Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Xbox And PlayStation Exclusive Missions Now Available For Free

GearNuke: "If you have Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes on the PS3 or PS4, you can download the Xbox Exclusive Jaime Vu mission for free. If you have an Xbox 360 or Xbox One, then you can down the PlayStation exclusive Deja Vu mission for free. Both of these were previously locked to their exclusive platform."

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PurpatraitorMGS1302d ago

Good.. I shouldnt have to worry about console exclusive content for a MGS title.

waltyftm1302d ago

Great news for MGS fans.

eferreira1302d ago

Are these missions on the store or do they open up in the game? I haven't beaten the game yet.

FoxHound_1302d ago

I believe there's a patch that automatically puts the mission into the game.

@topic Sweet, look forward to trying out Jamais-Vu later!

cyclindk1302d ago

Check update history on your game, it may have already been added

AsimLeonheart1302d ago

Jaime Vu mission? lol! Its Jamais Vu. Man, some of these journalists make gamers look uneducated and ill-informed. I wonder if he knows what Jamais Vu actually is...

headwing451301d ago

Relax man...

I'm from Quebec and I speak French, and even I don't give a shit lol. Most Americans don't speak French.

Batzi1301d ago

I live in Montreal and I speak french and I'd appreciate if people would take writing and gaming journalism more serious. That's a mistake and should be corrected.

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The story is too old to be commented.