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Submitted by Bundi 652d ago | news

PS4 is doing great - but it's a different story for Sony

Amid the doom and gloom, PlayStation is doing well. During the quarter ending 31st December 2013 the Game business made a profit of $172m off the back of an impressive 64.6 per cent rise in sales year on year.

Sony will announce its financial results for the year ending 31st March 2014 on 14th May. (PS4, Sony)

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xJumpManx  +   652d ago
Sony needs to either sell the playstation brand to someone who has the financial where withall to really push the console or they need to abandon the other divisions. Sony as a brand name does not mean what it once did in most electronic circles. when I was younger the walkman was a must have item and trinitron name meant quality and brillance.
Yi-Long  +   652d ago
The problem with Sony isn't quality or brand-reputation. it's simply pricing.

The quality of their phones, tablets and cameras are great, but especially the phones and tablets are simply too expensive.

You need to offer great value for money, which Sony does so well with the PS4, and PS3 and PSN+. And so that sells.

Sometimes a little less greed means much better sales, and so in the end, much more money.

They need to bring the prices of their tablets and phones down in order to really compete with the A-brand names in those departments.
UnbiasedOpinions  +   652d ago
No it isn't, read this: Sony let go ALL of their old talent who use to innovate and make all the famous products, all that talent moved to LG and Samsung, Sony is old news in consumer electronics now because of it, that's the main problem with Sony

Quote: "What happened is that Taiwan or Korea hired the retired Japanese engineers and field technicians for a very good deal, so they learned the Japanese technology very quickly. And in those countries, the manpower costs are very cheap. And with the Japanese high yen, all these things contributed to the fall of Japanese companies. I heard this from discussing with the local retailers. I heard these countries hired retired technicians. And you know, the most expensive part of the business is the employees; it is the labor force. But when it comes to technology they are also very important."
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Saigon  +   652d ago

I disagree with your opinion. Many companies do that, meaning bringing retired individuals into a company oversee projects, but the innovation still comes from the young talent. The old patron justs helps the project to run smoothly. Sony biggest issue is their pricing. A great example, is look at the price of their TVs, can you point out one that is a big screen (46 or greater) and cheaper than the most competitive brand. Its very hard to find one and its been like that for years. Recently their TV division is picking up, mainly because of being one of the first to the market with 4K, but they need to offer cheaper brands that people will be willing to buy with the same quality.

Some do not know this, but as far as their talent, Sony started a program, when they retired all of their old engineers, to bring in new talent straight from college while also working with some colleges on new concepts. Its working for them but its still going to be a while before they are truly successful with this direction. This is one reason why they choose not to sell off their TV section. They are seeing slow but steady results

This situation sort of reminds me what occurred with the automobile industry, specifically Ford. Many people stated a while ago that Ford was considered the 'Old Man's Car' because the style of their cars was tailored to the older generation though they used new concepts. Ford started a program that help them be innovative and catch up to the times. Sony is doing the same in their other divisions, specifically their TV.


Selling the PlayStation is not a smart move especially since it is not the problem. Selling your success doenst make you a success in other areas, it doesn't makes sense. Its like MS selling the Windows brand to make Xbox successful, that makes no sense to do that.

Sony Vaio was sh!t at one point, they sold it off and started a new computer brand that is doing much better. Right now their TV brand is the problem; they chose to rework the department and it is slowly improving and its going to take a while before it shows any signs of life.

Right now in my honest opinion Samsung is the tech giant right now when it comes to TVs and such. But I will state that I recently bought 2 Sony camcorders, one personal and one for work and I am planning to buy one of their DSL cameras. Mainly because of the quality and not the name.
Ju  +   652d ago
@UnbiasedOpinions Of course it's cost. You basically confirmed that.

Quote: "And in those countries, the manpower costs are very cheap. And with the Japanese high yen, all these things contributed to the fall of Japanese companies"

All this contributes to the higher price of a Japanese made product compared to one which is made in Korea/Taiwan/China - some times ago, price wasn't important because quality was shitty. Sure, with the help of those engineers these countries cought up to the latest technology which now puts all emphasis on the price. Yen & Labor cost simply is a challenge to produce the same quality at a lower price. This is what Sony faces being a Japanese company.

BTW: Europe faces the same problems, but at the end of the day, EU is a 500M market, while Japan is 90.
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shivvy24  +   651d ago
Yeah sonys I problem is pricing of their products, too damn high
jacksons98  +   651d ago
Exactly, the problem is the Japanese currency the Yen has been very high making it more expensive for Japanese companies selling products internationally. Their government though this year took measures to lower the value of the currency which will result in better prices for everyone (well everyone except for the people of Japan) on their products.
Giul_Xainx  +   651d ago

That article is true. But who is to say that Sony will never find talent like that ever again?


The ps3 struggled and yet it SURVIVED. Sony knoss what they need. And the PS4 is a step into the right direction. They see how much of a success the ps4 is and soon dnough they will take what they learned and apply it to what they have left. The Viao was the worst division they had. The ericson is evolving. The bravia is being sold. But they are looking into cheap 4k rez TV's.

I know that 4k doesn't matter... but when you tack on something of great significance to the name of it, then it sells. Take HD for example.... HD has been used to sell trucks, light bulbs, toys, tools, and even services. The HD means something grand to the general public and people fall for this trap all ghe tjme. But moving on.

