Destiny's Competitive Multiplayer Must Be Unlocked

GR: Unlike the studio's famed Halo series, in Destiny you won't be able to hop in and face off against your friends right at the outset. Instead, you'll have to plunk a couple of hours into the main game first.

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Septic1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

It is because it will also weed out some of the absolutely clueless people that jump into mp.

Peter Griffin..I'm looking at you ¬¬

MAULxx1567d ago

Personally, I dont give two rat turds about the multiplayer.
I'm coming in for the story, coop, progression, loot & exploration.

SonyMontana1567d ago

That's cool. Personally I want the entire experience. To each his own.

MAULxx1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

That's cool as well if that's what you want. I rarely ever even fire up the competitive multiplayer portion of games anymore for various reasons.
#1- Nauseatingly repetitive. Shoot people, die, respawn, shoot people, die, respawn. Objective based is a little bit better but your still doing the same thing with absolutely no story. Just not my thing. I don't really play games with a competitive motivation. I know many do.
#2- I also have a backlog so big I don't have time to waste on multiplayer even if I wanted to. If I did want to play multiplayer, would it not be better to play a game solely built for that kind of play?
Those are my 2 reasons but they are big ones.
I would have preferred them put all the resources into the story/coop for Destiny & not even messed with multiplayer. This is just all my preferences and it doesn't really bother me that it has MP but sometimes I'll think of how much more it could have been if all that work on MP would have instead been put into the campaign/story & coop.

iKenny1567d ago

I concur. Excited for the journey.

SixtyNine1567d ago

That's actually cool :D.
I remember the times when we would play to unlock things out of curiosity

Farsendor11567d ago

yep, hopefully people will be better at the game before joining multiplayer modes this way.

OrangePowerz1567d ago

Makes sense, from all the reports and news it seems to be an MMO and in every MMO you have to reach a certain level before you can do PvP to have a minimum of skills and equipment.

Surt1567d ago

Why its always good to read the whole article not just the title. From title alone I got worried destiny was gonna be focused on care bares.

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The story is too old to be commented.