Warlock 2: The Exiled Review | The Game Scouts

Palmer Sturman: Imagine having to manage entire cities across different planes of existence. Imagine the thrill of victory as you deal crushing blows to your enemy while your forces continue onwards into yet another realm. You begin to explore and continue on your way, finding new territory and coming closer to your ultimate goal: conquest. Suddenly a dragon appears in a realm you thought safe. He attacks your main city, breathing fire and fumes while it lays undefended. What would you do? You have an entire library of spells you’ve painstakingly researched, but your mana is low and you can only use a handful of them at once. Do you send your troops racing back, or summon a horde of the undead and hope that their weak skeletal frames will be enough fodder to keep your city alive while it builds up defenses. Of course, if those options don’t sound appealing you could always make the sky boil red with brimstone until it rains down in waves, leaving you victorious but destroying parts of your painstakingly built city…

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