Sony is exploring different markets. They are selling the battery factory, but are egineering a mirrorless camera. Imagine owning a smart phone without that protrusion of another 1 to 2 mm from the back of the phone. You may not think this is such a big deal, but for production this would cut another cost for engineering a camera mold that doesn't compromise the strength, or water proof abilities.
scott182  +   651d ago
Sony is just fine, shareholders are seeing that they were serious about change and restructuring. Things will be fine for them.
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alexkoepp  +   651d ago
Sony has been a sinking ship for a long time now. They shouldn't have any trouble selling off the PlayStation brand though when the time comes, I'm sure there will be a few companies that will try to snatch it up.
ZodTheRipper  +   651d ago
Playstation without Sony would be a catastrophe. You must be seriously brain damaged to think this would benefit anyone on this planet.
No_Limit  +   651d ago
Wait, so this article was disapproved for a few hours and fall off the face of the map and now it is back? What is going on here?

Sony as a brand, other than Playstaion, isn't a factor anymore in many other area of their business. I bought a Sony Xperia Z phone and while I think it is a cool phone, it is peanut compare to sales of the Galaxy S4/5. Some really bad business decisions and pricing really had cost Sony way back then. I really hope the recent layoffs and studios closure isn't related to their overall trouble as a company as a whole.
extermin8or  +   651d ago
Sony's phone division is one of the profitable sections in most quarters of last year.... they've sold the pc business or are selling it soon. They really just need to fix the TV area that's been out of control and single handedly responsible for losses on a number of years....
ThatOneGuyThere  +   651d ago
samsung's cameras are absolute trash. Their phones have horrendous build quality with sub-par reception. Their TVs are good, but so are everyone's. To be honest, Sony is still a brand to get if you're looking for some sort of quality in your electronics.
UltimateMaster  +   651d ago
Let me explain a little something called globalization...

Sony is a Japanese company. Their main work-force (those that develop R&D are in Japan).
Just like Panasonic. Both companies partnered in R&D for 4K TVs for a year.

Here's why they are struggling. It's not because of the price "well, a little bit" it's because of the competition from Korea "Samsung" and China "LG".

They pay their employees pennies and dime in comparison to a Japanese company who's salary is just as high as the US and Canada.

Sony has it's own profit margins.
The problem lies in the retailer's profit margin.
Because Samsung ans LG's manufacturing cost are significantly lower, they can get the same profit margin as Sony AND being able to give the retailer a greater portion of the profits to them.
Example: If a retailer only gets 10% profit selling a Sony TV, when they could sell a Samsung TV and get 35% profit. They would try to sell as much Samsung TV over Sony's (or other Japanese Company)

If your product isn't being distributed, then it's not going to sell very well unless everyone would buy online (which isn't the case).

When there is a sale, the retailer got the TV at a very low "cost price" (That's how much the retailer paid for the TV, not the price he's selling it to you), he has a much higher flexibility in the final price of the TV and significantly reduces the risk of selling a product at a lost.

Sony is remedying the situation by having their lower-branded TV manufactured by a sub-division company that are in those "lower end" salary.
While keeping the High profit margin TVs still made from Japanese R&D.

I know it's a lot to process.
But it's more a distribution problem than it is branding.
All that is fueled because of the cost to manufacture the TV and Salaries difference between those countries.

On top of that, the Japanese Government is reclaiming higher income tax from Japanese companies "especially electronics" ever since the Tsunami incident. In part to repay the loaned R&D investment and that could be used to reconstruct the country. Which isn't good for Sony since they have to find a way to lower the cost rather than hiking it to repay the government. That's despite Sony offering charity to those in need.
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Klad  +   651d ago
It is price, but it is also other things. Sony's competition is fierce! Their brands are now stronger! Sonys brand for other tech isn't as strong as it once was. Sony isn't growing, they are shrinking in size. right now, they are jack of all trades, master of only one....THE PS4!
Talidan  +   651d ago
Good technology is no longer a market of just geeks and nerds, meaning quality and power does not equal sales.

Companies need to be "hip", the products seen as "cool", not just well-made and worth the money, at least when they're the size of Sony.

Beats by Dre, a mediocre brand of headphones that sell like hotcakes all because they are designer. It's all about designer electronics now, from celebrities and companies that push that attitude, like Apple.

Many phones are better than iPhones, but does the majority care? No. They want the name, the prestige, and the recognition. There's no prestige with "Sony" labeled on a pair of good headphones.

Xperia? What's that? Bravia? Is that a new Starbucks size?

Tech giants cannot rely on quality anymore. Value helps close the gap, but it's name recognition that matters most these days. Gamers don't care as much, that's why the Playstation brand is doing well. We just want games and the power to play them, with the four options we have: PC, or one of the three consoles.

Any other arena Sony plays in, there's too much competition and without name-power, Sony just doesn't shine as bright.
xXSilentXx  +   651d ago
The quality of their phones, tablets and cameras are great, but especially the phones and tablets are simply too expensive.

Really? common man samsungs cheap plastic cost more then any Xperia out there.
user1439414  +   651d ago
Bring in Mark Cerny and Yoshida to market the TV and BluRay players and I can guarantee they would sell lots more.
sonypsnow  +   651d ago
PS3 is partially responsible for Sony current state.

For $599 launch price, they could just make it a true Eight-Core cpu with more Powerful GPU and Unified Ram, similar to PS4 .

Instead they lost money on the over-engineered "Cell" architecture and JRPGs terrible on it.

Thankfully PS4 follow traditional PC architecture, which they should have done it 10years ago. All the best PS4.
FFXI101  +   651d ago

I agree with you, I think their pricing is one major issue. Especially when you walk in to say..Bestbuy and you look at HDTV or Home theater system. Sony's product usually cost higher than Samsung, LG and other brands.

For someone like me, as much as I love the Sony brand, I just couldn't justified/or afford to spend extra hundred dollars when I could get something else similar with cheaper price.

