Project Morpheus is “no real competition” says Oculus founder

games™ was fortunate enough to sit down and chat with Palmer Luckey – the inventor and founder of the Oculus Rift – at this year’s GDC, where he revealed his thoughts on Sony’s rival VR hardware

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

Well Sony welcomed them and said it's great that oculus exist to help VR become a more a reality pretty much. The Oculus founder is saying pretty much the same thing except there's really no competition with theirs being on PC and Sony's being on PS4.

gamesTM_dom1364d ago

In the interview itself, Palmer Luckey praises Sony and their strategy, so it seems like there's an understanding of what each company are trying to do. This is no Sega/Nintendo battle, that's for sure!

NewMonday1363d ago

" If anything they just add credibility to the VR space. You know, they show that it is something that is reasonable to be investing in. It’s not just this one crazy company that’s making it happen, it’s an entire industry"

well said Luckey

the Morpheus and OR will give developers a bigger market to invest in, it will reduce the risk and encourage more developers to jump in.

UltimateMaster1363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

They aren't competing on the same platforms.
They both have different goals and that's why they aren't in direct competition. If both of them were aiming for PC, then yes, it would be something more competitive.

Quote: “I’m not really worried about Project Morpheus,” he Luckey told us, “[Sony] said they’re only doing it on PS4. We’re not on PS4, so there’s no real competition. If anything they just add credibility to the VR space. You know, they show that it is something that is reasonable to be investing in. It’s not just this one crazy company that’s making it happen, it’s an entire industry.”

UnbiasedOpinions1363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

There little start up company made more than all of Sony in one year

Oculus Rift 1 year: 2 Billion (Facebook acquisition)

Sony 1 Year: Lost 1.3 Billion

i think his statement is correct, lol

Nitrowolf21363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

Well $2 Billion for the purchase of the company =/= $2 Billion net profit at all.They probably did profit more than Sony, but that's not what the article's about.

He's saying it's not a competition and neither are they because they are for different platforms. This has nothing to do with income. It's like you only read the title like the majority of people probably will.


Upsets me? I was just commenting to something you said, which IS irrelevant to the statement made by OR. What you think if say Sony sells their company they wouldn't sell a lot more than 2 Billion? They can easily pull something off with one of their sub divisions (if they were to sell it). It's funny that you try to turn a sale into full on profit for X company to. It's funny that you spun his statement into something about money.

UnbiasedOpinions1363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

Nitrowolf, its a good job you posted that or else Sony fans might of cried, truth is they where worth 2 Billion to Facebook, meanwhile Sony just posted a 1.3 Billion dollar loss for the company's last fiscal year, sorry if it upsets you but its the truth, lol

1363d ago
candy_mafia1363d ago

People who hang onto every single Sony (MS/Wii U) article just to troll are a disease to gaming....

Ignoring you people is the cure. I intend to from here on. I would suggest everyone ignores these pointless type comments where the commenter seems to bath & bask in anything they can spin into a negative.

It's similar to playground bullying..bring something/someone down to feel better about how insecure they are in either themselves or something material.

Xsilver1363d ago

@unbiasedOpinions You really don't live up to your name :/.

MazzingerZ1363d ago

All new products have an investment cost, Morpheous is not even out so how can you calculate losses? Payoff time might be until next gen, who knows.

Be happy both companies take risks for you and I enjoy of a different gaming experience, many projects get cancelled ever year without people knowing about their existence, glad this 2 made it to market

darren_poolies1363d ago

I don't think you understand how businesses work.

morganfell1363d ago

At the same time UnbiasedOpinions is trolling gamestm should also be taken to task for their cheap hit inducing title. Had this been an exact quote from Palmer Luckey then such cheap writing would almost be excusable.


But what Luckey actually stated was, "[Sony] said they’re only doing it on PS4. We’re not on PS4, so there’s no real competition." Even if you pare it down to the one sentence, what gamestm has committed is a form of lying. At its best it is dishonest journalism (thogh they are hardly journalists) and is a disservice to gamers.

In addition this trash site gamestm owes Luckey an apology as they intentionally misrepresented his remarks. The fact is if crap sites such as gamestm were more Murrow and less TMZ they could gather readers without such insulting deception.

gaffyh1363d ago

Such a stupid statement in soooooo many ways.

solidjun51362d ago

bubble busted (finally). I'm sure you'll just create a new account.

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3-4-51363d ago

Whoever posted this article is a terrible journalist and the title is completely out of context.

You should be ashamed, because it wasn't by accident.


DanielGearSolid1363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

Hmmm... I don't like the way this article is titled

But good article

frostypants1363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

Yep. Awesome article. Flamebait title.

Neonridr1363d ago

It's good that they are supporting each other. Success for one can mean success for the other. Two great products to help get VR out to as many people as possible.

Webbyy1363d ago

Wow, these guys are really confident I see.

Nitrowolf21363d ago

Well yea, I mean they are available for PC and SOny isn't. They aren't downplaying them, in fact they are praising them in the article for adding to the VR space.

stuna11363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

This is what happens when you get the backing of 2 Billion dollars! Your head starts to swell and you need to cart it around with a wheelbarrow. No commit needed to be made scince they're operating in different spaces!

Fireseed1363d ago

Something something something, Wii is a lollipop...

Ring any bells? Besides. If you ACTUALLY READ the article or understand the context you wouldn't be saying that.

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