Grave developer comments on Playstation 4 support

Rely on Horror, C. Bronmans writes: "Following Grave’s recent success on Kickstarter, many people asked whether or not the game would still come to Playstation 4, despite not meeting the $40,000 stretch goal that included support for Sony’s latest console. I reached out to Tristan Parrish Moore, designer and creative director, and asked him how he plans to handle this particular issue."

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Dannyh1452d ago

Game looks good,hopefully it plays well and sells good so they can port it to more systems

TheRealHeisenberg1452d ago

"Microsoft fast-tracked us through their approval process, but our application with Sony is still pending and at this moment we don’t know how challenging it will be to bring the game to that many platforms."

Great job MS on providing indie support. Looks like they are not as bad with the indies as some would have us believe.

SaffronCurse1452d ago

Probably has to do with the overwhelming swarm of applications Sony has been getting compared to Microsoft.

Jazz41081452d ago

I hope so because ms does not need an additional 1000 indy games. Can you imagine how you could even advertise them as the indy devs get mad when you dont feature there products. I do hope this game does well and ends up on the one as it sounds like ms is interested in what it has seen.

TheRealHeisenberg1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

I agree. It could very well be that Sony is getting slammed with applications. Who's to say the same isn't happening to MS to a degree. Maybe MS and Sony are cherry picking the indie games they want to support. Can't really blame either on how they want to do it.

ghostface91452d ago

So wheres the hate article on sony for taking forever to get the game started. Their still waiting on the approval process from them if microsoft took this long there would be a hate article saying their [email protected] program is terrible. Oh the hypocrisy

SaffronCurse1452d ago

You're right. There should be one, sucks for those devs eager to release their game already.

AgentSmithPS41452d ago

"by Casper Bronmans", a fitting name for a spooky game.