I hope they could learn from PlaysStation division and do better. It'd be sad to see them go away.
ArmrdChaos  +   651d ago
While price is an issue that's not their main problem. Their main problem is they are upside down on product development. They build items with tech they have fallen in love with and then try to find a market for it. INSTEAD they should be finding markets they want to sell within, determine what price will make them successful in said market, and then develop the product to that price line with the best features they can come up with. Only then would they be competitive.
Gekko36  +   651d ago
The story covered by Reuters, paints are clearer picture of this story.

Key figures are putting the blame straight at the feet of current Sony CEO Kaz.

It seems his reign over Playstation was not a good enough skill set to handle to job of CEO and the decisions he's made have ranged from Questionable to Down right Dangerous.

The sooner they find a CEO with global insight and a steady hand the better the state of Sony Corp.
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r1sh12  +   651d ago
Outside of the Playstation - Sony has very little brand reputation.
The mobile division is making massive strides at coming back strong - they actually do have really great phones and tablets but the sony version of the android is quite clunky - read the reviews.

The biggest loss leader is the TV business - the competition is just doing better.
Sony will be fine though, Kaz has done a great job getting rid of some bad businesses.
Sony still has a little more to do.
BEst thing - ring fence playstation into its own brand so Sony's losses do not affect playstation itself.
THen the profits can sort out the rest of Sony
PeaSFor  +   649d ago
2013's losses are less than a quarter of 2012's. Now that they've tossed their computer money pit, gotten most of their restructuring costs out of the way (including their overstock of PC parts), and gotten the very successful PS4 out on the market (which helped PS turn a $172M profit in its first six weeks of release), 2014 should be the first good year for Sony financially in a long time. Things are looking up now.
modesign  +   652d ago
no one could afford the playstation brand.
Drithe  +   652d ago
Yep. You can get better quality TV's for 1/2 the price. I remember when someone from Sony said about the ps3, "This is a luxury model car" or something like that, and sold it for that price of 600 bucks. It too up until the last few years, and a price drop of 250, for the PS3 to amount to anything.

The other tv companies were hungry. They worked hard, made better tvs, and sold them less than Sony and are beating them.

Sony will have to do the same to win the market back.

End of line.
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   651d ago
MS can.
VforVideogames  +   651d ago
'no one could afford the playstation brand' you are right, Samsung offers the same electronics with equal quality or better for le$$, and then they have all this expensive accessories for vita that's one of the reasons its not selling well, and then they have the rights for movies like spiderman all sony is doing is reboots same stories different characters , I think this is a sign of desperation.
osprey19  +   651d ago
Ok I know the ps4 is selling very well. But just because that's doing well doesn't mean the company on a whole is, it's haemorrhaging money in a lot of other area of the company, eventually this will lead to cost cutting measures and staff redundancies like any other company in financial trouble. Now I dunno if this will affect the ps4 in anyway, if anything they may be forced to halt or postpone any kind of price drop.
Sony on a whole is losing money faster than they can make it. Something needs to be done or the PlayStation brand may have to be sold to another company, id wager there would be a load of companies interested in buying in the unlikely event they do.
scott182  +   651d ago
HA! MS wishes Sony was DOOMED so they could buy a good console business.
TheRedButterfly  +   651d ago
I can think of a couple companies that could afford it... Apple and Microsoft could buy it with their pocket change.
koolaid251  +   651d ago
Bill Gates
andibandit  +   651d ago
Other than Apple, MS, Google and Amazon, and problably a whole bunch of other companies.
UnbiasedOpinions  +   652d ago
1.3 BILLION in Loss's that's substantial, they have about 150 Billion in assets but they also are about 120 Billion in debt or something like that, not good for Sony, Kaz Hirai failed to make tough decisions 2 years ago
Ron_Danger   652d ago | Personal attack | show
TheEnigma313  +   652d ago
The company is actually looking a bit better since Kaz came to power.
Ron_Danger   652d ago | Off topic | show
marlinfan10   652d ago | Off topic | show
Ron_Danger   652d ago | Off topic | show
Shnooze  +   651d ago

"You stated something I disagree with. Fanboy!"
WilDRangeRrfc  +   651d ago | Well said
Sony are worth 16 billion down from 180,MS made 20 billion in three months OUCH
scott182  +   651d ago
Of course they have debt and losses, why else would they get rid of loss making products and restructure. Why do you feel the need to reiterate this so often? I love how Sony has to be DOOMED now because there console business isn't DOOMED anymore like last gen...

Things change fast, look at apple and Nintendo, it's doesn't take much. And MS should pray that their PC operating system monopoly holds, because they always make second rate products.
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Anon1974  +   651d ago
Sony's supposed to have debt. They run a bank. Every single dollar that is on deposit with Sony Bank, Sony Financial, Sony Securities, etc, is money that's marked in the "debt" column. As their banking business grows, as the deposits on hand grow, the money in the debt column goes up as well. Look at the debt of any bank or financial company.

Also, the very business of running a financial company, an insurance company, etc is issuing and trading in debt instruments, which...again...goes into the debt column. It's how they make money. That's why when you see actual financial and stock analysts discussing Sony, the amount of debt on the books never enters into the equation...because they're supposed to have it.

Looking at the amount of debt on the books and comparing a company with a financial arm against a company that has no financial business is apples and oranges. If you look at a breakdown of Sony's debt, the vast majority of it is related to their Financial business, because debt is what makes the wheels of the financial industry turn. Just have a look at the size of the world's bond markets. They dwarf the stock markets. Reading analysts stock reports on Sony, Sony's Total Debt/Total Capital is considered "in-line" with where they should be for the business they're in, and Return on Equity is considered above the average for the industry.

