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Stealth Inc 2 Announced, Exclusive to Wii U

Curve Studios have this morning announced Stealth Inc 2, the follow-up to their hugely successful stealth title that appeared across PC, PlayStation devices and smart phones. The sequel will be exclusive to the Wii U, making use of the gamepad for mulitplayer. Not only that, this time around you won't be limited to testing areas - PTi Industries is going open world. (Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones, Wii U)

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nidhogg  +   525d ago
wtf? Are they sure about this? I mean, it's good there's love for the Wii U but no PC support at least? seriously curve?
matgrowcott  +   525d ago
That's why I'm almost certain it'll be a timed exclusive. It's a bit out of nowhere, for sure.
BoneBone  +   525d ago
Why are you a PC gamer without a Wii U? Everyone knows it's PC & Wii U this gen :o)
360ICE  +   525d ago
Well, PC and Wii was a good combo, at least. Wii U has yet to impress, I think.
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thehobbyist  +   525d ago
Gaming PC's are hella expensive I know that after I build mine it's going to be a while before I can buy anything else. Which is why I bought my Wii U earlier. Since it's easier to get first.
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BoneBone  +   525d ago
I had no idea this comment upset so many people... but it gave me a good laugh lol... thanks!
pyramidshead  +   525d ago
Maybe Ninty funded like Bayo2. :/
Who knows until more info.
DanielGearSolid  +   525d ago
That's just dumb...
RiPPn  +   525d ago
Seems silly to go exclusive to the platform with the 2nd smallest installed base, and the platform that is the least favorable to digital downloads.
R00bot  +   525d ago
I wouldn't say least favourable, if you had a Wii U you'd know that the eShop is a breeze to use, and being able to pause a game, go to the eShop, buy a game, and then jump back into the paused game while the other game downloads and installs is wonderful.
Also, indie devs keep on saying how Nintendo is just as good to work with, if not better than the other console giants.

Install base, yeah, you have a point. But I would expect that number to jump quite significantly with the release of MK8, what with MK Wii having sold 38 million, DS selling 31 million, and 3DS having sold 18 million on a console with an install base of just over twice that.
Sorry for lengthy reply.
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WeAreLegion  +   525d ago
You know you can do that on the other two systems, right? In fact, you don't even need to pause it on the other systems. You can just buy games from the PSN or XBL on your phone or computer and they'll automatically download.
thehobbyist  +   525d ago
It's because Nintendo has great indie support and they're good at communicating with the developers. They win over developers by offering a better service, not better hardware.
Mr_Writer85  +   525d ago

Both X1 and PS4 have just as big if not bigger selection of indie games so you sir are talking from your backside.

"if you had a Wii U you'd know that the eShop is a breeze to use, and being able to pause a game, go to the eShop, buy a game, and then jump back into the paused game while the other game downloads and installs is wonderful. "

The PS4 does this also...And so does the X1 so whats your point?
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Neonridr  +   525d ago
Mr_Writer85 - I would love you to make a list of all the indie games available on the X1 and PS4 and we will compare it to the list from the Wii U.

The Wii U has more indie games, as it should, it's been out longer.
Mr_Writer85  +   525d ago
So do it then.
Nevers0ft  +   525d ago

"Both X1 and PS4 have just as big if not bigger selection of indie games so you sir are talking from your backside."

I can't speak for the X1 but the PS4 has significantly fewer games on its store than the Wii U. Admittedly the Wii U has been out for a year longer but your assertion is incorrect.
Mr_Writer85  +   524d ago
Whilst most of the PS4 indie games are still in development and to be released you can easily find dozens of quotes from indies praising Sony for its hardware and support to small developers.

And they have a ton of developers wanting to work with Sony.

So no Nintendo doesn't offer a better service than Sony, and in 2/3 years time when the PS4's indie support is vastly bigger than Nintendos I shall be telling you I was right.
Neonridr  +   525d ago
so basically everything should just go to the PS4 then?
thezeldadoth  +   525d ago
people want it to be a positive feedback loop of failure. wii u has no games so nobody buys it, but since nobody bought it they shouldn't make more games, further driving people away. don't even pay attention to the pathetic statements made on this site which are representative of an extremely small minority in the overall gamer community
Wii U already has a lot of awesome games and it looks like they keep adding to the list.
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jcnba28  +   525d ago
You sound bitter.

If that's the case then why was the original on Vita? If you did a bit of research you would know that Indies love Nintendo and there are a lot of quality Indie titles coming to Wii U and 3DS this year. Shovel Knight, Fast Racing Neo, 90s Arcade Racer just to name a few.
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Nevers0ft  +   525d ago
Don't get bogged down in the old Wii shop legacy (with strange arbitrary size restrictions and pricing).

The Wii U eShop is a massive improvement over the Wii. The only things it lacks (IMHO) are options to give games as gifts and pre-order games. Oh, and it can be a bit clumsy to navigate sometimes... With regard to Nintendo's policies or eShop content though, there's no major issues.
PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   525d ago
So the first was on PS3/PS Vita/PC and the new one will only be Wii u. Wow.
LightDiego  +   525d ago
Great for Wii U, the first one is really good.
That's a surprise.
TheLastGuardian  +   525d ago
Why make this game exclusive to any platform?
Neonridr  +   525d ago
Agreed, I mean I am glad they are making a Wii U version, but why limit sales by only having it on Wii U?
SpiralTear  +   525d ago
It'll get released on other platforms down the line; that's pretty much a given. Still, timed exclusivity has helped Nintendo in the past, especially with the indies. Mutant Mudds Deluxe sold best on Wii U, more than the other systems combined.

Either way, I'm interested. Stealth Inc. was a neat game.
Neonridr  +   525d ago
agreed, I just got it on my Vita with PS+.
Sarobi  +   525d ago
Oh wow
ruefrak  +   525d ago
I'm sure all the Wii U owners will be racing out to buy this. It just boggles my mind. This is not a game the Nintendo fanbase would probably love but you never know. Hopefully Curve got a big check for this.
truechainz  +   525d ago
Actually unlike 3rd parties, indies are making money on wii u. All kinds of indie games are already on the eshop and doing well with more coming. Doesn't sound like you understand the audience all that well.
ruefrak  +   525d ago
Nope, I guess not. Until Nintendo changes their policies and makes purchases tied to an account and not the device, I will never buy anything off the eshop.
truechainz  +   525d ago
Well I assume you don't have long to wait since they announced they are doing that.
Nakiro  +   525d ago
It might have something to do with the way the game is going to be designed to work well with WiiU gamepad. Who knows. Weird decision either way though.
ocelot07  +   525d ago
BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Am all for games going on the Wii U. I don't own one any more but it needs all the help it can get and titles like this fit really well on the Wii U. But I loved Stealth Inc on my Vita and Stealth Bastard on my PC. Why make it exclusive to the Wii U?

I don't mind if it is just a timed exclusive but if it is really a full exclusive then ill be pissed.
OtakuDJK1NG-Rory  +   525d ago
I have it on my Vita but who cares I have more indies on Wii U. PLUS Wii U Gamepad, Miiverse and Full HD.
ozstar  +   524d ago
Thank you for being the only reasonably honest Vita owner in the thread.

I can't help but think perhaps Nintendo Land signified Nintendos own predictions/assumptions over the new digital market of game delivery, where small devs deliver small games more often.

Nintendos phone is going to be sooooo good!!
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