Xbox One boss says virtual reality is "really interesting" for games

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer says virtual reality is "clearly an area people are excited about."

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scotmacb1606d ago

As long as you make it better than sonys headset

MegaRay1606d ago

True, that'll push Sony to make it even better.
Competition is good, and we're the winners :)

scotmacb1606d ago

Once sony have made there design thats it ms should wait and better its specs

SpideySpeakz1606d ago

Ms still have old useless kinect. U know, that piece of tech ms spent billions on and saw little results.
Yeah ms, you really know gamers/s

TedCruzsTaint1606d ago

I'm sorry, can you please show me the connection between the two? I got lost, considering VR is not the Kinect, nor was Spencer in charge during its inception.