On a side note..what does this article have to do with gaming? There was no mention of the PS4 in Sony's press release, leading up to their earnings release in a couple of weeks. Are we submitting every financial article related to MS and Sony's financials now? I can get Nintendo, because gaming is pretty much all they do, but gaming is only a small part of Sony and MS.
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B-radical  +   652d ago
They need to sell there tv's which they should of stopped making years ago and cost them I think it was a loss of 7 billion to date and that's just on the tvs! Sony wouldnt be able to stay afloat on just ps4 but its the only thing showing a profit really.

With a cut in yearly spending funds cut to 250 million a year We gamers can only hope Sony see the potential in giving playstation enough money for first party developing.

With all the studio lay offs its easy to think its sonys others business ventures causing all this which is unfair for playstation imo but that's business
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Daniel_Potter  +   652d ago

The profit mostly cosists of PS+ subscription
Edward75  +   652d ago
@ Daniel potter

It may be a profit for that section of a division, but look what is making money yet.

Look at this , not from a gaming site,

THEY DONT EXPECT A PROFIT FROM THE PS4 for at least another year.
nope111  +   652d ago
Well, when i hear the name "Sony" the first thing that comes to mind is; Video games.

Which is why i think Sony should leave their other divisions and stay as a gaming company.
xJumpManx  +   652d ago
wow you must be young.
jimbobbeers  +   652d ago
No, when I hear "PlayStation", I think video games, when I hear "Sony", I think meh.
Ol_G  +   652d ago
if they did that you think they could hold their own?
I honestly don't think so the way they are moneyhatting a lot of stuff (thanks microsoft :s ) makes it impossible to just drop everything and say we are only doing games from now
If you look back from 2006 till now and you see the yearly losses they post since ps3 it's a bit difficult to say they should be gaming only when the ps3 almost killed them ps4 is going well but let's not forget that's after 9 years of losses and counting cause next fiscal year they already predicted giant losses
mcstorm  +   652d ago
Ol_G is right. Sony need to cut their losses as such in the markets they are never going to be big in. One of them was the computing side. This has now been sold off and they are looking at changing the TV side. The tablets and Phone side of sony is now on the up but its going to be a bumpy ride before they are clear. Sony cant afford to run the PlayStation division on its own and this would also put them in the same league as Nintendo. If things don't go right in the gaming side when that's all you do (Sega, atari ect) it is all down hill from there.

I think Sony will come out of this low as they are making the right moves now but I also its going to be another 10 years maybe more until they are fully on their feet again.
rainslacker  +   651d ago
Sony's name isn't the problem. While they do offer a lot of budget items, most of their electronics are some of the best available. Their biggest problem nowadays is that their price doesn't line up with the competition for the same/better quality. However, their top of the line models are usually the best one can get if you can afford the price of entry.

Sony just stood still too long in the market riding off their brand name while other companies clawed their way to the top tier. Since Kaz took over they seem to be looking at ways to re-invigorate their brand and actually competing again.

While they aren't in the best of situations right now, it appears that some people are way too quick to write them off. They have the means, and apparently the desire to return to their previous status they had during the 80's-90's.
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Gotcha5  +   651d ago
When i hear name sony things come to mind as here comes another damn spider-man or smurfs movie.
ha ha... Playstation not going to save Sony from their woes.
Sheikh Yerbouti  +   651d ago
I know we number over 100 million as a market, but we are still relatively small compared to the market share of TVs, cameras, computers and other consumer electronics.

There's more TV's to be sold in some small countries than PS4s in the US. LOL!!!
OttoniBastos  +   652d ago
Yeah sell their most successfull and profitable device! that is a excellent idea!
GiggMan  +   652d ago
Yeah that is hilarious. Sell Playstation and then what? Profit?

Lior  +   652d ago
Avatar costs as much to produce compared to what sony has in the bank
Magicite  +   652d ago
sonic989  +   651d ago
they offer math 101 classes at the universities you know
avengers1978  +   652d ago
No company will get rid of there most profitable product, they will sell off other divisions. Sony has been letting go of other things like office buildings, viao, and such... And has a pretty hefty amount of re-tooling there business from top to bottom, and if done properly they will most likely turn things around. Playstation helps them profit wise, so I don't see that going any where any time soon, but if they do sell it you can bet however buys it will keep the brand alive since it's a leader in the market.
The combined sales of PS1, PS2, PS3, and PS4 are around 350 million consoles that's a lot of consoles.
Drekken  +   652d ago
Here come all the couch financial analysts trying to share their suave business knowledge with the internet. Please tell us more!!
MorePowerOfGreen  +   651d ago
The Couch folk may have some better ideas than Sony had.

This Sony financial issue explains why Sony was so desperate last E3 when they trolled MSFT and the general planting of propaganda trolls all over the web. Also instigating their fanboys to go on the attack was a tactic.

I hope Sony doesn't rely on PS4 too much, that situation can change at any time for the worse.

This topic is probably the initial reason why Sony is so dependant on 3rd party games and PC ports etc. Closing studios and major devs leaving Sony is a telling sign. I would not expect too many huge AAA exclusives from Sony this gen.
#1.9.1 (Edited 651d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(35) | Report
rainslacker  +   651d ago

Yeah...cuz E3 is all about talking about a companies financial status. That's really what gamers want to hear.

"This topic is probably the initial reason why Sony is so dependant on 3rd party games and PC ports etc"

What? Think you got Sony confused with another company.
Drekken  +   651d ago
PowerofGreen... You have been such a valuable commenter on this site since I can remember. Never change. Your insight is great... for when I need a laugh.
tgunzz  +   651d ago
The financial analysts have always been here, just more in the xb articles...
CorndogBurglar  +   652d ago
I must admit that I'm not the best when it comes to numbers, but why on earth would Sony sell the only area of their entire business that is returning a large profit?

