the game, call it Street Fighter Forever or something.
Swiftfox  +   2395d ago
I am very glad they tweaked the look of Ryu. Now he looks better, compaired to the "Incredable Hulk" he was before. I would love to see Updated Chun Li or Ken.
I'm also curious to see if they changed the Super Meter growth because in videos it seemed that by the time you finally filled your meter, the match was over.

I am still not to keen on the "2.5D" graphics that Capcom has applied. They just see Tekken and Virtual Fighter doing so well, and think it's because those games are 3D. 2+2=5.
I adore 3rd Strike, but I don't think that should be mashed up with the characters of old Street Fighter. Let 3rd Strike be it's own thing.
stu  +   2395d ago
Street Fighter 4 will rock!
I think you will all be surprised how awesome this game is going to be- i played it in Japan. I like the fact its not 3d like everything else plus street fighter was never meant to be 3d- keep it classic!

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