If they were to sell Playstation off, sure they would get a one time, large amount of money. But all their other areas of business would still be tanking. So again, why would selling the Playstation help them at all in the long run?
gamedebater  +   652d ago
this guy is just bashing sony he doesnt make sense. hence all the dislikes.
gamedebater  +   652d ago
Sony needs to lower there tv and latptop prcies to compete against Samsung. GAME SET.... WIN.

Not same Price but $50 - $100 more to be comparable.
iceman06  +   651d ago
THIS!!! Sony has been stubbornly arrogant in those markets for years. They have held on to the 80's perception of the Sony, which it doesn't have anymore. People aren't willing to pay more for a brand when they can simply get something comparable for cheaper. It's a new day. Sony has just now started to realize this. They need to have a competitively priced alternative to what Samsung, Vizio, and LG offer or they are going to get trampled in that market as well. They can keep the "high end" for enthusiasts, but they need that middle ground as well.
Playstation is great. It's the other divisions that hadn't really adjusted to the times.
JasonKCK  +   651d ago
Sony will soon no longer make TV's or PC's. So there is no need to lower the price unless it's a fire sale.
christocolus  +   652d ago
Ive seen big corporations come out of stuff like this and im hoping sony does too. i do enjoy sonys products and ive bought all the playstation home consoles and enjoyed some really cool sony exclusives.

I hope sony does come out of this, i may be more of an xbx fan but i certainly dont want any one company monopolising the market cos such a thing would kill the competitive spirit which drives innovation.

i also secretly wish both companies would come together to create a console..sonys hardware expertise and MS software genius would result in a killer console with an amazing online network&the greatest games ever..well thats just a dream for now.

I wish Kaz and his team at Sony all the best.
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showtimefolks  +   651d ago

world wide sony' names is trusted more than any other. In other countries people buy quality because its gonna last you longer but in the USA people want cheap. People think the quality of a Vizio TV is the same as sony's TV


I agree no doubt about it its all about pricing, sony makes quality stuff so quality costs but most people don't want to pay. Sony should bring their standards down(i hate saying that) to meet with people's expections

also sony was in huge RED with KAZ took over so it was gonna take a bit for it to recover. PlayStation brand is now the IT brand for sony and that's the brand they need to focus on so they can make a lot of money


every company does that, you mean to tell me to keep people with the company till they die or quit? innovation look at Bluray,3d push now 4K push. Innovation is doing PlayStation eye with ps2 something ms still can't get right with xbox one

when someone is down everyone can give you millions of reasons to why
andibandit  +   651d ago
Who cares if a TV can last 10 years, by the speed technology is moving its going to obsolete anyway.
Were just coming out of the 3D fad, and heading directly into UHD and OLED now.
SilentNegotiator  +   651d ago
I would have figured it would be another profitable quarter with Ps4 selling so well.
#1.17 (Edited 651d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Edsword  +   651d ago
Let me see, sell the division making money. That was good advice for a company, never. Sony needs to do a lot of things, but selling Playstaion is not one of them.
KinjoTakemura  +   651d ago
The Playstation brand is doing just fine. Sony electronics/Sony Corporation is another matter. It's quite apparent that you are among the people who still don't understand that Sony has several other divisions besides electronics, computers, and entertainment. The losses foretold do not include gross profits from Sony Music, Sony Motion Pictures, and Sony Financial. Sony Corporation is the only division that is losing money. When you mention the word Sony, please understand that you're talking about a Multi-national conglomerate with assets totaling 149.18 billion dollars as of Q4 2013.

I know it breaks the Xbox One fanboy's sensitive hearts to hear this, but Sony isn't going anywhere.
randomass171  +   651d ago
What? PS4 is doing so well! Why would Sony ever sell it? Isn't it their best performing outlet right now out of all of their business endeavors?
Vitroski421  +   651d ago
Go jump off a cliff
kenshiro100  +   651d ago
Why would they sell the Playstation brand if the gaming division is doing well?

They need to make changes in their other divisions and lower the price of their expensive products.
Jazz4108  +   651d ago
Even if playstation keeps making a 172 million profit per qtr that is a drop in the bucket and would not even come close to covering there overhead/employees. I just don't know what Sony is going to do but if its to remain out of bankruptcy they must cut this company into divisions and become like a startup again. Sony and ms could not survive in gaming alone as the margins are to slim. Ms does it just to get more products in the home and they have a love of gaming as well as Sony. I do not want to see Sony gone but its pretty easy why Sony could not afford the ps4 to fail and why they want to make sure its covered in positive news and I said this before e3 last year. Both companys need one another to become better so lets hope Sony finds away around this mess they got themselves in.
#1.23 (Edited 651d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Santos352  +   651d ago
NINTENDO will be here for the next 100 years, cant say the same for Sony..
Gotcha5  +   651d ago
Funny thing happen today just got an email from MS informing me that the Sony Experience App is discontinued from Xbox live and man did that app sucked?
Parapraxis  +   651d ago
Oh look, an armchair analyst talking out their ass.
Surprised?...not so much.
xtremeimport  +   651d ago
They make some of the best Tvs on the market, yet no one buys them. Because for cheaper, you can get a tv that will do everything the everyday user wants it to do.

Idk why their phones/tablets dont sell. Phones are the same price as HTC and Samsung here in Canada, I never see their tablets anywhere.

Just need to smarten up with their pricing.
MysticStrummer  +   651d ago
Electronic circles and gaming circles aren't exactly the same thing. Playstation is the last part of the business they should sell. Sony is definitely in at least a somewhat weakened condition as a company, but they have been doing a lot of restructuring and you have to think that, combined with PS4's success, will almost have to result in good things for the company as a whole. Obviously a lot can happen, both good and bad, but Sony is on the right track at the moment.
ALLWRONG  +   651d ago
The comments are priceless.

Evil grin.
Gamer1982  +   651d ago
Can I ask whats this got to do with gaming and therefore why does it need to be on N4G? If I wanted news on How Sony are doing as a company I would goto a stock market website or news site. This sites for gaming news and this does not really affect the gaming side. Don't try to argue this will affect the games in the end as thats besides the point. News like this does not simply belong on a site like this. You wouldn't see a site like IGN or Gamespot reporting on this..
lifeisgamesok  +   652d ago
Uh oh Sony's financial loss is almost 20% worse than expected

Seeing things like this must give Microsoft even more confidence as MS has billions upon billions more than Sony

If Sony keeps going down this road it will indeed hit the games division too
#2 (Edited 652d ago ) | Agree(20) | Disagree(66) | Report | Reply
pedrof93  +   652d ago
The thing is if Sony goes bankrupt the PlayStation division will be eventually ( since its profitable ) bought by another company, if you think a little the potential buyers could be Apple, Samsung and even perhaps Google, the PlayStation division wouldn't go down as you hope.
hollabox  +   652d ago
I said that a couple of months ago with my bet being on Samsung or Amazon buying the PlayStation brand. I hope Sony some how manage to stay afloat, I like audio editing software, their AV Receivers, and the PlayStation brand.
#2.1.1 (Edited 652d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(6) | Report
gamertk421  +   652d ago
bleedsoe9mm  +   652d ago
the amount of money sony is losing is disturbing
#2.1.3 (Edited 652d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(10) | Report
Dark_matter  +   652d ago
I hope the playstation division doesn't go down because god dammit the playstation brand is apart of my childhood and I love the games they released over the generations for the brand. I'd hate to see them go because it'd be like them taking a part of me which would be horrible. If it does come to that dire situation (dread to think the thought of it), I hope that a big electronics company does buy them out because they deserve to stay in this market (I'd buy them in a heartbeat, if I had the money). without them, microsoft wouldn't be learning from their mistakes and I thankyou sony for it, they are a big part of the gaming market and I want it to stay that way.
randomass171  +   651d ago
Completely agreed. I think Sony will figure out how to recover as a company, but the Playstation brand will remain absolutely integral to the game industry for decades to come at the very least. No way that brand is going anywhere.
Talidan  +   651d ago
If it's making enough money, they could shutter down to almost nothing and build back up, if they wanted to, from Playstation.

Do consoles and games and nothing else, like Nintendo.
The_Infected  +   652d ago | Well said

Every comment you make has to have "Microsoft" in it don't it? You're an obsessive little troll and no one on here cares or probably even listens to you anymore. Go play your Xbox and stop trolling Playstation articles!

On topic: Yes it's looking very bad for Sony and it's looking like they may not pull out of the hole their in. I'll hope for the best.
#2.2 (Edited 652d ago ) | Agree(21) | Disagree(24) | Report | Reply
candy_mafia  +   652d ago
You called it, 100% agree!!

Always in PS articles trolling harder than GNoob. Unbiased Opinions is another one!
Nekroo91  +   652d ago
Sony is going to be ok believe me, by the end on this year if they sell more than 15 million consoles they are going to stay in positive, if everyone gets ps plus because its enough to kill that negative number coming from tv and pc division.

MS makes billions with xbox live, expect the same with ps plus
Dark_matter  +   652d ago
@ nekroo If that's where the money is at, no wonder why sony have gone for "pay 2 play online" route because microsoft get loads of money for it and I hope sony does too.
GameDev1  +   652d ago


Yep Micrsoft only gets billions upon billions
TheNotoriousNiceGuy  +   651d ago
That 20 billion dollars in revenue tho
GameDev1  +   651d ago

Still losing millions though
kenshiro100  +   651d ago
I know you want Sony to fail but your hopes won't come true.

I'm sorry.
nope111  +   652d ago
Sony should stick to games only. It seems to be the most profitable division for them.
The_Infected  +   652d ago
They can't survive on the games division alone.
#3.1 (Edited 652d ago ) | Agree(27) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
randomass171  +   651d ago
To be fair, Nintendo's primary market has been gaming for a very long time and even though they are expanding to QoL, it's still their main focus. Sony I think will be just fine, but even if they downsized to just games, I think they could still thrive.
Inception  +   652d ago
Cmiiw, aren't their movies, music, and mobile division are making good profits too?

Never follow this kind of news though...
iceman06  +   651d ago
Insurance, medical imaging, cameras, mobile phones, movies, and music still manage to give Sony profits outside of video games. However, being stubborn and resistant to changing (mostly inflated prices) has pretty much killed off their PC market. IF they don't change something soon, TV's will probably be next. Other TV manufacturers are just offering more for less than Sony has been willing to offer at this point.
Moe-Gunz  +   651d ago
Yea it's the TV division that they really need to change. Take a cue from Samsung on that one.
ThatOneGuyThere  +   651d ago
PC market is dying anyways. Almost nobody will even care about PCs in the near future. Mobile will completely replace the desktop in the coming years. And no, other TV manufacturers are offering less for less, but nobody really cares about that in the TV market. People want big and 1080, which everyone offers for cheaper. People have switched focus to spending a ton of money on phones and tablets, TVs are no longer the centerpiece of the home. Thats what hurting Sony. They dont have a low end for cheapskates like me who would rather buy someone's used Panasonic than a new display because its "good enough", or an LG or Samsung because its shiny enough and will impress your in-laws.
LiQuiZoN  +   651d ago
wrong reply. whoops
#3.3.3 (Edited 651d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
SquidBuck  +   652d ago
Sony should just make PlayStation related products and cameras. The tv and phone markets are already dominated by other brands.
Joe913  +   652d ago
They should just make cheaper devices that is why LG and Samsung has taken over the TV market kinda the phone market.
ramiuk1  +   652d ago
sont tvs are the best for gaming on imo.
lowest lag and there new range is solid with excellent black lvls etc
JeffGUNZ  +   651d ago

What? I know it's your personal opinion, but Samsung and LG tower over Sony TV's. My Samsung has 250HZ and at 55 inch display, LED 1080p. I've never seen anything crisper and smoother on the gaming front. Sonys TV's are not bad at the end of the day, but they are not good enough for the price they charge. I've had Sony TV's before, also Vizio and Panasonic and Samsung blows them away.
BlackTar187  +   651d ago

All i have to disagree with you on is Vizio blowing them away. That's not true. The rest okay.
ThatOneGuyThere  +   651d ago

Your opinion is wrong. Flat out. Overly saturated != better. Watching a Samsung or Vizio is like dropping acid than going to Disneyland. They tune them all crazy to stand out at Best Buy. But compare them to actual life, and its not even close. Sony and Panasonic offer the most LIFE LIKE images. For an experiment, pick a bright pink flower and take a picture of it. Then put the picture on your precious Samsung, then holding the real flower, compare the two. "whoa, the TV looks better than real life!" will likely be your reaction. That's how you know you've been duped. The entire point of a display is to give you a clear, life-like picture. Samsung fails hard. Especially their phones.
LiQuiZoN  +   651d ago

This is actually a very correct statement. Sony is known for their "True to life" color reproduction. Samsung's and LG's have always been oversaturated.

Most uneducated consumers think that is good at first glance, but in reality it is a distortion of what the picture "should" look like.

- Well said "TheOne" Bubble Up.
ThatOneGuyThere  +   651d ago
Sony's latest phones outclass every other phone on the market, with ease. Their TVs are just too pricey. People are settling for less and convincing themselves its more. Sony will make a huge electronics comeback in the coming years, just like the PS4 did. Its just cool to hate Sony TVs right now. It makes people feel smart to buy cheaper displays. This is a side effect of the economic down turn. It taught people to buy cheaper.
LiQuiZoN  +   651d ago
I messed up my reply like 3x's. :(
#4.2.1 (Edited 651d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
Klad  +   651d ago
The camera market is already dominated by Canon & Nikon. i know a few Photographers & videographers & none of them use Sony cameras. Its all about Canon DSLR's for Video & Nikon DSLR's for Photography now!
#4.3 (Edited 651d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
RATEDAFORADULT   652d ago | Spam
Dark11  +   652d ago
I don't see Sony lasting long if this keep going
Also sell the TV division already.
B-radical  +   652d ago
They should sell tv division now they will lose hugely on it but it would be better to do now then later. There is no way they will make back all the money lost on tvs
#6.1 (Edited 652d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
JeffGUNZ  +   651d ago
Also their phone division. Who is still actually buying Sony made phones?! Apple, Samsung, LG, and now google are the front runners.
RevXM  +   651d ago

A lot of people appearantly.
The Sony Xperia Z models are very popular these days, not sure if its quite up to iphone or galaxy yet but Im starting to see them everywhere.

And they are very attractive phones, they win in tests, get high scores and sellers recomendations left and right, if you go to a lot of places at least in scandinavia, the salesmen will shove either a Z or a galaxy up your face. the Z really does have the IT factor and Im saving up for a Z2.

Z2 will be my first brand new phone since early 2009 when I bought a W902 (which I used for 2-3 years). I've been dragging bricks around for years, except the Galaxy S2 that I had for work and a HTC Incredible S but they were both old, well used and in the case of the HTC it was a pile of crap just waiting to die.
Majin Uchiha  +   652d ago
Damn Sony say it ain't so....
incendy35  +   652d ago
Didn't Sony split SCE into its own company? I know they are still technically part of Sony, but it seems it would be easy to just separate them and continue on if Sony really does go under.
#8 (Edited 652d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
randomass171  +   651d ago
No, I'm pretty sure it's a separate division but still part of the Sony entity. Someone correct me if I'm wrong though.
#8.1 (Edited 651d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Bathyj  +   652d ago
It's a Damn shame a company that's been synonymous with quality for decades can't make a buck.
Hellsvacancy  +   652d ago
People prefer cheap crap buddy, that's why they keep making Resident Evil movies

I disagreed by mistake
Shnooze  +   651d ago
Well that and a whole boatload of their products are too expensive compared to competition. I wouldn't buy into their pc products even if I had the money to burn.
rainslacker  +   651d ago
Not necessarily. Some of the cheaper "crap" is of equal or better quality, such as Samsung TV's. Or LG TV's which are not quite as good, but good enough given the price difference for those on a budget. I can't be sure, but I remember Sony offering more lines in their electronics for different budgets. Seems their major electronics don't really do that anymore, and I see a lot less marketing for them than I used to.

Some other products they produce just have competitors that have products with better mind-share...such as Apple's Ipod or Nikkon cameras(although Sony's cameras are pretty good and reasonably priced).

Movies are a different breed from electronics. They have many outlets for revenue potential.
#9.1.2 (Edited 651d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report
JeffGUNZ  +   651d ago
@ Hells

I don't think it's people prefer crap, but when Vizio can produce a beautiful picture for the average consumer at a 1/3 of the price, it only makes sense to buy that. I have a Samsung 55' LED 1080 250hz TV and it blows away by Sony Bravio model of like 2 years ago. It's doesn't really compare at the end of the day. Granted, my Samsung is brand new and I had the Sony for 2 years, but still, 250HZ really makes a difference on gaming, and fast paced actions on the screen.
BlackTar187  +   651d ago

You kinda prove it. The picture quality is a big part the biggest along with price but quality comes in other areas. Components and longevity. These are all things that make up a quality product.
Kratos0289   652d ago | Trolling | show
Majin-vegeta   652d ago | Off topic | show
OrangePowerz  +   652d ago
It's a big hit they take, but it also includes around 9 month of wasted money on the their PC division.

All in all they won't go bankrupt, if it gets really bad the Japanese government will bail them out because they are a big part of the Japanese industry just like all the other countries bailed out their big companies when they had to.
Donjune  +   652d ago
Ok great, now we have financial planner's on N4G that know how to run a multi billion dollar company.. Stick to being FANGIRLS and leave the financial decisions to the GROWNUPS!
TheEnigma313  +   652d ago
First off, this isn't gaming news. Even if Sony when under, the Playstation brand is strong enough to survive.
Belasco  +   652d ago
Sony's financial arm is it's most profitable. They need to kill everything in electronics but the PS4 and their cameras, and of course keep producing music, TV and movies.
TheTowelBoy  +   652d ago
Ohhh the phantom disagrees! WHERE ARE YOU. "waves hands crazily through the air"

OT: It's been this way for awhile for Sony. Everyone's acting surprised, but um.. yeah. It may be a sinking ship, the PlayStation brand isn't in immediate danger but I really want them if they do go under to sell the division to someone who can do it up big. PlayStation deserves the best. Simple as that.
randomass171  +   651d ago
Well, they happened. :/
Ol_G  +   652d ago
Hope they'll survive this they already have a lot of bad years behind them
#17 (Edited 652d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
candy_mafia  +   652d ago
Sony needs a merger with Samsung or LG if they intend to proceed with TV/Phone markets. The PS division is fine, it's just the Camera/TV/Phone divisions bleeding out, since the PC division has rightly been sold.
pheature  +   652d ago
anything that i have bought sony has never failed me.
bit pricey but never has any peice of there equipment failed me

i just hope the downfall of its other sales does not effect the growth in the ps4 or any other way
Majin Uchiha  +   652d ago
You must have never had a PS2, i don't know anyone who didn't at least buy 2 at some point in it's lifespan, all those tray and lens problems, just my personal experience, still was the best console out though.
amnalehu  +   652d ago
Might be a good time to buy Sony Stock. I remember a little company called Apple going through a similar phase.
Letros  +   652d ago
MS gonna bail out Sony too like they did Apple?
Ginesis  +   652d ago
That's a dirty little secret no one talks about...but Microsoft is this big bad company! Smh.
amnalehu  +   652d ago
The Ipod bailed out Apple.
buttclown  +   651d ago
Ipod may have helped but maybe you should google something up?

Just one of the many articles you can find :)
GameDev1  +   652d ago
Yeah since 2005 doom and gloom bankruptcy has been preached about Sony, yet there are still here releasing new products and testing out products for the future.

Sony are doing everything to get themselves back on track and with the great sales of PS4, newly released TVs and improving sales in their phone sector they seem to be on the right track

Not time for doom and gloom, time to take action
Lucreto  +   652d ago
The strong Yen is killing them as well.

They have lowered the prices somewhat but the exchange rate destroys it.

If Samsung and Sony release the exact same spec Tv with the same costs Samsung would make more money per unit on the exchange rate.
GamersHeaven  +   652d ago
Sony needs to get rid of their TV division they make great TVs sadly this has been a big burden on them financially time for Sony to downgrade and focus on divisions that make them profit only at this point.
a_adji  +   652d ago
Had this been Nintendo this site would be filled with stories if doom and gloom . I'm liking Sony right non but there products are very high.
DevilishSix  +   652d ago
I think the best thing Sony could do right now is downsize to what is working. Keep the entertainment business, such as Playstation, movie, and music, divisions. Those can be really profitable and for now ax the TV's, camcorders,computers, and other hardware that is just losing the money.
ArbitorChief  +   652d ago
Sony keep going at this rate, they'll be bankrupt. They need to sell that TV and PC division ASAP!
bleedsoe9mm  +   652d ago
that morpheus division needs to get up and running and selling products quickly , if the can't sell you a tv in real life maybe they can in VR
#26.1 (Edited 652d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
xBURNNERx   652d ago | Trolling | show
incendy35  +   652d ago
Sony is blaming BluRay in their report. Says Digital Distribution caught on much faster than they anticipated and they cannot recoup their investment in the medium.

Makes you wonder how long until we see diskless PS4 and X1's. I am thinking maybe even at E3 this year? Will cut costs and also allow the consoles to be smaller in size. Personally I would buy it as I have yet to put a disk in either my X1 or PS4.
#28 (Edited 652d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
MegaRay  +   652d ago
Me too. As long as there's no "disc only" games like 1/4 PS3 games
Ginesis  +   651d ago
I agree with you but there's a problem with the whole diskless concept...internet companies are starting to use data caps which makes downloading these huge games pretty tough to do! Currently the company I go through does not have such a thing but I won't be surprised if they eventually do.
buttclown  +   651d ago
Among the internet companies putting on caps, I think both companies would still have to offer consoles with disk trays as another option. Not everyone wants to buy digital yet and not everyone has the internet speeds to download these games very fast at all.

Maybe next gen they will offer consoles without disk trays as the only option, but I don't think this gen will not have both options.
mediate-this  +   652d ago
Sony needs to be the leader in innovation, make products people want again, sony has a past f stubborn with the times. Sony was making crt tvs while flat panels were being pushed by other companies.

they need to cut what is hemmoraging them money. I dont see vr taking off, maybe stoo investing in every idea to be first to market. Games, movies and music. They own a bunch of other stuff like logitech, its just so hard to see where all the money is being lost.
Funantic1  +   652d ago
Meanwhile MS is doing fine. If MS dropped the Kinect and lowered their price and Sony tries to drop also to compete that could be bad for Sony. The PS4 is keeping them afloat.
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